• The [Unofficial] Soundtrack of the Olympics

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    Mark Ronson spent months with Olympic sports men and women recording the sounds of them in action. He's turning the recordings into Olympic tunes.


  • Yo Momma is a Shitty Graphic Designer

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    Something to not-so-subtly tell a cube mate how you feel about their work. Available as free desktop wallpapers or printable notepads. Get some.

  • New Nike Air Jordan Site Makes Us Jump for Joy

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    More drool-worthy scrolling innovation for Jumpman 23. Boom.

  • Batman vs. Penguin

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    Killer reversible poster from Simon Page. Buy the print here.


  • Clients Killing Children

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    Directed and produced by Owen Trevor.

    Dead Ideas from Passion Pictures on Vimeo.

    Thanks, Rob

  • Hyper Island Students Selling Their Brains on ebay

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    For the next day-and-a-half, the brains of 10 Hyper Island students are up for purchase on ebay. Should you choose to bid and win, you'll be getting 48 hours of their time to work on your advertising — plus the money goes toward charity, not Ramen. Everybody wins.

    Hello, we’re Cousteau Collective, an international creative team of 10 Hyper Island students based in Stockholm, Sweden. We come up with unique and strategically-driven creative solutions for a variety of clients and projects.

    We’ve decided to put our minds to work for a good cause. For 48 hours, Cousteau Collective will generate ideas, find multi-platform creative solutions, and find fresh and valuable ways to help your brand or business. All we need is a winning bid and a brief.

    100% of auction proceeds will benefit One Laptop Per Child, an organization providing technology and education to the world’s poorest children.

  • Must Read: Confessions of an Ad Creative

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    Brian Morrissey has an ongoing 'Confessions' series on Digiday, in which he interviews an industry veteran — but keeps the person anonymous — so they can be free to really let loose and be honest. We got a lot out of the post that went up two days ago and would highly suggest you read it.

    Here are some of the eyeopeners:

    "Only creatives are solely defined by the end product, despite the fact there were so many people in the room trying to affect it. Next time you think a creative is being difficult, or whiny, consider for a moment the fact that next time he has to interview for a job, having worked on a successful account isn’t enough. He has to put up the actual work and say, “This is what I made.”"

    "Anyone that’s not directly taking part in making the best possible thing a reality, a produced live reality, is of no use to a creative."

    "Make no mistake; advertising award shows are an incestuous joke. Nobody outside of advertising gives a shit. But unfortunately, they’re a necessary incestuous joke for younger teams looking to move up the creative food chain."

    "It’s great that you have an amazing idea, but if you don’t have the means to make it an amazing reality, you’re done."

    "I have a really, really hard time respecting any creative that’s spent more than five years in one place. Comfort is a major enemy of creativity."

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