• 50 Years of I-Helvetica (posters)

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    UK poster seller, Blanka , has a bunch of really nice seemingly-vintage posters from the last 50 years of Helvetica use.

    What’s the catch? The 50 exhibition imagines the world from the perspective of helvetica itself, highlighting events and inspirational things it has seen- and been influenced by – during its lifetime, from the lunar moon landing to the first british nudist camp. For the exhibition, 50 leading designers and graphic artists from around the world have joined forces with blanka and candy to create a visual diary of 50 separate events from the last half century. (From The Serif )

  • new MacBook Pro adaptors

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    Any of you people working with MBPs will be delighted to hear that Apple is finally offering a shrunken version of the monstrous power adaptor that came with your laptop. The downsides? (a) It’s $80, (b) Apple is saying “3-4 weeks” for shipping. Pbfft!

  • Monigle Debacle

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    This is the very thing that drove us to create this blog. (Denver Egotist Manifesto here). Please observe the following jargon copied and pasted from one of Denver’s largest (and likely one of its most profitable) brand consultancies. How and why do clients continue to buy into this? Your comments encouraged.

    “We utilize our proven methodology, which intelligently blends solid strategy and inspired creativity, to create or revitalize brand programs… We are a preeminent provider of the specialized expertise and depth of experience required to leverage your brand assets for optimum impact… We constantly strive to ensure we meet our client’s needs and goals while vigilantly aligning every design decision to the overall brand strategy… Monigle Associates helps companies optimize and sustain their brand assets by excelling in a number of interrelated services. These may be engaged on a comprehensive or individual level, and can address issues ranging from how your brand identity elements are applied, to how your brand promise is being expressed through your employees…” It goes on and on and on.

  • Borat Loves Bicycling

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    First he toured America. Now he tours the Tour de France. Go, man, go.

  • Drew Heffron

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    Recent BFA graduate Drew Heffron does some refreshingly simple work, including the brilliant funny-o-meter seen below. (Click the image to enlarge).


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    Best thing to show up on BET in years. (uhh.. not really safe for work if you’ve got your speakers up.)

  • AG Parts Catalog

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    We’ve seen a lot of equipment catalogs and farmer ephemera in our day. Don’t ask how, but it’s true. Which is why we’re so impressed with this catalog. It’s nice to see something aimed at this target audience that isn’t a total pile of crap.

    Put together by local shop Reed Hill and copywriter Jamie Reedy, the catalog does an excellent job of working with the expected down-to-earth style without being overly corny about it. (Can anyone name that headline typeface? We assume the “I“s are custom, but we thought we’d ask anyway.)

    Apparently the piece has been accepted into Print’s upcoming Regional Annual. So congratulations to the creators on that. (click the image for a larger view.)

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