• Helping Denver Suck Less: David Mejias

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    Simply the amount of shoots that David Mejias has done for an agency like Crispin Porter + Bogusky (staff photographer for two-and-a-half years shooting over 500 assignment days ranging from big budget final art to no-money comps to PR imagery), the amount of creatives he has worked with (30 just at CP+B), and the recognition he has received (CA, Clio, Kelly, Archive, and more) has our Egotist Counsel (13 of the most respected, most reliable creative individuals in Colorado) convinced he deserves a spot on our list of Recommended Talent.

    Those who have worked with him say he approaches things from both a technical and conceptual level, and is a really good guy who never makes you feel as if you’re “stuck” on a shoot. Others commented that he is adept at lighting in any number of complicated situations.

    The Counsel agreed they’d use David for portraits, especially for what appears to be his signature style—a purposefully detached expression in models. Some commented that in order to become the familiar “go-to” guy for their agency for portrait work, David would need to demonstrate a wider range of capability in this area on his site.

    With final campaign art for clients including Nike, Volkswagen, Geek Squad, Burger King, Coke Zero, Compass Bank, Domino’s, Jawbone, Shimano, Pearl Izumi, and Best Buy, it’s hard to deny the ability of David Mejias. He wants to keep shooting in Colorado and make kick-ass, award-winning, concept-driven work. He’s also eager to help elevate Colorado’s creative game in any way he can. He’s a man who shares our vision. Hit him up to see what he can do for you.

  • Shepard Fairey on NPR on Denver

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    Shepard Fairey was on NPR last Tuesday, January 20th (inauguration day), discussing his process, his work and his experience in Denver during the convention. Worth a listen while you’re working today.

    (Thanks, Garrett)

  • Illustrator Shaw Nielsen Updates

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    Superb Denver illustrator Shaw Nielsen has updated his website for the better. A cool, new feature allows you to sign up to receive his free promos which, in the past, have been rad, little puzzles featuring a piece of his work.

  • Contemporary Art Colorado

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    Ten contemporary art organizations have come together to create a single online resource for contemporary art information in Colorado under the moniker, Colorado Contemporary Arts Collaboration (CCAC). Founded by collector Kent Logan, participants include a small group of art collectors, trustees, directors and curators associated with the 10 institutions. This useful site helps you:

    :: Stay informed about contemporary art in Colorado
    :: Sign up for email announcements
    :: Find out about art openings, lectures and events
    :: Get the season’s art calendar

  • New Pseudo-editorial: The Egotist Wants Your Opinion >>

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    Do us all a favor and weigh in on this.

  • Design & Image (D&i) Update Web Presence

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    Denver design and branding boutique, Design & Image, has just fired up a nice new site for themselves. The aesthetic is modern, the work is front and center and looks great, and the nav is easy to zip right through.

    They’ve also added a blahg that appears to be readily maintained with new thought and new work (wish we could subscribe to the feed though, guys). All in all, a tight, new package for a firm that’s always deserved respect here in Denver.

  • FL2 : 2009

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    Our friends at FL2 recently released an updated version of their website. As always, they continue to impress us with their simplicity, their usability, and their fresh perspective on user interaction.

  • Oven-Baked Balls

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    As seen during American Idol: CEO Dave Brandon oven bakes a letter from Subway!

    Dominos is now encouraging viewers to go to the site and burn the letter themselves. 65,000 letters burned so far.

    Between this and the Whopper Sacrifice, CP+B is killing it in the new year.

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