• << New Online Content Writer/Editor/Strategist Position Posted

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    The Wilderness Society wants someone smart. Come and get it.

  • << New Emarketing Manager Position Posted

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    Texturemedia in Boulder is on the search for an Emarketing Manager. Click here to find out more.

  • The Speckie Awards '08

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    Okay, pansies. No, not you. You, over there. Yeah you, listen up. The creators of the Speckie Awards heard you whining about clients killing all your great work. And they brought you an award show to prove you did indeed create all that great work you’ve been whining about them killing.

    The judges have been out doing really good work of their own (and actually selling it), but they’ll certainly be able to assess your fake work with equal grace. Stop your whining and send in. This is the award show you’ve been waiting for.

    The Speckie Awards were created to reward great ideas for advertising and marketing despite not being published or approved by a client and to recognize the best talent in the industry minus the politics, luck and committees.

    Quite simply, enter. As long as it’s yours and it didn’t run, it will be accepted. The rules here are not about what you can’t do – but what you can. Enter ads for imaginary clients. Break the rules. Just not the one about it being a spec ad. It has to be spec. That’s all.

    Hoping to emulate award shows across the world, we’ll be keeping the real actual deadline a complete mystery as we move it back on a whim. The current deadline is May 1st, 2008 at midnight.

    (Thanks for the link, Randall)

  • 13th Street: Nightclub Bloodbath

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    To promote the exclusive thrillers and horror films on 13th Street, the toilet of a nightclub in Hamburg was specially prepared. Just after entering the room, the light suddenly goes out and the room is bathed in Black light. And now a bloody crime scene becomes visible on the floor and walls. Headline: “See what others don’t see. 13TH STREET. The Action and Suspense Channel.” Agency: Jung von Matt, Germany.

    (Via directdaily)

  • Waldo's in Vancouver, Somewhere...

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    Melanie Coles, an artist from Canada, installed this 55-foot Waldo on a secret rooftop in downtown Vancouver, sparking interest across the internet from people trying to uncover the exact location of his rooftop roost. Rad idea.

  • "I'm Thinking of You. Constantly. Spring 2008 Mix"

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    Next time you make a mix CD for that special someone you’re stalking, why not go the extra step and create a handmade cover? Here is a collection of covers Sarah Lannan and Simon Evans have made. They’re creating 99 of them for an exhibit in New York next February.

    (Via The Serif)

  • Cadbury Boost Bar: Squirrels

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    Nut-crazed squirrels. Uh huh huh huh. Agency: The Furnace, Sydney.

    (Via Duncan’s TV Ad Land)

  • How to Play With You Self

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    We’re always entertained by random searches that lead weirdos to our site. We think this particular weirdo would be better served searching for How To Fuckin Spell.

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