• Free Lunch, Thanks to Good Times

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    Morey Evans Advertising and their digital media partner Motive have unleashed a leggy new campaign for local fast-food joint Good Times Burgers over the past few weeks. The Save the Burger campaign has some quirky TV and a bunch of social media outreach (Twitter, Facebook)—we’re actually pretty impressed with the breadth of the program.

    More importantly, they’re giving away free burgers. Grab a coupon at the campaign’s microsite.

  • PostNewsRealEstate.com Redesign

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    Despite all the rumors surrounding the two Denver dailies, it appears they’re continuing to refine their technological chops as the world shifts beyond printed papers to heavy online offerings. We never used the previous version of the Denver Post/Rocky Mountain News PostNewsRealEstate.com website, but the newly launched version seems simple enough to navigate if you’re in the market for a home. Yes, they chose function over form in this site, but sometimes that’s okay. User/tech details follow.

    User Experience Improvements: – Improved site navigation – Search results that display relevant community, business information and Google Street View mapping – Closer integration of editorial content from the primary news sites

    Key Technical Goals of Redesign: – Cleaner, goal-based design – Standard compliant design (excluding vendor Flash embed) – Rails based CMS and integration of four separate vendors – Elimination of underperforming ad positions

  • Delicious Spam

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    Don’t know what it is, but we get the most amazing spam in our inbox here at The Egotist. Here’s a selection of the latest subject headings that were in today’s email.

    “Become a Confident User of Your Member”
    “Women Will Jump Into Your Bed Like Crazy Rabbits”
    “Get a Significant Member and You Will See the Difference”
    “Stir Up a Passion in Her Heart with Your Magic Wand”
    “The Best Way to Take Revenge on Your Ex is to Make Your Member Bigger”
    “The Dimensions of Your Tool Will Grow to a Duel”

    Feel free to mine that gold for your own headline usage.

  • Red Bull Spends Half A Million on A Secret Half-Pipe

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    Red Bull, with some assistance from Oakley, has just built a secret half-pipe on the backside of Silverton Mountain in Colorado for snowboarder Shaun White’s training purposes. The area can only be accessed by snowmobile or helicopter and is said to be closed off to the public. The price tag was $500,000, and it looks like it was worth every penny. These brands that sponsor athletes take the Olympics seriously, no?

    (Via joyengine)

  • Strada Advertising Site Via FL2

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    While recent work from Denver interactive firm FL2 continues to be recognized on a national and international level, including their own site landing the #1 position on DesignCharts, their Cigarette is Dead work turning up in French motion graphics magazine Kromag, and their Synergy | ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corporation site scoring a position as a finalist at SXSW this year, they’ve just launched another fresh offering for Strada Advertising that’s sure to garner Strada and FL2 some well-deserved attention.

    If you want a lesson in UI design, this is how it’s done. Smooth, simple, intuitive. These guys are setting the bar for the rest of us. Web designers please take note. Very nice work over there, ladies and gents. Keep it up. The rest of the world is turning its attention toward Denver. And we like it.

  • Talent Heading This Way: Matthew Walsh

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    Matt Walsh is a San Francisco-based copywriter who is heading Denver’s way in a few months. He’s been a freelancer in SF for 10 years and before that held gigs at Ketchum, Doner and FCB. He’ll be looking for freelance and/or full-time when he gets here. Let’s give him that warm welcome we’ve become so well-known for in these parts.

  • Bill Amundson: Hard Times

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    Buckfifty.org has a post today featuring images from Bill Amundson’s ongoing “Hard Times” series. The pieces are available through Plus Gallery in Denver.

    The artist’s quote on the series: “Love and Hope are wonderful things, but sometimes I have to side with the late George Carlin and his memorable motto: FUCK HOPE.” Ah yes, may he rest in peace.

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