• A Simple Thank You

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    Whether you’re Democrat, Republican, Nader-fan or a handkerchief-hidden anarchist, there is no denying that the freedoms we enjoy were earned on the backs of our Veterans. On this Veterans Day 2008, thanks are owed to the Civil War vets who rest at Denver’s Riverside Cemetery, the World War II aviators who trained at Lowry, the Fort Carson soldiers who are fighting this very minute and every single member of our armed forces who pledged to fight and die so we might simply live. For those who still live with their trauma, those who were welcomed home and those who never made it back, we say thank you.

    If you see an active duty service member or a vet today (or any day for that matter,) a simple handshake and a simple thank you means the world.

  • << New Conference/Exhibition/Meeting Planner Position Posted

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    The Gene Pool is searching for a Conference/Exhibition/Meeting Planner for their client in Dubai. Job details here.

  • Carmichael Lynch Nabs Noodles &amp; Co. Account

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    Man, when it rains, it pours. According to Adweek and The Minneapolis Business Journal, Minnesota’s Carmichael Lynch has become the agency of record for Noodles & Co. – landing creative and media duties for the Colorado-based client. Anybody else feeling a bit of a Denver vs. Lynch rivalry beginning to brew? Maybe it’s time to sick our (John) Lynch on them.

  • Some Silkscreened Goods From Mighty Karma

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    Denver ad agency, Mighty Karma, has a new silkscreen press they’ve been playing around with of late. So far, they’ve created some things we’d really like in our own collection, including a spiral sketchbook, saddle-stitched journal and t-shirt. By the December “First Friday,” they’ll have a whole series of journals, sketchbooks, t-shirts and possibly posters and cards for sale. Stay tuned for details and please remember your friendly Egotist staff this holiday season.

  • Local Accounts That Should Be In Review: The Children’s Hospital

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    Look, the advertising community wrings our collective hands in frustration when Qwest goes to Chicago and when Tourism goes to Missouri. But there are accounts that are right here in Colorado that we should be equally as frustrated about.

    We’d love to see better messaging for an institution that does incredible work, The Children’s Hospital. Consistently ranked in the top ten in the nation, Children’s is a groundbreaking and emotionally charged place.

    But what do we see from Sterling-Rice Group? Maps of branches and animated logos. We’re talking sick children. Children. People who sell homes, clothes, and cars all use cute kids to sell their products, but The Children’s Hospital hasn’t created a memorable commercial since moving their account to Boulder.

    SRG, we know you do great Powerpoints, but what’s up with wasting a brand like Children’s? And Children’s, what’s up with pushing for retail-based, lowest common denominator advertising?

    Jerry Lewis uses sick children to have people donate cash where they get nothing more than the good feeling of helping. He raises millions of dollars. Maybe The Children’s Hospital should hold their advertising to the same high ideals they expect from their doctors.

  • The New Writers Are Here! The New Writers Are Here!

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    After a well-fought battle of word and wit, we’ve finally met with, jumped in and fully trained the newest contributors to The Denver Egotist. If we told you who they were, you’d say, “Damn, you attracted those hitters?” To which we’d respond, “Damn straight.” So if you’re sick of what we’ve been penning lately, best move on to some other site. These guys have been instructed to continue much of the same. Happy reading.

  • Accounts That Should Be In Colorado II: Let’s Talk Scary

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    Colorado.com is newly revised by the nice folks in Missouri who spend $19 million of Colorado tax dollars on the mediocre “Let’s talk” campaign. We’d love to hear your opinions.

    But while you’re loading that baby up, we’d like you to keep a couple of things in mind.

    In an article in the Kansas City Business Journal about the “ROI” of the Colorado Tourism campaign they created, MMG Worldwide’s results were touted as, “Colorado’s tourism numbers have improved since MMG has worked with the state. A record 28 million overnight visitors came to the state in 2007, an increase from the 26.9 million the year before.”

    You don’t have to be a math major to see the increase was a little over a million overnight visitors. That’s an increase of just 4%. But we spent $19 million. $19 million is head and shoulders above what the old PRACO (Vladdy Jones) spent. And as we all remember, it was a pretty epic snow year here.

    So this year, as we enter into a period where consumers are holding their money tighter; as we see our friends in ski towns concerned about bookings and restaurants running specials and hotels laying off workers, we all should keep an eye on the effectiveness of the $19 million that leaves our state in tourism dollars.

    Long term, we believe this is Colorado money that should be spent in Colorado. The decision by bureaucrats to move $19 million of tax money to Missouri is reprehensible. We need to hold the current work to the highest standard. Then, maybe in 2010, when we’re finished with the $80 million we’re moving to Missouri’s economy, they’ll find a Colorado agency to sell Colorado.

    Although, with their awful decision-making history, it might not be an account anyone would want.

  • Accounts That Should Be In Colorado: University of Colorado

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    Looks like CU has tapped the shoulder of brand-goliath Landor to help rebrand the university, as evidenced by the email below which was recently sent out to students from the Office of the President. Just like the DENVER Museum, this is another account that should absolutely not be leaving the state for its design services. You’re telling us there are no CU alums that could readily handle this bad boy in-state? Did anyone out there get invited or participate in this RFP? Pathetic decision once again by an institution that should understand the benefits of keeping Colorado accounts here at home.

    TO: UCB Students

    FROM: Office of the President

    SENDER: Office of the President

    DATE: 11/6/08

    SUBJECT: Identity Research

    Dear Students,

    The University of Colorado is a great institution with strengths in a number of areas. It is important for us to communicate that by presenting ourselves to our constituents in as effective and efficient a manner as possible. This is particularly challenging in a landscape overcrowded with communication and visual images. Consistent communication is also important to our efforts to attract public and private funding in a difficult economic environment.

    To help convey an effective, consistent image and to support our efforts to compete for funding, we are working to clarify and strengthen CU’s brand. To that end, we have engaged the services of Landor, a brand strategy and design firm.

    We are undertaking this effort for several reasons:

    CU presents itself to constituents in ways that are often confusing, ineffective and inefficient.

    Hundreds of different graphic images of CU, each with its own costs attached, are in use on our campuses.

    With the prominence of our Boulder campus and the emergence of our Colorado Springs and Denver campuses, particularly the skyrocketing growth of the Anschutz Medical Campus, the university system has matured to the point where it needs to renew and articulate its brand.

    CU’s fundraising efforts will benefit from a coordinated, cohesive brand.

    We need your help with this process. Thorough research will be the basis of our activities. We are conducting both interviews and questionnaire research with constituents inside and outside the university. You will soon receive an e-mail link to a survey regarding your impressions of CU’s identity. Your perspective is important and I encourage your participation.

    Our goals for this project are: to assess how we are viewed now; to clearly define optimal relationships within the CU system, on our campuses and among affiliates; to create an effective brand strategy; and to develop a graphic identity system that will allow us to present ourselves in the best way possible. We expect to have initial direction in the spring, and implementation will be ongoing.

    Thank you in advance for your time and participation.


    Bruce D. Benson

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