• Advertising How To... Part 2 >>

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    Sensitive Writer bestows more wisdom on those of us wondering how to work less but reap the same rewards.

  • Volkswagen Golf GT Frog Spot

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    Flippin’ nature on its head. Agency: DDB, Berlin.

  • You Should Know About Josh Holland

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    Our search for hot, local illustrators has led us somewhere special – to the virtual doorstep of Josh Holland. We got a good laugh from the “about me” section of his site where he has a piece he must have wrote as a kid, “I like myself because I draw good. I can draw: dinosaurs, people, t.v. charactors, ninja turtles, creaturs from space, airplanes, animals, designs, fish, trees, and rabbits. The end.”

    And to this day, he can draw them damn well. Denver, please welcome a distinctively new illustrative style to our list of Recommended Talent. Let’s get this guy some gigs already.

  • Enemybook

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    Enemybook is a Facebook app that allows you to manage your enemies as well as your friends. With Enemybook you can add people as Facebook enemies, specify why they’re your enemies, notify your enemies, see who lists you as an enemy, and even become friends with the enemies of your enemies. Somehow it sounds much more complicated than it needs to be.

  • Gregor Schneider's Metal-Cage Installation

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    Australia prides itself on its laid-back, egalitarian lifestyle so it is a jolt to see a complex of steel cages erected on Bondi beach, practically a sacred spot for Australians. Called 21 Beach Cells, it is the latest installation by German artist Gregor Schneider, whose work provokes debate on issues such as terrorism, asylum and immigration. Each 4sq-metre cell has an inflatable mattress, a beach umbrella and a garbage bag, ready for backpackers and local people to go inside and use the space.

    Keep reading at Guardian Unlimited.

  • Make A Mixa

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    For those on the retro tip, check out Make a Mixa – where you can design a USB blank cassette just like those old Bon Jovi mix tapes of yours. The drive holds 1 GB of info.

  • A Skull-A-Day

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    Every day, this dutiful skull-loving blogger puts up another skull-related post. An infatuation? Probably. But pretty damn interesting to follow nonetheless. Happy (almost) Halloween.

  • Joshua Davis Prints

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    The site’s a bit unfinished and buggy still, but if you like the work of Joshua Davis, he’s now selling his prints online. Pretty unique and beautiful creations, especially when you get a glimpse inside how they’re made.

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