• WWF: Storm (Beautiful Day)

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    Think what you will of the global warming issue (including not thinking about it at all), but this spot is definitely worth your consideration. Agency: FCB, Toronto.

    (Via Communicadores)

  • BMW: Rampenfest

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    Pretty awesome new 30-minute faux documentary about a fictitious town in German called Oberpfaffelbachen where they’ve built a giant ramp that they’re going to use to launch the 2009 BMW 1-Series across the Atlantic Ocean to the United States. Considering the BMW Films of yore as well as this new piece, BMW is certainly a trendsetter and believer in these types of efforts to sell cars. Must be working. Download the movie here.

  • You Blog, We Blog About You

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    If you run a site here in Colorado that’s industry related (advertising/marketing/PR/art/photography/etc.) and you don’t see it in our blog roll at the bottom of the page, send us a link and we’ll get you listed. The more, the merrier.

  • Kraak & Smaak: Squeeze Me

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    Fresh new use of flip books. Directors: Andre Maat & Henk Loorbach.

    (Via The Ad Mad!)

  • Two New Gems From Table2press

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    The first is a typeset poem titled ‘A Day at the Library’ designed and printed for the Front Range Community College Library. The second is for Gregory Alan Isakov who’s headlining a show at the Boulder Theater with some other great local Denver/Boulder bands on Thursday April 17. Need to get together with these guys on some poster work soon. Maybe you should too.

  • CSA, Exposed!

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    A nice photo tour of the CSA studio. (Man we wish they’d update their site already, that thing has been up since ’02!)

  • Bless The Cherry Cricket And Its Advertising

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    For this, you need a mental set-up. Imagine you’re in your Audi, cruising up to Crispin for a 2:00 interview. You’re trying to calm yourself by listening to some nice public radio. The All Things Considered reporter makes her emotive anti-global-warming wrap up, the story fades and you fully expect to hear ten seconds of drab sponsorship copy from the likes of Anderson Consulting or PETA. But instead, you hear this for our own Cherry Cricket – courtesy of writer Eric Kiker, on behalf of Studio Harris.

    Cherry Cricket Radio.

  • I'm Ordering Some Happy, And Make it Snappy

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    We don’t want to say Will Ferrell might be suffering from over exposure. Actually, yes we do. We love the Jackie Moon stuff as much as anyone, but we’ve grown a little tired of it. For something fresher, please enjoy some new love from “The Love Guru,” the new Mike Myers film coming out in June. The writing is a treat and the low production value will surely anger some of you design snobs.

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