• Denver's RE/MAX Launches Campaign to Bring Homebuyers Back Down to Earth

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    After all the years of vanilla advertising from RE/MAX, this new spot from Leo Burnett Chicago finally hooks us with an emotional reason to choose them over the next guy. AgencySpy also tips us to an additional behind-the-scenes piece created to document the unusual, ethereal music Thomas Bloch provided for the spot.

    To create his music Bloch relies on a series of unorthodox instruments, including the glass harmonica, christal baschet, and ondes martenot (most notably played by Johnny Greenwood of Radiohead). Bloch has worked as a musician, composer and producer with artists like Daft Punk, Gorillaz and Tom Waits.

    Glad to feel like there's hope yet for this Denver company when it comes to marketing.

  • #ShitToHit: Tomorrow – Open Studio @ Print Shop

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    Josh Bales of www.dyingbreeds.com and David Sheets of Landlocked Artistan MFG will be opening the doors of the Print Shop to the public tomorrow as part of Mo’Print: Denver’s month of printmaking. Yes, it is a little outside of town but will be well worth the trip.

    Throughout the day the guys will be running editions of wood block prints and cranking up the letterpress — during which you'll be able to get a hands-on feel for some of the more traditional printmaking processes. Beside demos, you'll be able to explore the shop and see a variety of editioned art, leather goods, tools of the trade and enjoy the atmosphere of some fresh mountain air with like minded folks.

  • 'Game Of Thrones' Meets 'House Of Cards' in Ridiculous Quiznos' Mashup Film

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    Denver-based Quiznos just filed for bankruptcy. Who's betting that this will pull them out of it? What an amazing waste of money. The toasters may be toasting more than the bread over there.

  • Meow Mix Catstarter: Kickstarter for Cats — Via Boulder's EVB

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    Cat food brand Meow Mix has created the Meow Mix Catstarter — a variation on the Kickstarter website — where cat fans and owners can suggest cat-related inventions. The product that gets the most backers (there is no money involved, you just click to back) will then be made by Meow Mix. Ooh, we've got one. How about a device that puts cats out of their misery? We kid. Agency: EVB.

  • #ShitToHit: Tomorrow – Friday Afternoon Creative @ InkMonstr

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    These guys throw hella-good parties. Definitely recommend this one.

  • #BrandLaunch: Chinook Seedery – Via Denver's Fermentable Sugar

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    Short of roasting the sunflower seeds themselves, Josh Mishell (aka Fermentable Sugar) did everything to get the Chinook Seedery brand — a new premium in-shell sunflower seed company based in the Denver metro area — prepared for retail release. Josh developed the brand name, the visual branding, packaging designs, custom website design (developed by WTF Marketing in Fort Collins), vinyl car wrap, trade show design and more.

    "Aside from being a cool name, we picked Chinook Seedery to be the brand name because a chinook wind is a warming spring wind that blows across the western part of North America, a prime area for sunflower growing. We were aiming for an upscale premium look and feel for these all-natural sunflower seeds, so we kept a lot of white space across the entire range of design. The flavors are bold — hatch green chile, Parmesan & pepper, original (sea salt with just a dash of sugar), and dill pickle."

    Chinook Seedery will hopefully be showing up in the aisles of your favorite upscale supermarkets in the next few months. To check out more of the work, click this.

  • Denver's Karsh Hagan Shows Us How Arrow Is Inspiring Innovation Five Years Out

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    What does it mean to be “Five Years Out?” For Karsh Hagan client, Arrow Electronics, it means helping innovators shape the tangible future in innovative ways. To bring that platform to life, Karsh Hagan partnered with LA-based motion graphics company, Flavor. The collaboration produced eight entirely unique videos, one for each of Arrow’s business units, featuring everything from stop-motion to cell animation. Check out all the videos on thisisarrow.com — a microsite Karsh created for innovators to learn more about Arrow and the inspiring world of “Five Years Out.”

    Video and Animation: Flavor
    Editor: Cutters
    Music: Another Country

    Account Director: Lauren Curler
    Account Manager: Brooke Berry
    Associate Creative Director: Darren Brickel
    Copywriter: Megan Cohen
    Creative Director: Matt Ingwalson
    Director of Broadcast Production: Becky Ferguson
    VP Brand Strategy and Creative: Charlotte Isoline

    Director of Digital: David Stewart
    Account Director: Lauren Curler
    Account Manager: Brooke Berry
    Designer/Developer: Andrew Baker
    Associate Creative Director: Darren Brickel/Hugo Meyer
    Copywriter: Bradley Hein

  • Denver Illustrator/Designer Josh Holland Updates

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    Josh Holland launched a new site last week with a bunch of new work, larger images and a new blog. It's definitely worth a spin.

    If you're a PBR drinker, you can also sip on a piece of Josh this summer. For a limited time this year, every 16 oz. can of Pabst Blue Ribbon made will be a PBR x Josh Holland artist series can. They should be hitting stores/bars/venues soon, so keep your eyes peeled for them through the warm summer season. Bottoms up.

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