• The Denver 50: Year One Selective Retrospective

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    You’re going to have a very difficult time being considered a credible force in Colorado until you get work into the New Denver Ad Club’s annual Denver 50 show. And you’re never actually going to get in unless you enter. The choice is yours. The deadline is tomorrow – Friday, August 29 at 5:00pm. Get your shit together. In the interim, enjoy this selective retrospective of the work that won last year.

    Sukle Advertising & Design – Wyoming DOH Anti-Meth Campaign:

    Cactus – Colorado State Tobacco Prevention Own Your C Viral Campaign:

    Cameron Christopher Thomas – Floyd’s Barbershop Franchise Record Brochure:

    Morey Evans – Good Times Burgers My Beefs All Natural Campaign:

    McClain Finlon – Do-Good Grant Campaign:

    Factory Design Labs – Brine Mikey Powell Print Campaign:

    Integer – Hewlett-Packard Computer Skins:

    Thomas Tabor & DrazeniRovr Social Experience:

    Reed Hill – Archetype Alliance Direct Mail:

    Xylem CCI (1x) – Jack Link’s Messin’ With Sasquatch Microsite:

    Fueld Films – The New Denver Ad Club Short Film:

    Bianca e Nero – Evolution Salon Website:

    The Denver Egotist – Creative Community Website:

  • More Denver Water Fun From Sukle

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    They are definitely having fun with this campaign, and it shows.

    (Shirt reads: MAKE EVERY DROP COUNT!)

    You can snag a free shirt of your own by going to the Use Only What You Need website and click on FREEBIES. You have to have a Denver Water service address though. You better hurry, because the first two shirt designs are already gone.

  • Shotgun Willie's Becomes Shotgun Billy's

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    Local strip club, Shotgun Willie’s, welcomes ol’ Billy Clinton to Denver in proper fashion.

    (Via Denver PR Blog)

  • Manifest Hope Gallery: More Photos

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    If you (still) haven’t made it down to the Andenken Gallery on Larimer to check out the Obama art, there’s a nice photographic retrospective on the show over on The Kitchen Table.

  • Rage Against the Machine Protest Photos

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    Rage Against the Machine and the band’s unbathed minions are in town uniting against the Iraq war – through music and odor-filled marches along the streets of Denver. Check out this Flickr set from our friend Josh at Flying Dog Brewery of the parade. “Make Par Not War” = our favorite sign (pictured below).

  • Thank You, TDA

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    Boulder’s TDA Advertising & Design took over The Denver Egotist today, transforming our site into The Longmont Egotist. (If you’re tuning in late, check out all the posts with light brown titles on the site to catch up.) For those of you with a sense of humor, you’re welcome. For those of you without, loosen the waistband on your Dockers and get out of grandma’s basement into the sunshine.

    As we did when Sukle took over our site earlier this summer, we’ll once again invite anyone who thinks they can outshine us or two of Colorado’s best agencies who have done it so far by taking over our site for an entire day. Send us an email if you’re interested.

    Thanks again, TDA. We enjoyed every minute of it.

    P.S. Clear the cache in your browser and reload our site again to get back to normal.

  • PAY ATTENTION - Make Sure to Clear Your Cache

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    Clear your cache on your browser and reload our site to be able to fully enjoy the fun today (Wednesday, August 27).

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