• Molasses

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    Posts will continue to be slow and steady this week, as most of our crew is still out of the mix enjoying their toys. Back in full force on January 5th.

  • You Should Know About Craig Holden Feinberg

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    We’ve told this story before about our friend at Art Center. In one of his classes, a professor wanted to prove that mid-tier cities have a definitive design/advertising style that is nearly the same across the entire city – and that the phenomenon is not a great thing for agencies trying to be distinctive in style for their clients. One of the cities they studied in the class was Denver. And we still remember our friend’s drop-jawed disgust at seeing how similar all the creative work was for our city. (He grew up here, so it was an even more effective experiment for him.)

    That’s why, when we run across a designer who truly breaks the mold here in Denver, it is something that must be acknowledged and celebrated. Craig Feinberg was schooled at Fabrica, The United Colors of Benetton Communications Research and Development Center in Treviso, Italy – where he created graphic design for international print advertising campaigns to support Fabrica clients and publications. He’s been published in a load of books and received many rewards – most recently being published in Color & Layout, the latest book by Otto & Olaf and Nacho Martí. Craig is also working on a book project with Charlotte & Peter Fiell, the former design editors of TASCHEN, who have started their own publishing company.

    Mostly, we love the European design sense he brings to Colorado – minimalist, graphic and visually-jolting. Craig’s not right for every project, but that’s exactly what makes him so right for the projects that fit his style. Find him on our list of Recommended Talent when you’re ready for him.

  • Monday Morning Muzak: Tiger Army III – Ghost Tigers Rise

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    Wherein we tell you what tunes to pop in to put you in the best possible mood on Monday morning (we’re a day late this week). Today, we suggest Tiger Army and their third CD, Ghost Tigers Rise. Formed in 1995 in Berkeley, California, Tiger Army quickly caught the attention of Rancid’s Tim Armstrong who signed the band to his label, Hellcat Records. Tiger Army is psychobilly at its freshest and finest.

  • Denver Designer Breaks Down The New Pepsi Logo

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    Our friend, Jonathan Ortlieb, is back with another dissection of a logo most creatives love to hate – the new Pepsi mark. Check it out.

  • Titus Cycles: Second Job

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    A new print campaign for Titus Cycles simultaneously recognizes today’s difficult economy and the bikes’ nearly unaffordable cost. The new tag for the campaign, developed by TDA Advertising & Design, Boulder, is “It’s worth a second job.”

    From the press release: Titus builds high end mountain bikes (as in this campaign) and also high end road bikes. The mountain bike target audience tends to be younger (20–35), and less affluent, than the typical road bike enthusiast, for whom a Titus is an affordable, luxury purchase. For the younger, and perhaps more dedicated, mountain biker, a Titus is closer to a must-have, and often entails real financial sacrifice. The goal of the campaign is to acknowledge, and validate, the bikes’ premium pricing.

    The ads run in all major mountain biking magazines, with the exception of Mountain Bike Action, which refused all three executions. (Seems a little weird for a campaign that’s hardly risqué, no?)

  • Thank You, Contributors

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    We’re in a very nice groove on our site lately. That’s due, in great part, to the contributors we’re lucky to have involved, sacrificing their free time to seek out the best things going on in Colorado and beyond. We wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and thank the people who write for The Denver Egotist, as well as those who continue to send us cool links along with their own work to show off. If you continue to doubt the power of this medium for generating attention for your agency, please consider sending us one portfolio-worthy piece in early ’09 so we can open your eyes to it. Cheers, Denver.

  • The Best and the Worst of Gifts?

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    This time of year, little elves from print shops, production houses and the like are dropping off gifts of all kinds. Some are creative, some are uninspired and some are oddly addictive and tasty, like this little jobbie we got from Edible Arrangements.

    Now, we want to hear about the best and the worst corporate gifts you’ve given, received, concepted, eaten, thrown away or thrown at others. As for us, we’ll keep digging in on the melon on a stick.

  • In The Egotist Inbox: Spencer Schutz

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    Spencer Schutz is an Art Director at Mondo Robot who has done work for Nike, American Express, PepsiCo, Dannon, AT&T, TBS, Clif Bar Inc., Warren Miller and the NBA over the last 15 years.

    He is a typophile with a penchant for experimental photography that borders on unhealthy and his Pez collection one day will take up an entire room. He tells us, “Electronica, Gangsta Rap, Peanut Butter sandwiches, Wabi-Sabi and shouting out typefaces on billboards as I drive by keep me sane.”

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