• Egypt's Rioting

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    In response to increasing civil unrest, the Egyptian government appears to have disabled almost all Internet connectivity with the rest of the world. The Internet's global routing table, which is used by Internet routers to determine where to send traffic, has had virtually every Egypt-bound route withdrawn, giving the Internet traffic no path either into or out of the country. This is nuts.

  • Chinese Cartoon is Enough to Give you Nightmares

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    Regardless of what the disclaimer says, it is probably obvious even to those who don’t speak Chinese that this video makes repeated and explicit reference to real life events. The milk powder death, the fire, the illegal demolitions, the beating of protesters, the self-immolation, the “Tiger Gang” car accident, etc. are all references to real-life events that any Chinese viewer would be immediately and intimately familiar with.

    Of course, sarcastic animations and other web jokes about these incidents are common. What is not common is the end of the video, which depicts a rabbit rebellion where masses of rabbits storm the castle of the tigers and eat them alive. For viewers who have already gathered that in this picture, rabbits represent ordinary Chinese people and the tigers represent the government/the powerful, this is a revolutionary–literally–statement. The clip ends with what seems almost like a call to arms for the new year, with Kuang Kuang saying it will be a meaningful (有意义, could also be translated as “important”) year and then the end title reading: “The year of the rabbit has come. Even rabbits bite when they’re pushed.”


  • The 20 Best Social Campaigns of 2010 Have Been Nominated

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    Osocio, one of our favorite sites that covers social advertising and non-profit campaigns from around the globe, has posted its nominees for the Best Social Campaign of 2010. The hand-selected jury will choose their top 10 from the nominee's list and score them from 1 to 10. The winner will be chosen February 5th and announced February 7th.

  • I'm Not Your Daddy, I'm Your Grandpa

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    Welcome to the Geico Variety Show.


  • First Isn't Always Better

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    "Hyundai has finally come out with its first hybrid, the Sonata Hybrid. And by creating the next generation of hybrid technology and styling, it proves that sometimes being first isn’t always better."

    Nice campaign and positioning out of Innocean, Huntington Beach.

    Hyundai Sonata Hybrid - "Anachronistic City" from Innocean on Vimeo.

  • Hate Your Husband Watching TV? Give Him a Brand New One.

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    LG found wives who despise the amount of TV their husbands watch, then compounded the problem by giving them a brand new flat screen. Something don't add up here... for the wives, at least.

  • The Portland Egotist Presents "Experts," George Parker

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    George Parker has over 30 years as a writer in the advertising game. Copywriter, check. Creative Director, yep. Book author, affirmative. Partner in an ad agency, done that. The author of AdScam has pretty much seen it all when it comes to advertising. Bonus point. He’s also a wise guy trapped in a cantankerous old man and he’s got a bone to pick when it comes to terrible advertising.

    Read the great interview The Portland Egotist did with this curious character.

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