• Batelco: Infinity

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    The latest mind-blowing spot from directors Alex & Steffen at www.spyfilms.com for Batelco (Bahrain Telecommunications Company).

  • Gorillaz: On Melancholy Hill

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  • What's Your Rökk Vodka Dream?

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    Pretty funny spot, although it seems like it could have been pushed harder to really take it over the top. Creative Team: The Lonely Island. Director: Jorma Taccone.

  • Classic Schlitz Ad

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  • Seymour Bits: Put It Back Down

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  • How Low Can Your Logo?

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    A competition to design the worst logo ever. We know a few people who could win this without even trying. Bahahaha!

  • 4th Amendment Wear

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    Now there's a way to protest those intrusive TSA X-ray scanners without saying a word. 4th Amendment Metallic ink-printed undershirts and underwear.

    Awesome (and timely) spec idea from Matt Ryan and Tim G.

    Here's more background on the project.

    How long does it take to concept a side project, produce it and gain national media attention in the US? In this case, just two days. How much did it cost? $0 US. (Equal to $.20 Aus.?)

    We're two creatives who had an idea on Friday to respond to all the TSA bodyscanner uproar in the press. Why give the agents a hassle, we thought? Why not just use their own bodyscanner technology to highlight a statement of protest against being searched? So we came up with underclothes infused with a metallic-ink version of the 4th Amendment to the US constitution (it's a founding principal against unlawful search and seizure without warrant.) Since they have just enough metal content, the intended message will show up on TSA X-ray scanners just when they're peeking at your privates parts.

    All within a few days, we started a company, designed the product line (clothes), sourced them, created the website with e-commerce function and leveraged social media and PR to spread the word. Within two days, the media picked up on it and the press coverage exploded. In hours, we had tons of orders pouring in. Which proves, if you have a sticky, timely idea...you can gain a ton of traction fast.

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