• << New Account Manager Job Posted

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    The Gene Pool is searching for an Account Manager. Job details here.

  • << New Web Coordinator Job Posted

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    Collective Licensing International is searching for a Web Coordinator. Job details here.

  • << You Should Know About Justin Renteria

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    More of what we like to see. Justin Renteria, an Aurora-based illustrator and graduate of the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, recently popped up on the Fresh section of Communication Arts online. He’s done some nice work for LA Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Paste Magazine and others. Check out his website here and find him on our list of Recommended Talent.

    (Thanks to David Schell for the tip.)

  • Denver-Born Director Needs Your Help to Crash the Super Bowl

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    For the last several years, Doritos has given commercial filmmakers (and those hoping to be) the chance to have their commercials air during the Super Bowl. This year, Jonas Mayabb – who was born and raised here in Colorado, later graduating from Art Center and staying in LA to direct and win a whole bunch of impressive awards – has entered the competition.

    He’d like your help by checking out his spot on the Doritos site and (positively) commenting on it if you feel so compelled – in the hope of being chosen as a finalist for public voting into the big game from 1/5 – 1/25. It’s got a clown who gets accused of stealing Doritos and an evil, young kid who gets punched in the face for being the one who’s actually stealing them at the end. So, it’s pretty damn entertaining. Go give it a view before some wanker from Wichita ends up with his spot in the mix.

  • How About A Little Good News?

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    The Davey’s, an award show for small firms with big ideas, picked a local agency for one of its Best of Show awards.

    Rabble Rouser did some great integrated work for Weber Grills.

    So while we lament the economy, the loss of account to out-of-state agencies, and the general malaise that has become the creative mood, remember there is still good work being done in this town. And it is getting recognized.

    Congrats to the folks at Rabble Rouser.

  • Visit Denver, But Please Ignore That Horrific Logo

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    There are industries that never seem to “get” good advertising. Used car dealers are one. Dentists are on the list. Plumbers. But topping the list every, single time – especially when you study the marketing budget they’ve got compared to all those other industries combined – is government.

    To the long-running list of government atrocities, we now add the new mark for the Denver Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau. Following a trend that’s spread through states across the nation of renaming this division of government, Denver’s first step was to pare down the Denver Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau moniker to, simply, “Visit Denver (The Convention & Visitors Bureau).” The second half (in parens) will be dropped as people get used to the new name. We’re okay with the name. It’s a clear call-to-action. Fine. Whatever.

    But we do take issue with the accompanying logo. Where’s the finesse in this thing? It’s as if they attached a plate to the back of some big-booty mama, slapped some red paint on, had her slam that thang down onto a page of notebook paper and called it done. Anyone see Denver flipping them off in those buildings in the middle? That’s a no-no for us, as well – considering the message is to welcome visitors, not offend them.

    Chalk it up to focus groups. Blame the clogged government marketing pipeline. Accuse the agency responsible. But don’t forget to shed a tear for this logo that’s out there in the world representing, for EVERYONE, the place we hold dear.

  • Crispin Porter + Bogusky Lands Zune

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    Apparently, the recent work for Microsoft’s Vista from CP+B is working – at least in the eyes of the client. As proof, Adrants is reporting Microsoft has just handed Crispin its $41 million Zune account. The work created for Zune by 72andSunny, along with others, has been visually stunning and certainly award-worthy. But it ain’t pushing Zune’s out Best Buy’s door. Between this and Vista, CP+B certainly has their hands full of tough assignments from Microsoft, trying to overcome shotty products with the glitter of great ad campaigns. More power to them. We’re excited to see more huge accounts floating Boulder’s way.

    Zune Arts : Los Corazones from Ondablog on Vimeo.

    Zune Masks from Matt on Vimeo.

  • What Happened to Rod Smith?

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    A new spot for BlackJack Pizza showed up in our inbox, right next to the Lillian Vernon catalog. It’s created by Tucson’s Dog Dog Boy advertising. In our humble Egotist opinion, it’s better than the old Rod Smith stuff, but is it as good as it could be?

    Now, BlackJack has a number of locations in Tucson, but following our current rant about Colorado businesses going elsewhere, it seems that a company started in Colorado might enjoy a Colorado agency?

    Additionally, we were wondering what the hell recommended copywriter talent Tom Van Ness is doing as the scientist on the left. So we asked him. Turns out the agency found him and the rest of his improv pals at Impulse Theater and asked them to send in audition tapes, thus landing roles in the new spot.

    Love it? Hate it? Think you could do better?

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