• Photographer Allen Birnbach Updates

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    Recommended photographer Allen Birnbach has just updated his site with some beautiful, new imagery. Definitely worth a glimpse.

  • Alex Goldberg: The Littlest Hustler

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    This is such an awesome story out of NY Magazine.

    The hotel room was boring.

    So Alex Goldberg did what he normally does when he’s bored, which is often: He sneaked out. It was last year, and he was vacationing with his mom and sister at the Ritz-Carlton in Miami. But Alex wanted to go where the action was. He shuffled out of the lobby of the Ritz and cruised down Collins Avenue along the row of Art Deco hotels. There was a party going on at the Delano. Alex marched through the crowd in cargo shorts, belly out in a baggy T-shirt, sneaker laces dragging. He found a spot on the edge of the pool and plunged his toes into the water.

    “What are you doing here?” asked a woman in a bathing suit. “Where are your parents?”

    “Taking a nap at the Ritz. I just wanted to check this place out.” She didn’t believe him. “C’mon. I know you. I did a casting with you in New York.” Alex shook his head. “No, you didn’t.”

    “I did too. Your name is Josh something. You’re 11. What’s the name of the movie you were in?”

    “I’m not in any movie. And I’m 12.”

    Alex borrowed a video camera from the woman’s friend and disappeared into the crowd to interview people. He found his first victim in the shallow end. She was a blonde in a blue bikini, clumsily moving to the music.

    “Are you a professional dancer?” Alex asked sarcastically.

    Definitely keep reading.

  • 45 iPod Cases

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    45 iPod Cases are made from reclaimed music media rebuilt to fit your iPod.

  • Agency of the Year Poll >>

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    Get your vote in before the end of December.

  • Delicious Cox Sausage

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    Here’s a great tongue-in-cheek spot for a fake sausage product called Cox Sausage being pushed by the fictitious character Dewey Cox for the upcoming film, The Dewey Cox Story. That’s a lot of Cox.

    (Via AdFreak.)

  • Christmas Early for Thomas Taber & Drazen

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    Thank you, Santa. You brought us Gold and Bronze One Show Pencils, D&AD, CA, Clios, New York Festivals, Andys and Beldings all wrapped in one creative director. Rick Rosenberg, welcome to Denver and to Thomas Taber & Drazen. Call us lame, but we turn into giddy schoolgirls when good people come to town like TTD’s new ECD.

    Check out a few samples of his work below and even more of them here. His bio reads like a hall of fame candidate. This can only mean good things are to come.

    Sporting a long and flowing mullet, Rick began his advertising career in the 1980s as an account coordinator on the McDonald’s account. He soon realized creative was where he belonged and eventually found himself at the forefront of the Seattle advertising scene, winning international awards and increasing sales for clients like Alaska Airlines and Yosemite Tourism.

    The ‘90s brought more brands, more opportunities and more success stories. In Los Angeles, it was Apple Computers, Mercedes-Benz and Centinela Feed & Pet. In New York, Coca-Cola, Diet Pepsi and VISA. In Portland, it was Hollywood Video and Doc Martens. In 2003, Rick started Campbell-Ewald’s West region creative department for Chevrolet. Under his creative direction, Los Angeles became the #1 Chevy market in the U.S. just one year later.

    Today, Rick can be spotted at the helm of the very talented TTD creative department. He’s the one with the short hair; yes, even in the back.

    In additional news, TTD has moved its headquarters to the old Rock Island building on 15th Street, which you may fondly remember from your dark mascara-wearing goth days. They’re trying to teach an actual ghost they’ve sighted in the hallways of the building to chant Nitzer Ebb lyrics in a creepy voice to scare away crappy clients. Stay tuned on that one.

  • SmartWool Posters Via TDA

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    Is it just us or should illustration be used way more often in advertising if it looks as good as it does in this new in-store campaign from TDA Advertising & Design for SmartWool clothing knit from highly insulating wool? Beautiful work from illustrator Jessica Spring. Nice touch working in the little SmartWool man throughout. Copy line: Sheared from the smartest sheep.

    CDs: Jonathan Schoenberg, Thomas Dooley
    AD: Alex Rice
    CW: Justin Horrigan
    Illustrator: Jessica Spring, Montreal

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