• How to Play With You Self

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    We’re always entertained by random searches that lead weirdos to our site. We think this particular weirdo would be better served searching for How To Fuckin Spell.

  • Long Live Farley

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    Check out the animation piece called “New Tires” over on 4stroke’s site – a tribute to Chris Farley and his pitch for new tires in the flick, Tommy Boy. Tommy like wingy. Long live the king.

  • Take Your Nose from the Grindstone

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    At The Egotist, we’re big fans of ad folks who do anything but advertising in their free time. That’s why we like The Hobo Nickels, a new band made up of three guys from McClain Finlon and a fourth member who is an engineer — we’re guessing he’s the brains of the outfit. They call the music “upbeat Americana,” which seems contrary to the cynical ad angst we enjoy so much but, hey, whatever man.

    They’re playing a show Thursday night at Herman’s Hideaway. It’s an evening of bluegrass and Americana music. Check ‘em out. Print the ticket below, tell them you’re there to see The Hobo Nickels and the cover is only $3. We’ll be there. If we run into you, the first round of white wine spritzers is on us.

  • Conservation International Columbia: Melting Animals

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    The Challenge: To bring awareness to society on the major issue of polar melting due to global warming.

    The Idea: To place ice sculptures of polar animals in seven of the main and most visited public parks in Bogota.

    The Agency: DDB/Key People, Colombia.

    (Via Adgoodness)

  • Winner: Design The Modern Board

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    The winner of the Design the Modern Board contest sponsored by Design Within Reach and K2 has been announced – and we’ll be damned if this ain’t the freshest board we’ve laid eyed on in quite some time. Congratulations to Lucas Oxoteguy, a Denver designer originally from Argentina, who works at Creative Instinct here in town.

  • New Hapa Print from TDA

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    Here are three new print ads for Hapa Sushi’s Happy Hour from the gang at TDA in Boulder. Running in local alternative newspapers like The Onion, Boulder Daily and Westword, the ads target college-aged readers who, according to the press release, “will not be greatly deterred from partaking of cheap drinks by the prospect of a Janet Jackson moment or a pass gone wrong.” Janet Jackson moment? The PR folks might be a little hopped-up on sake — that’s a not-so-fresh reference for a client that’s all about freshness.

    For the record, we typically endorse gratuitous, partial nipple shots. But when presented in an instruction-manual illustrative style, we’re actually a little weirded out.

    CDs: Jonathan Schoenberg, Thomas Dooley
    AD/Illusts: Haley Garyet, Alex Rice
    CWs: Justin Horrigan, Abbey Marks

    Headline: Dance Responsibly

    Headline: Flirt Responsibly

    Headline: Chopstick Responsibly

  • Vote for Your Favorite (Retarded) Fort Collins Logo

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    A site has been set up by a designer in Fort Collins, we presume, to take logo submissions from the public for the city’s new mark, as well as to vote on the most preferred. The site was created in response to the outcry over the recent logo purchased by the city of which many in the community have said they’re capable of outshining. The submission deadline has closed, but you have 10 days left to vote on the logo of your choice on the site. And what a glorious selection it is.

    View here.
    Vote here.

    (Thanks for the link, Gary.)

  • Sunday Is The Holiest of Days

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    Don’t know about you, but here at The Egotist we don’t get any less thirsty for liquefied barley and hops on Sunday than we do on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. That’s why we’re praising the sweet Lord above for blessing us with the news of the Sunday Liquor Bill Being Signed Into Law. A clear sign to us that prayer works.

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