• Fake Leaked Star Wars Footage Looks Pretty Great

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    YouTuber Frank Wunderlich put together a reel of high-quality fake footage supposedly leaked from the set of Episode VII, with vehicles flying around an airport here on Earth.


  • Waterproof Samsung Phone Makes People Prove They Really Want it

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    To keep the phone, onlookers had to show they're just as water-resistant as the new Galaxy S5 by jumping into the ice-cold water of Lake Zurich and shooting an underwater selfie — in front of everyone and filmed on five hidden cameras. Agency: Serranetga, Zurich.

  • Happy 4th everyone!

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    Here's wishing you a happy, safe 4th of July from all of us at the Egotist.

  • What is Bayhem?

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    Here's a really fun look at “Bayhem” — Michael Bay's style of camera movement, composition and editing that creates something overblown, dynamic and distinct.

  • Mick Jagger introduces the Monty Python Live (mostly) Press Conference

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    Any time you can get Mick Jagger in your video, you do it.

  • Nike Football: David Luiz - Yellow & Green

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    Just because the USA team isn't playing, doesn't mean we're going to stop posting World Cup videos…

  • BSSP rocks out aboard Greyhound.

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    Just in time for the summer movie season comes a totally unexpected cinematic preview: “Tour in Style,” a 60-second film for Greyhound and created by BSSP that tells a story about what happens when heavy metal rock band “MüttonGüt” finds its tour bus has been replaced with a new Greyhound bus complete with passengers.

    It's a pretty funny way to showcase some great features about the bus line that we certainly didn't know about.

  • Carl's Jr. should have pulled off this spot.

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    Ugh. We've already seen plenty of "Ship My Pants" ripoffs. This one isn't exactly that, but it's close. A stupid, juvenile double-entendre concept shot with horrible actors trying to look "real."

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