• ADCD Hosts Josh Spear Tonight (Thursday)

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    There’s no arguing that this will be one of the best speaking engagements all year. More details here. Or click the flyer below for tickets.

  • You Should Know About Blue Fruit

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    Jason Metter grew up in the mountains west of here. But much like our Egotist staff, he had to get out of Denver (via Los Angeles, London, San Francisco and New York City) to realize this was the place he truly wanted to be. In his meanderings, he picked up branding wisdom and stunning interactive, design and motion graphics skill that he’s brought back to share with you.

    During his career, as well as during his time running Blue Fruit, his current studio, he’s worked with a host of the top agencies and a laundry list of clients that reads straight from the Fortune 500, including Wrigley, Sony Pictures, Kraft Foods, DISH Network, GM, GE, Toys R Us, Citibank, HP, Lego, TNN and more. Do yourself a favor and hook up with the players in this city like Blue Fruit who ain’t messing around. Welcome to our list of Recommended Talent, guys. We’re happy you’re here.

  • Paranormal State Outdoor

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    You might have heard about this outdoor experiment already since it’s been out for a week. There’s a billboard on the side of a building in NY for a show on A&E called Paranormal State. Above the board are black speakers that project hypersonic sound beams down on the sidewalk at a specific spot. The sound can’t be heard in your ears, it bounces off your bones and you hear a female voice inside your head when you walk across the spot – saying “What’s that? Who’s there? It’s not your imagination.”

    Creepy. Cool. We heard Pepsi and Coke are also working on putting this technology into select vending machines. “You’re thirsty for a beverage that is partially to blame for the obesity epidemic in America.”

    (Via Gawker.)

  • Bris Outdoor

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    Copy: “Thousands of children can’t be reached. Help us get more calls. Send an SMS... to make your donation.” Visually impossible to ignore. Agency: Forsman&Bodenfors, Gothenburg, Sweden.

    (Via I Believe In Advertising.)

  • Joshua Davis Redesigns

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    Internet design legend, Joshua Davis, has redesigned his site. The whole thing is scaled back from his past efforts, but it’s a lot more functional. We like it.

  • Woody Allen does Getty (Sorta)

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    Anhedonia is a 90-min film that uses the audio from Annie Hall and stock video footage from Getty.

    (Via kottke.)

  • Make Your Turds Sparkle

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    Scams used to take advantage of the elderly. Now the best ones take advantage of the rich.

    For $425, Tobias Wong and Ju$t Another Rich Kid will sell you a pill dipped in gold and filled with 24-karat gold leaf that is supposed to “increase your self-worth” and allow you to crap gold flecks. Just one more pill for Paris Hilton to get on.

    (Via DVICE.)

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