• Great Divide Brewing Co. Packaging Via Cultivator Advertising & Design

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    Great Divide Brewing Co., Denver. Small, craft brewer. Winner of 13 Great American Beer Festival Medals, among others. Under 10K barrels annual production.

    Convey superior quality, hand-crafted beers.

    Mixed letter sizes suggest too casual an approach to brewing. Individual beer icons, including mountain biker, rock climber, skier, are Colorado clichés.

    Redesign Strategy:
    Overall block letter identity implies unapologetic, strong-flavored brewing style. Within overall line, individual beers are characterized by whimsical, cutout silhouettes.

    Espresso Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout is defined by—what else?—a yeti, with a big coffee mug. Claymore Scotch Ale is defined by a highlands warrior carrying a claymore, a traditional, two-handed broadsword.

    New Beers:
    Espresso Oak Aged Yeti combines coffee, vanilla oak, and roasted malt flavors with a bold hop profile. It is a small-batch release, not sold in six-packs. Claymore Scotch Ale is “wee heavy” style beer, malty, with a caramel undertone. It is a winter, seasonal offering.

    Existing Beer (redesign):
    Denver Pale Ale (DPA) layers a smooth. malty middle over a crisp, mildly bitter hop finish. It is a classic English Pale Ale and Great Divide’s flagship beer. Silhouette is the indigenous big-horn sheep.


    Jeremy Pruitt

  • Hire Me: Anne Richardson, Graphic Designer & Print Production

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    Name: Anne Richardson
    Specialty: Graphic Design, Print Production
    Why Hire Me: If you’re looking for a deadline-driven designer who loves production and can nail design, ooh pick me! Pick me! I’m super fast and deadly accurate. My design (and copywriting) skills come from years in the corporate world and agencies, so it’s result-oriented, and quite frankly, fabulous.
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  • Hire Me: Larry Hinkle, Copywriter

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    Name: Larry Hinkle
    Specialty: Copywriting
    Why Hire Me: My name is Larry Hinkle, copywriter. I love beer, zombies, stand-up comedy, cynicism, Diet Coke, loud music, TV, skiing, dogs, the colors purple, orange and black, horror movies and fiction, proofreaders, the Cleveland Browns, THE Ohio State University, my friends and family (you know who you are) and smart advertising. I hate pretty much everything else.
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  • Free Resume Printing From FedEx Office on March 10

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    For all you poor saps who can’t afford to print your resume (God bless ya), FedEx Office (formerly Kinko’s) is hosting “FedEx Office Free Resume Printing Day” on Tuesday, March 10, 2009 – offering to print up to 25 black and white copies of your resume for free – giving you exactly 25 chances to find that high-paying dream job.

    Customers may place orders by submitting their resume in printed format or as a digital file, and the copies will be printed single-sided on resume-quality paper.

    (Thanks, Jeff)

  • In Awe of Spillt

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    Take one minute and fifty seconds right now to watch the most recent reel of Denver’s motion graphics and design studio, Spillt. You want to watch it again, don’t you? We did. Seriously inspiring.

    Just this week, Spillt redeveloped their website in partnership with Legwork Studio, featuring a host of massive updates, a new and improved blog and updated players. Thanks for giving the rest of us something to look up to, guys.

    Spillt 2008 Summer Reel from Ryan Bramwell on Vimeo.

  • New Logomash: Game Three >>

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    Come on, you’re not that busy. Try it out and tax your brain, it’s more fun than working on #10 packs for credit card companies. But only just.

  • Three Facts About Denver #1

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    1). Denver is one of America’s 25 best cities for independent moviemakers to live, according to a survey by MovieMaker magazine.

    2). Prices of existing homes declined less through 2008 in the Denver area than in any of 20 major U.S. cities, Standard & Poor’s reported.

    3). Denver ranks as one of the Top 5 Manliest Cities, according to a new study conducted by Sperling’s BestPlaces.

  • Victoria's Secret: The Perfect One

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    Ever wonder what it would be like to have a job where you got paid to stare at Heidi Klum in her underwear all day? Feel free to ask Matt Benson or Joe Mease.

    Working directly with the in-house creative team at Victoria’s Secret Direct, Matt and Joe tackled the design and development of the Perfect One micro-site.

    The site was created to complement the overall campaign strategy surrounding the recent launch of Victoria’s Secret’s newest bra, The Perfect One.

    The site relies heavily on HD video footage, a 360 degree feature tour, an Ask Heidi quiz, as well as sharing capabilities, a store locator, and of course, links to purchase the bra online.

    While we’re always delighted to see a quality product coming out of a local shop, or shops in this case, we are even more excited that a major NY brand, such as Victoria’s Secret, is tapping Denver-based resources for such high profile projects.

    Well done, Matt. Well done, Joe. Well done, Heidi.

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