• Infected Art

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    A Romanian artist and MessageLabs, a computer security services company, have teamed up to provide renderings of what the world’s most deadly malware might look like.

    What does a computer virus look like, really?

    (Via PCMag.com)

  • Terry O'Leary Has a New Website

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    Local recommended art director, Terry O’Leary, has just informed us that he’s put up a new website with his portfolio, bio and resume.

    Thanks for the heads up Terry, and keep up the great work.

  • Catch Some Tail

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    From an exhibit called Come Up To My Bedroom at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto, Canada.

    (Via Electro Plankton)

  • Ing-wal-son! Ing-wal-son! Ing-wal-son!

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    Typically, a blogger/copywriter like Karsh\Hagan’s Matt Ingwalson would be stoked to interview the founder of StrawberryFrog, Scott Goodson. (We know we would.) However, the tables were turned a week or so ago when Scott Goodson actually interviewed Matt during the lunchtime chat on his blog. Matt comes across smart, witty and does Denver proud in the interview.

    Go check it out here and if you dig it, send Matt a note over on his site and let him know. Glad to see Denver peeps getting out in the mix nationally.

  • Meet Sheima for Tee & Cakes

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    Local motionographer, designer and now fine artist, Sheima Hassanlou, has her first art opening tonight at Tee & Cakes in Boulder if you’re up to no good. Should be a groovy party.

  • Play With Yourself In The Dark

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    Designer Pierre Haulot has teamed up with Nike to create Nike Virtual Park, a glow-in-the-dark spray that lets you paint goals and boundaries, so you can practice sports into the wee hours without stadium lighting. The paint fades in two hours with no trace.

    We say, screw sports. In the right hands, this could make for some ultra-fresh alley artwork.

    (Via Saturday Night Magazine)

  • A Dozen Free Issues of Creativity

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    If not the best, Creativity is by far one of the best trade pubs for this scandalous career we’ve chosen. Now it’s becoming a full-on magazine.

    From AgencySpy, key changes will include more content sans more advertising; heavier quality paper stock complete with perfect binding that will help the journo transition from a folded up monthly that ends up in the recycling bin to a beautiful print product you keep on the shelf. The first issue will be released in May.

    You can get the magazine free for a year if you hurry. Sign up.

  • Hand Drawn Furniture, Wha?

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    Draw directly into the air using the tip of a pen and create invisible line sequences that are captured by surrounding cameras connected to computers. Via a digital system connected to a plastic molding machine, your drawings are then transformed into real furniture.

    You have to spend a few minutes with this one, but it’s worth it.

    (Via The Presurfer)

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