• The Peripheral Benefit of Having a Big Agency In Colorado

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    For Old Navy’s new SuperModelquins campaign courtesy of Boulder’s advertising agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, 13,000 mannequins will have been sent out to Old Navy retail stores by the first week in April. And someone has to build them one-by-one.

    Enter Fusion Specialties, a Broomfield, Colorado mannequin manufacturer that’s running three shifts with 300 temporary employees and cranking out 250 supermodel mannequins a day nonstop.

    Read the full story on The Denver Post.

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  • Cultivator Has a Blog

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    And it’s not about advertising. It’s about tales from their hood (if you’ve been there, you know), things to do in Denver when you’re not dead, restaurants, August Sandberg’s outdoorsy jaunts, travels and more. Pay your own visit to Real Good, Then for a glimpse inside.

  • Arizona Ad Creep

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    Saw this coming back from lunch today in a parking lot across from the Governor’s Mansion at 8th & Logan and had to take a snap. It’s one of those ideas that may have sounded good in theory, but comes off absolutely terrible when produced. Especially, when it’s thrown into a parking space in a random lot like an afterthought. Who came up with this placement? You gotta try harder than this, people. The world already hates advertising, and you ain’t doing the rest of us any favors.

  • CP+B: Loved, Loathed But Never Ignored

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    On the blog of Creative Review, the premier industry publication in the UK, they’ve got a lengthy feature on Crispin Porter + Bogusky, breaking down what makes them great and what makes the rest of the agency world envious and even hate the agency and its controversial ways. It’s worth a read.

  • Caption Competition: Ragged Ronald

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    Click through for a bigger image, then throw your caption down below.

  • What's On Your Mind, Denver?

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    Got anything you want to rant or rave about?

  • Denver's Monstrosity

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    Brandon Roth has been busy making creatures out of trash for the last several years, then depositing them around Denver. He explains it as follows, “Basically, I take trash, make it art then throw it away again just like trash—thus completing the cycle of life and all its delicate intricacies. Also, it is encouraging a non-invasive form of street art.”

    Follow the tales of Monstrosity through Brandon’s blog.

  • Factory Design Labs Propelling Audi

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    Along with a bunch of impressive new work for The North Face, Denver’s Factory Design Labs has been hard at work as the interactive and print agency of record for Audi.

    As a continuation of this year’s Super Bowl spot, “The Chase,” Factory Design Labs supported the TV with a comprehensive interactive campaign, allowing users to extend the chase online and celebrating Audi and the spot’s featured vehicle, the Supercharged Audi A6.

    Documenting the competition from decade to decade, the A6 microsite educates viewers on Audi’s progression throughout the eras while the competition basked in the limelight. The site also features a detailed section about the Audi A6, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the making of The Chase TV spot.

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