• The San Francisco Egotist Launches: Ask a Recruiter

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    Our left-coast brethren have launched a helpful new series called Ask a Recruiter. They've partnered with 24 Seven, a leading specialized talent recruitment firm for global brands and emerging companies across the US and internationally, to give you a chance to ask people who have their fingers on the pulse of our industries anything you want.

    Need advice on how to create a killer resume that jumps out from the clutter and captures the attention of a hiring manager?

    How about some pointers on how to differentiate yourself in the “flooded with talent” post-recessionary job market?

    Are you clear on the latest ‘what not to wear’ guidelines for interview attire?

    Looking for the right questions to ask during an interview that will land you the job of your dreams?

    Do you know the most effective way to organize your portfolio?

    Interested in insider tips on what hiring managers are looking for in 2011 and what marketing & creative areas are growing the fastest?

    Simply email your questions to sf@theegotist.com and they'll return in a bit to post the answers from the experts.

  • Wrecked Metals

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    And you thought nothing cool was going on in Boise.

    Wrecked Metals from Josh Clason on Vimeo.

  • Jennifer Aniston Goes Viral

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    Jennifer Aniston shows us what not to do, or rather, what's already been done on YouTube.

    Thanks, Mark

  • Leagas Delaney Hamburg: CopyTest App

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    In Germany, the creative CopyTest is a common tool used by agencies to give fresh talent an opportunity to demonstrate their ability when applying for their first job. Leagas Delaney Hamburg, Germany developed a modern CopyTest to attract Generation Facebook.

    Love to see this made available to every agency in the world.


  • Every Secret Item on the In-N-Out Menu

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    Serious Eats ordered every, single secret item at In-N-Out and photographed it so that it could be laid out as a visual cheat sheet. Too bad we have to leave the state to use it.


  • Super SFX

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    Love this. Agency: FP7 Egypt.

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