• New Belgium Brewery: "Work to Bike More" Outdoor Via Cultivator Advertising & Design

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    When New Belgium Brewing Co. was offered a package of urban Denver billboards, pro bono, for a pro-biking ad campaign, it quickly accepted, and assigned its agency, Cultivator Advertising & Design, Denver, to create the outdoor messages. Neither client nor agency imagined how appropriate the placement would turn out to be.

    The headline, “Work to Bike More,” was inspired by the priorities of several New Belgium employees who may well be more passionate about cycling than about gainful employment. The billboard promotes New Belgium’s Team Wonderbike, which encourages both New Belgium employees and the general public to trade in their cars for a bike (motto: “Bike More. Drive Less”). The placement above PT Motor’s “Cash for Cars” sign, at I-76 and North Federal Blvd., Denver, was fortuitous.

    Media space was donated by Lamar Outdoor, via New Belgium’s media agency, Explore Communications, Denver. The vinyl on which the billboard is printed will be “repurposed” by Ecologic, Boulder, Colo., into bike messenger bags, which will be offered to Team Wonderbike members (including the billboard’s poster boy, Bryan “Big Bry” Simpson).

    New Belgium Brewing Co. is employee-owned, wind powered (since ’99), pro-bicycle, and recycles, reuses or composts 73% of its waste stream.

  • Nude Liftrider Incident Recreated by Photographer David Mejias

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    Surely, you remember the New Year’s day incident with the super-douche who managed to slide through a Vail chairlift and yank down his drawers in process? Well, Boulder photographer David Mejias has recreated the scene as a self-promo, along with retoucher Joel Given from XYZ Graphics.

    The final product consists of 6 images and 30+ hours of retouching, after the talent was rigged onto a 15-foot swing set. Why’d you blur the best part, David?

  • The Denver Egotist: March Guest Editors on Coudal

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    If you get sick of reading our content on our venue this month, wander on over to Coudal where we’ll be guest editors during all of March on their blog Fresh Signals—making you equally ill.

  • The Blue Mustang Debate Picked Up by NY Times

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    Because the whores at The Egotist pretty much accept anything anyone invites us into on Facebook, we currently belong to two opposing Denver groups. The first is called “Support the Bad Ass DIA Mustang” and has 41 members. The second is called “DIA’s Heinous Blue Mustang Has Got to Go” and has 9,985 members.

    While both have equally compelling Facebook group names, you can tell from the number of members in each which way the public is swaying on its opinion of the red-eyed, massive-penised blue mustang statue that greets visitors to Denver International Airport.

    Yesterday, the debate reached its most widespread coverage yet in an article in The New York Times. What’s your take on the mighty blue ‘stang?

    Thanks, Brad

  • Hire Me: Anthony Castellano, Art Director

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    Name: Anthony Castellano
    Specialty: Art Director
    Why Hire Me: This is how I survive – this is the only way I make money so why would I mess that up? If I screw this up, then I am out of money, out of a house and out of a life, and I will end up homeless on the streets without a dime to my name and no means to provide for myself. Knowing this ensures that I do everything I can to provide you with the best damn work possible.
    Contact Me: 303.919.6432

    ^ Concept: Poop bags printed by TRI-R Recycling. Donated to various parks in Colorado. Newspaper ad and busboards also featured the same message. Headline: Does a bear poop in the woods? Subhead: Not if there aren’t any woods. Client: TRI-R Recycling.

    ^ Headline: The next time people ask about bonuses, invite them to look out the window. Subhead: State of Colorado. Contact the Colorado Office of Economic Development…

  • Hire Me: Drew Wieland, Copywriter

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    Name: Drew Wieland
    Specialty: Copywriter
    Why Hire Me: For starters, I bring seven years of experience to the table, and I can write just about anything for any medium, and I do it really darn well and on time. Oh wait, that’s only one sentence. I suppose I could say that I’m really fun to work with, or maybe plug the fact that my kids are sick of Ramen.
    Contact Me: drewwieland[at]msn.com

    Click for Bellco Radio.

  • Hire Me: Amanda Babcock, Designer

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    Name: Amanda Babcock
    Specialty: Designer
    Why Hire Me: My design is smart. My smarts are inspired by the world around me. My world is full of passion and laughter.
    Contact Me: babcocka[at]gmail.com

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