• This Fashion Statement Says: 9 Dead in Weekend Blaze

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    Apparently you can now buy T-shirts from CNN featuring your favorite headlines of the day. Visit CNN.com and read the latest news. If there is a T-shirt icon next to a headline, it’s available for purchase. It looks like they are being selective with which headlines are T-shirt worthy. For example, Weird fish leave sea, spawn on beach is available on a nice 100%-cotton shirt, while Dad mistakes young son for prey, shoots is only available on a commemorative coffee mug.

    (Via Coudal Partners)

  • Naked Juice Updates

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    Eric Kiker, local wordsmith, just let us know that the new corporate site for Naked Juice he worked on in partnership with L.A. interactive agency, BLITZ, has launched. Check it out.

    Kiker and BLITZ also created a quiz site to get Starbucks baristas savvy with Naked’s juices – as part of the brand’s recent introduction into Starbucks stores. Fairly sexy offerings if you’re asking us. Just wish the development work could have stayed here in town.

  • Know Any Worthy PR People/Agencies?

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    We asked this before and had zero response. (Sometimes, you gotta wonder.) But we still have branding firms asking us if we know any good PR people they can partner with. So we’re trying again. Specifically, they’re wondering about someone with natural foods experience. You out there? Drop a comment below with your contact info or send us an email and we’ll pass it on.

  • Knife Hooks

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    For the carny in you. Simply screw them in the wall and they’re ready for use. Buy ‘em here.

    (Via Media-Digest)

  • Sayonara, Copyranter

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    If you never read Copyranter – a site we admired wholeheartedly for its honesty about the work NYC craps out – you’re too late, dude. As of Friday, the switch has been turned off. More readers for us, we suppose. Hope we can help fill that hole in people’s hearts. Blog on.

  • Neu.de: The Matchmaker

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    With all the lame dating service advertising out there, these are pretty memorable.

    (Via Adgoodness)

  • Chicago Inspired

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    One of our friends over at Honest Bros. just went to Chicago and took these photos. Some nice Monday morning inspiration. Check out more here if you wanna. Now get to work.

  • Is Privacy Dead?

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    Some food for thought on privacy issues as it relates to our current state of being and, of course, the web. From the way-smarter-than-us Eric Karjaluoto at ideasonideas.

    Thanks, Eric.

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