• 30 Days 30 Pieces

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    David Schell, one of the creative heads at texture media, just launched a rad project in which he and a group of 19 other creative souls will each create one piece of art every day for the next 30 days. The hope is to jump start the free thinking artist in David, and in the others, who have lost their inner hand-craftsman to a keyboard and mouse.

    Follow the progress at 30days30pieces.com. And if you want to get in on it in future months that will feature David as participant or curator, send him an email through the site.

  • Gap: Sound of Color

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    The San Francisco creative development and production company, Rehab, has just delivered a compelling concept for GAP based on a brief that asked them for an unusual idea for its spring “Color Redefined” campaign. They recruited a variety of bands – The Raveonettes, Dntel, Swizz Beatz, The Blakes and Marié Digby – to create songs based on specific colors. Then, a group of up-and-coming directors shot videos for the songs. Coolest of all, Denver’s own motion graphic firm, Spillt, did the end title cards for all the spots.

    The site, soundofcolor.com, is live for only one month – through March 15. The tracks are being given away as DRM-free MP3s. For more on the story, check out AdAge.

    Here’s Swizz Beatz’s song and the video directed by Tom Gatsoulis created for the color green:

  • You Should Know About Kelly Morgan

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    She’s got the ad school pedigree and the big agency experience working at shops in Boston and Chicago. Now she’s making her mark in our fair city. Check out the goods. She combines solid ideas with beautiful, fresh and clean art direction.

    Word has it Kelly is available for freelance gigs, and possibly the right full-time position. Judging from the work, you should move fast before somebody gets to her first. Apparently, when you meet her in person, the photo on her site will make sense. That’s reason enough to call. Find her on our Recommended Talent list.

  • Kanye West: Flashing Lights

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    Co-directed by Spike Jonze.

  • Foster Farms: Transformation

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    It was bound to be spoofed at one point or another.

  • Austrian Magnetic Street Art Opening

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    Very cool event happening tonight (Saturday) at matter studio.

    The Magnet Mafia’s magnetic street art exchange with Austria has been complete for over a month. Now, it’s time to share the Austrian magnets with the Denver public in a venue setting before releasing them in the streets.

    The show details are below. The crew will be painting live, showing photos from Austria, as well as updating photos of Austrian magnets getting put up in California via Magnetic Osmosis. Beer will be provided by Flying Dog Brewery. Anything else that happens will be a surprise to us all!

    Here’s more on the Magnet Mafia for those who don’t know.

  • Special Olympics Campaign Via Pure

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    From Pure Brand Communications, comes this new campaign asking you to support the Special Olympics Colorado Winter Games through donations and volunteer efforts.

    If you’re not doing anything on the first March weekend, or you merely seek retribution for a shameless life of shilling for just about anybody who will pay you, take a ride to Copper Mountain and support more than 400 true athletes from around the state during the Special Olympics Colorado Winter Games. The events are going on Sunday, March 2 and Monday, March 3.

    Volunteers are still needed to assist with event operations. Individuals as well as groups are encouraged to participate. For more information on volunteering for the Special Olympics Colorado Winter Games please visit the site or call Mandi DeWitt, Family & Volunteer Coordinator, at (720) 359-3117.

  • The Glory of Hand Lettering

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    Here is a short film from Job & Roel Wouters out of Amsterdam. It’s called “abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.” It’ll make you want to turn off the computer for a bit.

    (Via The Serif)

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