• Woody Allen does Getty (Sorta)

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    Anhedonia is a 90-min film that uses the audio from Annie Hall and stock video footage from Getty.

    (Via kottke.)

  • Make Your Turds Sparkle

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    Scams used to take advantage of the elderly. Now the best ones take advantage of the rich.

    For $425, Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid will sell you a pill dipped in gold and filled with 24-karat gold leaf that is supposed to “increase your self-worth” and allow you to crap gold flecks. Just one more pill for Paris Hilton to get on.

    (Via DVICE.)

  • Lego Train Bombing

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  • Friday Plans?

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    Got something cooking this Friday? Now you do – MATTER’s 9th Annual Printsale and Party. Some details here.

  • Biz Card Inspiration

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    Battling your business card design? Here’s a killer Flick set featuring nearly 700 inspired ideas. (Thanks for the link, Heather.)

  • Following a Ghost Tagger

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    Amazing story here from about a month ago in the Cleveland Scene about an Ohio photographer who has documented a mystery artist’s graffiti writings for five years – and never met the scrawler.

  • You Should Know About Markham "Shitty Kitten" Maes

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    His moniker is hard to forget. So is his work. And we thank our friends at JoyEngine in Boulder for turning us onto this artistic powerhouse. We’re quoting from their apt description of him below.

    Born in Commerce City, CO Markham Shitty Kitten Maes has been drawing since as long as he could remember, which is paying off tenfold at this point in his career. Mr. Maes has become one of the top contemporary artists in this region. Screen printer by day, artist by night, Markham kicks out more high integrity original artwork than virtually any other young artist working in Colorado. Shitty’s style is a mash up between figurative character illustration and graffiti inspired typography. If you wanna lend some authentic emotion and heavy aesthetics to your next project, look no further.

    Amen, hallelujah. Welcome to our list of Recommended Talent, Shitty. That’s some unshitty work you’re droppin’.

  • Blog Readability Test

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    Got a blog? Check out the level you’re writing to here. Not sure what this says about us. Or about you.

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