• Os Seminovos Video

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  • Candykiller's Sketch Book

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    Click the image to be even more jealous. And check out Candykiller’s blog to verify that you may need a career change if you’re trying to compete with this.

  • Boston Red Sucks

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    To all our New England readers out there: You Got Nothin.

    Go Rockies!

  • You Should Know About Factory Design Labs

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    With the recent naming of Factory Design Labs as Audi of America’s agency of record for brand collateral, they’ve earned newfound respect from us and from the creative community in Denver at large. There’s little doubt that Factory employs the elite designers in our city, perfecting a signature look that has a host of enviable clients aside from Audi kicking down their door – including Oakley, Rawlings, Sony Pictures, Dell, AdamSandler.com, Paramount Pictures, Boa Technology, Copper Mountain, SCARPA and Winter Park.

    As with most tight-lipped shops in town, much of the issue with fully assessing the ongoing quality of their work has been getting access to it. With a little prompting, creative head, Steve Whittier, recently passed some stuff our way that you may not have seen before. We’ve also had an additional behind-the-scenes look from Contagen, the personal site of one of Factory’s designers. Needless to say, both sets of work were eye-openers and have us adding Factory Design Labs to our list of Recommended Talent. Keep doing our city proud.

  • Creative Crackdown, Boston Market Catering Effort >>

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    Fresh campaign ready for your commentary. They’re starting to come out of the woodwork ladies and gentlemen.

  • local blogger calls out local bloggers

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    Bosselman has recently taken it upon himself to express his displeasure with our site. Since his thoughts seem to be at the forefront of people’s minds concerning The Egotist, we thought it would be a good idea to address them publicly.

    First off, go read the relevant blog post so that we’re all on the same page.

    Now then: Andy is addressing two different issues, and then treating them as though they’re the same thing. Which, of course, they’re not. (a) He thinks The Egotist should spend more time crafting its critiques, (b) he thinks The Egotist should reveal its respective identities. One of these is legitimate and one of these is petty, can you guess which one is which?

    As for (a), we understand and appreciate the sentiment. We don’t always have as much time as we would like to give really in-depth criticisms of the work we’re presenting. But it’s a bit of a Catch-22, no? Even if we spent 6 paragraphs explaining why a certain site or portfolio sucks and needs to be improved, we’re still going to get yelled at for being bullies, or whathaveyou. And no one seems to mind when we say “this site is kick ass!” and leave it at that, as though by the sheer act of staying positive we’re excused from having any reason for it. In the end it seems as though it comes down to the fact that people just want us to stay friendly all the time.

    People tell us that by virtue of being assholes on occasion, we’re not sticking to our motto: “Helping Denver Suck Less.” But what they’re failing to acknowledge (or understand) is that their impression of what helps and our impression of what helps are two very different things. We think it helps to acknowledge that the portfolios of the best shops in Denver are negligible on a national level. We think it helps to remind people that they need to set their sights higher than “they’ve been in PRINT a couple times” because, in the end, in today’s market of instant access to everything, we all need to be competing like we’re going head-to-head with the best shops in the country.

    This is why we continue to post national and global work alongside local work (another common complaint). Denver needs to see its work placed next to bigger and better shops. With any luck, it will make all of us feel as crappy as it should and get the fire lit.

    No, we don’t feel very positive about Denver’s creative scene. There’s not much going on here. That’s the whole problem. So if we seem negative in our postings, you now understand why (if you didn’t already).

    Also note that The Egotist is acting as an extremely positive force in the local market behind the scenes, which we knew would be the case. A huge number of new connections and job offers have been made due to our recommended list and blog postings. Not trying to sound cocky here, it just is what it is. Denver needed a reasonably reliable resource (alliteration!) for finding talent.

    As for (b), this is nothing but a desire for more drama and stolen giggles. One of our members has already come forward for reasons of his own, and we would prefer to not have that sort of situation happen again. Beyond which, we’ve already explained why we’re keeping the site anonymous and we have no desire to get into that discussion again. Should you honestly feel the need to beat this dead horse, feel free to bring it up in the comments.

    And just a couple final notes that you should keep in mind, since we’re waxing the meta-content already:

    1) You don’t have to visit The Egotist. Stop coming to the site, and you can stop worrying about what we have to say.

    2) A lot of you continue to visit The Egotist while simultaneously claiming to disapprove of everything we do, so what does that tell you?

    3) If we feel the need to edit certain parts of our site, that’s our right, as it’s our site. We certainly apologize for any inconvenience it may cause on your end, but, like your dad used to say, this isn’t a democracy.

  • A Fine Smelling Ride

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    Ambi Pur makes a line of fragrances for use inside your car. To demonstrate just how good the scents smell, their agency, Gray, covered a car with thousands of butterflies and parked it in a popular urban area in Hong Kong. Very nice.

    (Via Disruption.)

  • Denver Does AIGA Next

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    The AIGA Next Conference has come and gone from our fair city (sorry about the crappy weather, everybody). But there’s a bit of reporting yet to do on it.

    The designers who worked on the pieces surrounding and promoting the big show were busy until the minute before it began (hence the late news), but big props should go to the core design team of Hugh Graham, Craig Rouse, Fred Murrel and Jason Otero who convinced the national AIGA chapter that local designers could and should create the look and feel of NEXT. Congratulations on a huge hit, from what we’ve heard. Some of the work created by Charles Carpenter and Jorge Lamora below.

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