• A Dozen Free Issues of Creativity

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    If not the best, Creativity is by far one of the best trade pubs for this scandalous career we’ve chosen. Now it’s becoming a full-on magazine.

    From AgencySpy, key changes will include more content sans more advertising; heavier quality paper stock complete with perfect binding that will help the journo transition from a folded up monthly that ends up in the recycling bin to a beautiful print product you keep on the shelf. The first issue will be released in May.

    You can get the magazine free for a year if you hurry. Sign up.

  • Hand Drawn Furniture, Wha?

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    Draw directly into the air using the tip of a pen and create invisible line sequences that are captured by surrounding cameras connected to computers. Via a digital system connected to a plastic molding machine, your drawings are then transformed into real furniture.

    You have to spend a few minutes with this one, but it’s worth it.

    (Via The Presurfer)

  • Graffiti Tells the Whole Story

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    Between the headline, the tags and the missing wheels on this mobile outdoor board in Cape Town, you couldn’t plan a more powerful ad message. Then again, maybe it was planned. Awesome shot, either way.

    (Via Cherryflava)

  • Know Any Worthy Freelance Account Planners?

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    As Denver’s matchmaker extraordinaire, we humbly ask you account planners to come out of the woodwork and show yourselves. Agencies are asking us about you. Drop us a line or a comment below with contact info (even if it’s not you, it’s just someone you’d recommend). That is all. Get back to working on that award winner.

  • Barska Optics = Super Visionary

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    Doesn’t anyone write good copy anymore? George Low does, but you have to go all the way to Johannesburg, South Africa to get him. And he’s already taken by agency Ireland/Davenport. Enjoy his words because that’s all you’ll ever get.

  • Know Any Worthy Interior Photographers?

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    Within the last week, we’ve had several shops email us asking for recommendations for interior photographers in Denver. Specifically, they’re looking for people to shoot furnishings inside a home store and home interiors. If you know anyone we could connect them with, drop the photographer’s name and/or URL below.

  • Store Wars

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    A pretty elaborate stop-motion, public service announcement, if you will. While definitely worth a watch, we feel compelled to warn you of the relentless perishable-puns that lie ahead. May the force be with you.

  • New Editorial: Rocky Mountain Low >>

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    This ain’t the Colorado we know and love. It’s time the state tourism account comes home and gets a dose of authenticity.

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