• A Glimpse at that Red Bull Double Halfpipe in Aspen

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    Some footage of the guys practicing on that double halfpipe Red Bull built in Aspen for the first-ever competition, featuring two competition-spec halfpipes constructed side-by-side. If you're anywhere near Aspen this weekend — when the event's happening — head up to Buttermilk because the event is FREE to attend. Daily videos, photos and event coverage will be hosted at Red Bull/Snow. Double Pipe will air on NBC, Saturday April 12th at 12pm MST, as part of the Red Bull Signature Series.

  • Free Country and Boulder's Waypoint Films Take Us Up Where We'd Rather Be Today

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    Waypoint Films just cut four new pieces for ski clothing brand, Free Country — including a broadcast spot and three web videos. All directed and shot by Colorado local Kevin Emmons. Original music on the broadcast spot by Boulder locals Alcheh & Hunt. Editing by Andrew Ratzlaff with some color and editorial help from Herman Neiuwoudt.

  • What Does Your Cocktail Preference Have to do With Your Hairstyle?

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    The American Crew 'My Style' platform, developed by Karsh Hagan, is a quiz-based men's hairstyle recommendation engine. The site asks you to answer a series of lifestyle questions in tandem with general hair type questions to determine what kind of man you are, and delivers relevant looks, products and hairstyling advice. So what does your cocktail preference have to do with your hairstyle? Find out.

    Design: Andrew Baker, Nick Marranzino
    Illustration: Nick Marranzino
    Writer: Karen Morris
    ACD: Darren Brickel
    Development: Andrew Baker
    Account Sup: Caitlin Turner
    Account Manager: Anne Marie Salcito

  • #ShitToHit: Tomorrow – AIGA Speaker Series: United Pixelworkers

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    Jay Fanelli and Nathan Peretic, creators of United Pixelworkers and Cotton Bureau, will share their thoughts on clients vs. customers, starting new businesses, and the everyday adventures of design entrepreneurship. Afterwards, there will be a Q&A session so bring your burning questions. RSVP here.

  • Four Creative-Industry Men from Denver Are on a Mission to Bring Clean Water to Haiti

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    Life is an interesting journey. Tell that to Jason Coates, Derek Reinhardt, Pat Flanigan and Jeremy Pape, four average men dedicated to building an anything but average life.

    Jason is a traveler, dedicated to seeing the world, nothing will hold him back from seeing all that he can see.

    Derek is a photographer, but not the type that stays in a studio. Derek is an adventurer, whose passion for showing you the wild side of life is unmatched.

    Pat is a film production graduate and loves to capture the world through film. He is passionate about travel and sharing his stories and the stories of others along the way.

    Jeremy is a director and entrepreneur. Always rolling, and somehow finding the greatest attributes in people, Jeremy showcases that through his honest visuals and accomplishments that require a team of polished go-getters.

    What brings all four of these together is passion. Not content on traveling just to travel, planning the next "big thing," these four have found a way to make the adventures count.

    Haiti + Clean Water + Joy.

    The people of Haiti are historically resilient in the face of need but that has never stopped them from living with joy. A particular need is clean, drinkable water and we have been lucky enough to team up with RainCatcher to fit this need.

    RainCatcher is providing water filters for them to bring on the trip to but this is just part of the equation.

    The last part is JOY. Joy is what keeps these four men going, and the same goes for the amazing Haitians they are going to be visiting. Along the journey they will be documenting in great detail the amazing travels they experience. Using connections for their large reach, the team has found an orphanage to help, communities to bring clean water to and a local hip hop artist to shoot a music video for! The JOY will in fact be in abundance and the story will be real.

    You can learn more about this important cause and donate on Indiegogo.

  • Winners of the 10th Annual ADCD Fashion Show

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    Attendees of this year's show were treated to 42 original fashion designs created from paper donated by xpedx. It's kind of mind boggling what they were able to create. See photos of all the winning entries here.

  • #PackagingLaunch: Perfect Bar - Via Denver's LRXD

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    The Perfect Bar story began when a family of ten and a bunch of barbells all piled into a motor home and roamed the country for four years. During this time, a nutrition bar was born. One that was so different, you can only find it in the refrigerated section of your favorite store.

    Through their 7-bar package redesign, LRXD wanted to share their unique story and show the world just how “grounded in perfection” this brand actually is. Perfect Bar’s new look has already caught the industry’s eye, and distribution numbers are quickly on the rise. Next up: an overhaul of the brand’s site.

  • #ShitToHit: Saturday, March 22 – Colorado Craft Beer Week's Collaboration Festival

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    Imbibe and the Colorado Brewers Guild have teamed up to throw the first ever Collaboration Festival, the headline event of Colorado Craft Beer Week. As one of the four Lovibond Series events, Collaboration Festival will showcase the release of over 20 Colorado collaboration beers, all being unveiled at the event. Each beer featured at Collaboration Festival will be created by at least one Colorado Brewers Guild member, with other participating breweries coming from near and far. The other breweries will be from both in and out of state and some collaborations involve more than 5 breweries.

    In the spirit of collaboration, the creators teamed up with The Forum Stories to share the background behind the event. They shot the video at the brew day between Denver Beer Co. and Upslope — both movers and shakers in the Colorado brew scene. Get tickets before they're gone.

    Credits: The Forum Stories, CO Brewers Guild, Denver Beer Co, Upslope Brewing

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