• L&P Spots

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    If these gems for L&P soda don’t top off your Friday the right way, you got something wrong with you. Great copy. And is that our boy Jemaine Clement from Flight of the Conchords providing voice-over?

  • << New Designer Position Posted

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    LeeReedy’s growing and looking for a designer to grow with them.

  • ADCD Launches A Blog

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    How many more blogs can Denver handle? At least one. The Art Director’s Club of Denver has joined the conversation with six club officers listed as contributors to the site.

    So far, it looks like they’re offering an eclectic mix of global happenings. Like to see their site shift back homeward a bit in the coming weeks and months – considering the club’s motto mentions they’re “focused on strengthening the creative community” (ie. Denver). Welcome to the game.

  • The Decapitator

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    In the darkness of East London’s nights, someone is manipulating the advertising posters around town with graphic images of exploded heads. The decapitated images are pasted over the top of the actual ad images in perfect position. (Before and after pics of one poster below.) See more of The Decapitator’s work in this Flickr set.

    (Via Wired.)

  • Seen On Miami Beach

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  • Old Spice: Slide Spot

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    More amazing work for this deo brand from w+k.

    (Via Adverganza.)

  • 96.3 Rock Radio Ambient

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    This has been floating around the ether for a few weeks. We likey.

    (Via scaryideas.)

  • Japanese Halls Spot

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    Be pretty fresh to see this on the tube in the ol’ USA.

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