• VH1 Dances Naked in the L.A. Streets

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    Created by agency Mistress in collaboration with VH1, this video — featuring actual footage of naked couples taking downtown Los Angeles by storm in celebration of National Nude Day (July 14) — is inspired by the network's new series, “Dating Naked.” Dating Naked explores the question: would finding love be easier if you truly had nothing to hide? To answer this question, 60 participants will search for romance free of pre-conceived notions, stereotypes — and clothes.

    The piece was directed by up-and-coming sensation Ellis Bahl, whose music videos have won UK MVA and SXSW honors, and it is choreographed by Mimi Karsh, a.k.a. “triple threat,” a Latin dancer, singer and actress. We may have to tune in for this one.

  • RL Grime: "Core"

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    Directed by David Rudnick & Daniel Swan.

  • Man Builds Underwater Scanner to Make Rippling Images of What Lies Below

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    For Rippling Images, I worked with a team to produce a marine-rated, desktop scanner-based imaging rig, and performed a new series of digital artworks while scuba diving on a live coral reef off the coast of Key Largo in Florida. Everything leaked, everything broke, nothing did what I wanted or expected: and this is precisely what must have happened to finally see the 18 wondrous prints. See the final artworks.

  • Relive the #WorldCup on Twitter

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    Like it or not, social media is woven into the fabric of our lives.

  • Netflix Gets Under Your Skin

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    These are fun. Agency: DDB Canada, Vancouver.

  • Fall Into the Perfect Bed with IKEA

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    This dreamy spot, shot by Juan Cabral and set thousands of feet above a city, tells the story of a woman's dream as she moves from one uncomfortable bed to another until she eventually finds the perfect bed — the bed that she wakes up in at home each morning. It's from IKEA, of course.

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