• Treasure Hunt for Sapporo

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    As part of Dentsu Canada’s “Legendary Biru” campaign, visitors to www.legendarybiru.com enter a lavish journey through Japan’s rich cultural heritage that reveals the brewing process behind Sapporo beer. Throughout this journey, lead by a character known as The Sage, a number of scrolls can be uncovered. Some are easy to find and tell a brief story about the beer, while others are well hidden and require diligence to unlock. Those who reach the end of the journey are given a message tailored to the number of scrolls they’ve discovered, while those who manage to collect all 15 scrolls are entered to win a trip to Japan.

    To create the vertical narrative scrolling experience in Flash, Lollipop, Toronto stitched together the live action, computer graphics and matte paintings. The live action footage was shot on location in Guangzhou, China. Toronto-based Sons and Daughters was the live action production company and Crush, Toronto handled the post production and visual effects.

    Sapporo Beer from Lollipop on Vimeo.

  • Sawed-in-Half Lady Promotes Magician Lance Burton

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    Love this. See him at the Monte Carlo in Vegas. Agency: David&Goliath.


  • Burn in Hell, Guitar Hero

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    Power Gig, a new video game that touts the use of 'real guitars,' has a great new spot in which some dudes load up a plane with those 'fake' Guitar Hero guitars and drop them into a live, bubbling volcano in Iceland. Not sure who did the work, but it was funny to see a link to the spot Tweeted by CP+B's Andrew Keller – because Crispin lost the Activision Guitar Hero account a few months ago. On to promoting the competitors, apparently.

  • Dry Erase Girl a Fake

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    The girl who quit her job via dry erase board was a hoax concocted by the owners of the website that originally posted the photos at 3am in the morning, The Chive. TechCrunch has a ridiculously long article about it if you want to know more. New to Los Angeles the 22-year-old aspiring actress from the photos, Elyse Porterfield, has local ties – she's from Greeley, Colorado of all places.

    Does this kind of thing piss people off more than it endears them to The Chive's website? People hate being fooled.

  • Bank Coop: Evolution

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    Nice bit of animation work in this spot.


  • How to Drink Like a Mad Man

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    They smoke. And they drink.

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