• Media Puts Creative to Shame

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    Finally, one of the pods in the New Denver Ad Club gets it right. And it’s not the one you’re expecting. Tonight and tonight only the Media Pros are hosting an event featuring two of our favorite vices: Gambling and Booze. And not just booze, open bar kind of booze. Catch us there under guise. Hope to see you too. (Nice set of invites, by the way, from Brian Wilkens, Kelly Pickering and Austin Lane all from The Integer Group.)

  • The State of The Square State

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    We just did a guest post for AgencySpy that’s popped its head up on their site, boiling down the year we’ve just had in the Colorado agency biz and the year ahead at least some of us are looking forward to. Here’s how it begins:

    Denver, like every market, is currently having its creative colon cleansed. As much as anything, the tough economic times have resulted in a changing of the guard here in Colorado over the last year.

    In August, one of the largest Denver advertising agencies – 26-year-old McClain Finlon – closed its doors forever. Despite a band of 200 talented people getting screwed in the fallout, it was a breath of fresh air to see the life-sucking Qwest account set sail for DraftFCB in Chicago. (Hope you’re enjoying that one, Chi-Town.)

    Did we mention you or your agency in the piece? Go finish reading on AgencySpy to find out.

  • Yo Comments are Whack!

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    This video, created by Cactus art director Allie Edwards and her sister over Xmas break (presumably, while mom and dad were out shopping), has over 800,000 views on YouTube so far. It’s got its moments of funny, but how does stuff like this take off so dramatically online?

  • What are you reading these days?

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    We’re always on the prowl for good new books. Genre doesn’t matter, though we usually stay away from anything with Fabio on the cover.

    What do you think Denver should be reading? Leave your recommendations in the comments.

  • << Now Hiring: Senior Interactive Producer

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    The1stMovement is searching for a Senior Interactive Producer. Job details here.

  • Felix and The Denver Egotist in Ad Age

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    You have to read all the way to the bottom (in an article you should be reading anyway), but you’ll find our resident ranter, Felix, quoted in AdAge’s new Agency of the Year piece about Crispin Porter & Bogusky. Praise the mighty pen of Felix.

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