• That's 1,050 in Dog Years!

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    The Queen City of the Plains (Denver to you outsiders) is turning 150 years old this very month. In honor of that honor, heaps of dandy goings-on are going on. Perhaps the most poignant one for us is the Denver Arts Week.

    Every one here at the Egotist, from CEO Gene down to the guy who mops the floors, who we think is named Lyle or Lee agrees that you should get out and have a look at the artwork, architecture, films and other goodies that celebrate 150 years of Denver.

    And you fancy lads out there will rejoice at the Denver Daisy, a wonderfully vibrant little blossom cultivated just for Denver. Check it out here along with more fun activities.

    Now go out there and give your city a great big hug. Do it! Or we’ll send Lyle or Lee after you.

  • Doing a Costco Run, Who Wants Sour Patch Kids?

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    The 31st Starz Denver Film Festival kicks off tonight with The Brothers Bloom from director Rian Johnson. The film, about two con men who take a New Jersey heiress on a misadventure to far-away places, stars Adrien Brody, Rachel Weisz and Mark Ruffalo.

    The film fest runs tonight through Nov. 23. We want to know if you’re planning to attend any of the screenings? What are you seeing? If you do go, report back with a succinctly clever nine-word review and we’ll share it.

  • Who can be Denver's Rival?

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    Competition breeds excellence. Just ask Dolph Lundgren. Whilst mulling over the events of the day here at Egotist Central, we wondered which other U.S. city would serve best as Denver’s sparring partner in a toe-to-toe advertising matchup? Perhaps then, with our sights set upon the utter destruction of our new foe, we could band together and make really good stuffs.

    So, what other town might we call out on the playground and start swinging upon? A similar size would be a good starting point. A similar number of agencies and local/national clients would also help. Or, maybe we just point a finger and get to fighting. A few thoughts over pumpkin spice lattes included Minneapolis, Boston, Portland and ?

  • Inside The Nike Carmelo Anthony Shoot In Broomfield

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    A reader named Michael sent us some covert photos from the Carmelo Anthony/W+K commercial shoot that took place at the Broomfield Event Center earlier this week. In an effort to protect Michael’s identity (and insure his payment from production) we will call him Linda. Linda was on hand as an extra for the shoot. Apparently production originally called for 200 extras, but early that morning they realized they would need 400. Every extra was asked to call friends. Linda and his girlfriend and all of the other extras were paid $110 for the 12+ hour shooting day. And they were given a feast of wild rabbit, mutton and apple wedges. (We possibly made up the last detail. Come on, long production days can be terribly boring.)

    Linda did point out there was a body double for Melo, of course, and that they filmed a number of shots with a camera attached to a court Swiffer. We’ll watch for it.

    Thanks for the photos, Linda. Nice work.

  • New Editorial: Starbucks Q4 Profits Down 97%—And It’s All Your Fault>>

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    In the words of your mother at last year’s Thanksgiving dinner, “Just look at what your addiction has done to us.” Guest editor, Jeremy Greenfield, talks about at our dependence on mud and what, in the end, it really means to Starbucks. Enjoy it with your latte, please.

  • Colorado Agency Recognition News: Communications Arts Design Annual

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    Congratulations to the two talented Colorado agencies that appear in this year’s prestigious Communication Arts Design Annual. The competition covers a huge variety of work and agencies from across the globe and is widely acknowledged as one of the most important benchmarks for creative quality.

    Boulder’s TDA Advertising & Design got their packaging for Newton Running Shoes into the annual.

    Denver’s Genesis got their Petunia Pickle Bottom brochures in, which have been making the rounds at the local and national show level.

  • You Should Know About John Johnston

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    What is it that lands a photographer on our recommended list? There’s the obvious stuff, like being likable and able to compose a shot and having a strong list of clients (in this case, Backpacker Magazine, Breckenridge Brewery, Fast Company, Ford, Frontier Airlines, Forbes, Inc. Magazine, New Belgium Brewing, Red Robin, Smart Money, Weber Grills and a host of respectable agencies that serve those accounts) to show they work with people who demand quality.

    Then, there’s the other stuff that puts John Johnston far above your average shutterbug here in CO – like being a ridiculous craftsman and, with one photograph, being able to transport you to the exact spot where he stood to snap the shot – providing the exact same emotion he felt being there on the spot. And it’s not just us singing his praises. Here’s why Monte Meade, Partner/Creative Director of Cultivator Advertising & Design, – one of the best agencies in Denver – thinks you need to know about John Johnston too.

    “I love that he’s two blocks away from our office, that local octogenarian celebrity “Val the Gardener” is always there, usually asleep after drinking John’s stash of beer (we use John for Breckenridge Brewery and New Belgium Brewing). I love that he has pellet guns, a guitar and a table saw. I love his photography, and his artistic abilities, and we use both for New Belgium. While those projects are intense, they are a great release from the typical advertising scenario — 1. Shoot picture. 2. Add headline and copy. We genuinely have a great time working together.”

    And that’s why John Johnston today joins our list of Recommended Talent.

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