• New Denver Film: Ink

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    Ink was produced by Denver’s own Double Edge Film and just premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, where it was well-received by critics and movie crowds alike. Great work out of Colorado.

  • What Would You Ask Jim Glynn?

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    With much nudging, one of the top freelance creatives/writers in Colorado, Jim Glynn, has finally succumb to our request for an interview. So now that we’ve got him, what do you want to know from him? Toss your questions below and we’ll take it from there.

  • From One Agency to Another, "Get Your Shit Together"

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    The folks at Denver agency Notchcode had a brutal experience this morning trying to put through an order on the Denver Zoo website built by another local interactive shop, Malenke | Barnhart. So much so, that their lengthy critique of the experience now resides on their blog. Go read it for yourself and witness one of the main methods in which brands fail and succeed in the world today—through online word-of-mouth.

    (To be fair, the zoo has posted a message to say they’re working on the matter due to order overload, and as noted in the comments below, this portion of the site was not designed by M|B. Good to get your facts straight before jumping into these matters with a full-bore rant, we always say.)

  • Andrew Hoffman Oils Sneak Peak

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    Denver designer/illustrator Andrew Hoffman has his first solo show, “Oxymoron,” at The Shoppe coming up in May. A sneak peak of his work is up on his site.

    Bittersweet 40 × 24” Oil on Canvas

    Three Hundred on Daffodil 40 × 24” Oil on Canvas

  • What's Up With YouTube?

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    Anybody know why so many YouTube videos have been removed lately? Nearly every other vid we click through has been taken down. Did tghey pass some new rules or something?

  • The Center: GLBT Colorado's New Site

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    The Center, the only statewide, nonprofit community center dedicated to providing support and advocacy for Colorado’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) population, has launched a sharp, new site. Anyone know if it was developed locally?

    UPDATE: Local firm Purple Crayons developed the site, with Cactus contributing to the copy.

    (Thanks, Trevor)

  • CP+B's Super Bowl Ads for Hulu and Coke Zero

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    The Hulu spot was at the top of the list for us. Coke Zero? Not so much.

    Hulu: Alec in Huluwood

    Coke Zero: Mean Troy

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