• 5280 Magazine Wins National Awards, Writer of the Year

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    We're lucky here in Denver to have one of the best city-focused publications in the nation. And it's not just readers who are making their satisfaction heard, with 5280 magazine selling more copies per issue in the metro area than Vanity Fair, O, The Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Vogue, Real Simple, Sunset, Better Homes & Gardens and National Geographic combined.

    The judges have spoken too. 5280 magazine recently won three National City and Regional Magazine Awards, including the prestigious Excellence in Writing honor. 5280 bested larger publications — including Atlanta, Boston Magazine, Los Angeles Magazine, and Philadelphia — in the aforementioned Excellence in Writing category, in the Reader Service category and in the Writer of the Year category, which went to 5280 senior staff writer Robert Sanchez.

    It's great to have a publication that matches the energy in our city right now. Congratulations, and keep it up.

  • Strangers Undressing Each Other

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    From the creator of the original in what's become a long string of parodies, comes this new video from Director Talia Pilieva — in which strangers are asked to undress each other and get into bed. Just as the forerunner "First Kiss" video, inviting strangers to make out with each other, turned out to be an ad — so is this a promo for Showtime's "Masters of Sex" show, which debuted last night.

  • The History of the Manchester United Shirt

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    Kind of a shite reveal at the end, unfortunately. Good spot, but that jersey design is eww.

  • JUNE: An Ode to Summer, Part 1 of 3

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    JUNE is the first of three feel-good films dedicated to summer written and directed by Mark Mazur. The next one releases July 31st. Kinda can't wait.

  • WTF Is Street Art Anyway?

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    Cheeky billboard manipulation in Chelsea.


  • Creative Coloradans Launch Looklist: A Fashion Inspiration Engine

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    Shaz Sedighzadeh, who runs The Supply helping digital agencies and startups find digital talent, has been working on a side fashion project for a while — and it's finally seeing the light of day. It's called Lookli.st — a fashion inspiration engine. Two other Denver folks, ex-CP+B dev Ken Goldfarb and fashion guru Aimee Zawacki, complete the Looklist team.

    With the site, they've created an incredibly detailed tagging system that lets their curation team ingest the best fashion images out there, while adding detailed tags and filters. Shaz says he was shocked that fashion didn't have layered searching like Kayak, Hotels.com or Cars.com where you can search by more than one soft keyword. Even the big pinning and blogging sites out there only allow one keyword — so if you want to see a full outfit of "men in tan pants, a red shirt and black boots" you are kinda screwed.

    Looklist is fixing that. And more. They've implemented a deep tag weighting system that allows for a smart "show similar" feature. And you can save images to sets, post to Pinterest, Facebook, share a search set, find images on Google and more. Their search results are smart too. If you ask for red shirts, you will get that, but you'll also be lead into maroon and purple and blue, going down a gradient of inspiring results.

    Excitingly, the tool is built in a way that allows Looklist to simply re-purpose the tag technology for any content category out there. Fashion is a good start, but there are so many other messy un-searchable areas on the web. Stay tuned for what's next.

    Looklist is always looking for beta-testers and tag-curation team members. Send a note to info@lookli.st if you're interested.

  • Young-ha Kim: Be An Artist, Right Now!

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    Why do we ever stop playing and creating? With charm and humor, celebrated Korean author Young-ha Kim invokes the world's greatest artists to urge you to unleash your inner child — the artist who wanted to play forever. Filmed at TEDxSeoul.

  • Boulder's Room 214 and Rapt Media Create the World's First Interactive Video Scribe

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    This video was produced for inContact, a cloud-based contact center solution provider, to promote their new Workforce-Intelligent Contact Center. Using Rapt Media's innovative interactive video platform, Room 214 designed a choose-your-own-adventure style video. Not only does the interactivity keep the viewer engaged, but the user-driven storyline ensures that the content being presented is relevant to that individual.

    In addition, the video integrates with inContact's marketing automation system. Watching the video, users are tracked as leads and the information gleaned from the questions in the video are captured and used to segment and score the lead.

    This is an innovative project, created by two Boulder-based companies, that acts as a great example of where online video marketing is headed.

    Check out the video here.

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