• New Editiorial: The Story of the Year >>

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    Some more wise-crackin’ greatness from a guy you’re lucky to have the privilege to read, Jeremy Greenfield. Give it up, people.

  • New Editorial: The Collective Ego #1: Interning >>

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    Our revitalized advice column is officially revitalized. Check out our advice for the greenhorns in the mix on interning.

  • Avoid Christmas in the Clink

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    Here’s a site worth bookmarking on your iPhone. Planaheadcolorado.com was created by Ideologie (design) and Webb PR (public outreach) as a one-stop-shop for anyone (read: you) planning to celebrate the holidays with a few adult beverages – and wanting to avoid getting a DUI in the process.

    The site includes maps of bars and restaurants that are handing out free $5 cab vouchers, places to park your car overnight (without getting a ticket or towed), discounted hotels (if you don’t want to go home at all) and a listing of RTD park and ride locations if public transit is your choice (go, bus riders, go). There’s even a link to find out when and where a sobriety checkpoint might be coming to a neighborhood near you.

    The vouchers are good from Friday the 12th through January 5 – just in time for the two holiday increased DUI enforcement periods (December 12-15 and December 31-January 5). Happy wassailing, everyone.

  • Colorado Agency Recognition News: Creativity's Agency of the Year

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    If you’re wondering what’s been going on over the last year right here in our own backyard at one of the best advertising agencies in the world, check out the piece Creativity has put together on their 2008 Agency of the Year, Crispin Porter + Bogusky. After reading, you’ll be hard-pressed not to agree the award is thoroughly well-deserved. (And how great is it that this story is unveiling right here in Colorado, with CPB’s Boulder office now housing 550 staffers – including the agency’s creative leadership.) Our hats off to a shop that never ceases to make our jaws drop.

    Photo by Tyler Stableford, one of Colorado’s best.

  • New Poll: Colorado Agency of the Year >>

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    Please vote for the Colorado Agency of the Year in our 2nd annual poll. It’s time to let your voice be heard.

  • FirstBank's Re-Gifting Campaign Via TDA

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    In this new holiday campaign, mall shoppers in Colorado, California and Arizona will be given the chance during December to pick up free gifts for their friends and family, courtesy of FirstBank. To take advantage, a camera phone and access to a digital printer are required.

    The backlit posters on which the ads appear invite passersby to photograph, and then print out a “homemade” jam label (needs existing jam jar), a “star adoption” certificate, or a painting of a clipper ship (needs frame), which they can then “give to a loved one.” In the ads’ tagline, FirstBank says, “We’re here to help you save.” The executions double as direct mail.

    From the press release: “The campaign’s intent is to take advantage of the holiday season to make a more personal connection between the bank and its customers and potential customers. The idea is that, coming from a regional as opposed to a national bank, such a message will be seen as a shared joke (as well as an acknowledgment of the difficult economy).

    So damn good. Agency: TDA Advertising & Design, Boulder.

  • Survey: Many Would Take Denver Egotist Over Sex

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    Intel recently released a study which shows that, given the choice, only 30% of men would give up the internet over sex. Thus, through inductive reasoning, we’re able to ascertain that 70% of you would take The Denver Egotist over sex. You sad, sad bastards.

  • Gill Foundation Holiday Card Builder

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    Here’s a fun little site for the Gill Foundation’s Gay & Lesbian Fund of Colorado, declaring “We should all be judged by the content of character, not our closets” – and allowing you to dress up a snowman in flamboyant attire accordingly. You can then email the result, along with a holiday greeting, to anyone you feel would get a kick out of it. Agency: Vermilion, Boulder.

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