• New Movie Review: Religulous >>

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    Feeling spiritual? Check out our latest review for Religulous. You can see it here.

  • Burger King: Steakhouse Shroom & Swiss

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    We love ditties when they’re done well. Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky.

  • Cancel-Out 2008 Via TDA

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    TDA Advertising & Design has launched their very own get-out-the-vote effort. It’s called Cancel-Out 2008. Their theory: if you don’t vote for your candidate, you aren’t able to cancel out a vote for the other candidate. So they’re encouraging people to find a politically-opposed friend or enemy, pair up with them, and pledge to cancel out their vote on November 4th.

    To help people out, they’ve created a Facebook application, Cancel-Out 2008, that pairs them up with their cancel-out buddy/non-buddy for all the world to see. A Cancel-Out-Meter also measures which candidate is ahead in the nationwide cancel-out.

    They’ve also created a blog that provides information on how to vote, as well as the Cancel of the Day – pairing of notable people who will certainly be canceling-out on Election Day (e.g. Ashton Kutcher and Bruce Willis; Socks the Cat and Barney the Dog).

    E-cards encouraging the cancel-out are provided at the blog, with messaging like, “I hope our friendship can survive the election, but I’m still cancelling your vote.” Recipients of these scathing e-cards are sent to the Facebook application to complete the cancel-out.

    Agency: TDA Advertising & Design
    CD: Jonathan Schoenberg, Thomas Dooley
    ACD: Jeremy Seibold, Matt Leavitt
    CW: Brad Phifer
    AD: Will Geddes
    Developers: Facebookster/Salsoft

  • Extra-Large News for Denver's The1stMovement

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    Interactive shop, The1stMovement, is movin’ and shankin’ in three impressive ways. Effective November 1st, they’ll be out of the Tech Center and into the new TAXI development at 3457 Ringsby Court, #302 in Denver’s River North neighborhood. Large! They’ve also hired David Schell as Creative Director – previously of texturemedia before the company merged with Crispin Porter + Bogusky four months ago. Extra-Large! Huge news for a relatively new shop on the scene (who also won Silver at the 2008 W³ Awards for client G4TV) we fully expect to keep making waves.

  • You Should Know About Advanced Flash Components

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    Advanced Flash Components, located in Greenwood Village, creates building blocks (components) that implement common functionality in Flash, making developing rich Internet applications easier for you. Their components help you: 1). Accelerate your development process; 2). Extend your application functionality, 3). Allow you to deliver a high-quality end-product.

    Components are being added all the time and many are free. Each component comes with tutorials, documentation and sample files. Plus, all of AFC’s upgrades are free with a component purchase. Pretty cool stuff happening right here in Colorado to bolster your Flash offering for clients. When you need them, you’ll find Advanced Flash Components permanently listed on our list of Recommended Talent.

  • New Editorial: Vote for The New Denver Egotist >>

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    This will be our only post today out of the importance we place on the decision, so please take some time to consider this crucial addition to our site.

  • In The Egotist Inbox: Sean Herman

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    There’s some inspired interactive, print and apparel design in the portfolio of Denver’s Sean Herman. Be sure to pop by his site for a look.

  • Stapleton's New Site Via FL2

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    FL2 did Denver a favor last week when it launched the new site for everyone’s favorite WASP nest, Stapleton.

    The site is a joy to explore, even if it does seem a bit large for a standard resolution screen. We were particularly impressed by the interactive Google Maps integration (click the tab on the left), though we almost wonder if that whole section shouldn’t have been dumped simply because you get a giant aerial view of the depressing no-mans land which surrounds the community.

    The site also features..

    • Flash Panoramas are “deep-linked” (you can use your back button) or link directly to those sections
    • Flash / (x)HTML Hybrid site totally driven by our CMS tool
    • Google Search integration sortable by sub-domain
    Funny IE6 specific messaging asking users to upgrade

    Excellent art direction, easy to find content and original use of technology. It’s great to see this sort of thing come out of Denver.

    Oh one last thing – Where’s the favicon, guys?

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