• Japanese Halls Spot

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    Be pretty fresh to see this on the tube in the ol’ USA.

  • 7 T-shirts

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    Before downing a pot of coffee, dressing yourself is pretty distressing. Problem solved, sailor.

  • The Price We Pay: Follow-up

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    In reference to our editorial piece on the rather pathetic pay scale in Denver-metro, we offer the following salary guide “borrowed” from The Creative Group. Multiply the rates in this PDF by 1.025 and you’ll get the price you should be at in Colorado in your position. Here’s a description of each position if you’d like that too.

    This still seems a bit low to us for quality personnel. But is this pretty much in line with your staff salary or annual take-home as a freelancer? Or are we right in demanding a change?

  • The Qwest Fallout at McClain Finlon

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    Previous reports about the layoff of 120 of McClain Finlon’s employees seem to be a bit overstated as we’ve just gotten a note from an insider stating the final number is not yet official but rumored to be in the 70s.

    Either way, the agency will be going from a med-large agency down to a small-medium agency (based on Denver’s scale). Those who have been cut will remain with the agency until the end of February and the shop is going to help with placement and offer resources for getting books and resumes together. (Classy move.)

    Most are keeping their heads up and looking at it as an opportunity to start fresh. One note from us to all those involved: send us your work. Lots of eyes are peering in on what’s going on here and we’ll do everything we can to push quality talent.

  • Innovative Minds Don’t Think Alike

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    Interesting and useful article in the NYT.

    It’s a pickle of a paradox: As our knowledge and expertise increase, our creativity and ability to innovate tend to taper off. Why? Because the walls of the proverbial box in which we think are thickening along with our experience.

  • Am I Collective

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    Seriously stunning work coming out of this Cape Town firm.

    The am i collective is a studio of diversely talented individuals each bringing to the table their own unique creative ability, be it design, illustration or fine art. Working in collaboration builds the collective as a group where original styles and techniques are introduced, implemented and encouraged in order to hone new skills and ensure diversity as a result.

    The am i collective was created to inject the advertising industry with fresh ideas and furnish the agencies with polished work. Catering primarily to advertising agencies, the collective also indulges in projects of its own on an ad hoc basis as inspiration dictates.

    The am i collective is a dynamic environment where different styles are constantly explored and new possibilities are discovered through the merging of individual methods and techniques.

  • Whopper Freakout: Ghetto Version

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    This gives us great joy.

    (Via YesButNoButYes.)

  • Your New Year's Resolution

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    Sure, that chubby tire around your middle needs a little attention in ’08. And that smoking habit should be nipped in the bud before you’re up to a carton a day. But let’s talk seriously about the most important New Year’s resolution of all: sending your best work to us in 2008.

    Factory does it. TDA does it. Sukle does it. Texture does it. You can do it too, we know you can. Get the intern on it and make a habit of it (just like all those cigarettes you suck down). The benefits are huge and the downsides simply aren’t there. Try it. The results are paying dividends for those willing to play this game with us.

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