• NDAC Super Ad Sunday

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    If you’re an ad geek, the hype of the Super Bowl isn’t about stats and figures and team pride. No, if you’re an ad geek, you prep for the Bowl by combing blogs, looking for leaks and banned spots. You try to one-up colleagues by dropping remarks in passing like, “Interested to see how the nation reacts to CPB’s Coke Zero Mean Joe Greene remake in which Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu appears in the role of Mean Joe then the spot takes an undisclosed twist that illustrates to viewers that it is possible to have real Coke taste and zero calories?”

    Well, the NDAC is celebrating our ad geekness this Sunday. The whole team is gonna get together and party and talk shit about Super Bowl ads. We might even watch the game. And during said game, thanks to CP+B, everyone can use the magic of cell phone technology to vote on spots. By texting in your vote, a website will be updated in real time. Shazam.

    Event Details:
    Join the officiating team at Jackson’s in LoDo (1520 20th St.) on Sunday, February 1st. Free Food and a Drink with admission. Children 12 & under get in FREE (better yet, leave them at home with a six-pack of Dew and a bag of Fritos).

    Register Now.
    Event Website.

    The Creative:
    Super Ad Sunday is all about voting and talking shit about Super Bowl ads. So, when you think about it, the ad kids who attend are really officials. There are all kinds of calls you make when you’re critiquing ads. So the ad club compiled them and created:

    The Comprehensive Manual to Calling Fouls on Crappy Advertising.

    The campaign launched with a teaser that was a fake amazon.com page where you could buy the manual. This was followed by three email “calls,” and today marks the launch of the microsite superadsunday.com.

    As you’ve undoubtedly noticed, copymaster Jim Glynn is the ref. Not only is Jim a super dynamic model with an unbelievable range and an amazingly expressive mustache, but he also looks super hot in those baseball/ref/tight/thingies.

    Bryce Boyer spent a few hours shooting and countless hours retouching the shots. His energy and enthusiasm was only matched by his behind-the-lens interpretation of Elvis.

    For the rest of the people who put together the campaign, they’re under the credit section of superadsunday.com. See ya there, boozer.

  • Bacon Makes Everything Better, Even Us

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    Local firm Notchcode used Bacolicio.us to spruce up the design of our site yesterday. A vast improvement, we agree, especially between the hours of 7am and 11am and again between 2am and 4am after pub-closing time. Wanna do it for your site? Just append the URL to http://bacolicio.us/http://YOURURL.com and watch it sizzle.

  • In The Egotist Inbox: Zac Taschdjian

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    Zac Taschdjian is a Denver-based digital artist and video editor specializing in broadcast advertising. He also claims “a black belt in After Effects and eight years of industry experience.” Do you have any CONSTRUCTIVE advice for Zac after watching his reel?

  • Web Directions North Seeking Sponsors

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    Web Directions North, one of the world’s leading conferences for web professionals, is coming to Denver this year from February 2-7. They’re seeking sponsors to help build a better event—providing food and drinks mainly—to show everyone who’s visiting (150+) that Denver/Boulder’s web community is in full force. Contact Chip at chip.diffendaffer[at]gmail.com if you got the goods.

  • Helping Denver Suck Less: New Type Central

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    We know the typical M.O. for interactive firms that get the big, sexy assignments. Build a fat site for a client with all the bells and whistles, give them a lightning 30-minute training on the CMS, then send them on their way to add ongoing content all by their lonesome (after you’ve convinced them how important it is to keep freshening things up).

    What gets left on the table by agencies during this whole wham, bam, thank you ma’am is a whole bunch of cash. Granted, you don’t want to update content internally—that’s some dirty-ass work. But the client doesn’t want to do it either. This large hole in the market for website content updates is filled by New Type Central.

    This cool, new company provides a service we’ve yet to ever run across. And instead of leaving client money on the table or assembling and paying for an internal team, you can hire New Type Central to update content for your clients through any CMS—then mark up their cost. You make the difference for little more than passing on the CMS login information to these Denver go-getters. Sharp idea, we know. Find them on our list of Recommended Talent when the time is right.

  • New Account Wins for Colorado Advertising Agencies

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    :: According to Adweek, TuitionBids.com has hired Boulder’s TDA Advertising & Design thanks to handle its ad business following a review. Spending will be $1 million, the agency said, supporting cable-TV ads as well as interactive and design efforts. The campaign breaks in the summer. College-bound students and their parents will be the focus of the campaign.

    :: The Denver Center Theatre Company (DCTC) has tapped Denver-based advertising agency Cactus to grow the company’s brand. Cactus has added a dozen new team members in the last four months, has doubled its revenue in the last two years, and is quickly approaching $20 million in client billings.


  • Denver Music Blog: The Galley Boys

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    There’s a fresh music blog that’s been running right under our noses here in Denver since April of last year. Thankfully, The Galley Boys poked us early this evening to come come take a look around. Worth a daily read from our assessment. So, go.

    The Galley Boys was founded by two Akronites in April of 2008. We have a passion for emerging underground consumer-based music, technology, art, culture and other related fields. Our goal is to serve as a platform for artists and companies to showcase new and upcoming products.

  • Chubbies Allowed Again

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    Everyone remembers Denver’s infamous Anti-Gym right? You know, the one best known for its controversially viral “no chubbies” slogan? Some of you may even be members. Or should we say were members; the IRS has seized Anti-Gym and its doors are closed forever.

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