• Chest Bump to Ocean City, Maryland

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    With all the filth floorin’ filth we’ve seen flying out of tourist offices around the country advertising-wise recently, it’s nice to see someone finally got their shit together.

    (Via American Copywriter)

  • Colorado Lottery Scratch & Sniff Tickets

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    Anybody ever click through and watch those odd videos over there? >> We don’t either, until we saw this one today. Hey Cactus, you come up with this idea?

  • Beer Review #4: Flying Dog Kerberos Tripel >>

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    Flying Dog Kerberos Tripel and Turkey Sandwiches: America’s Melting Pot Meal. Read all about it here. See you at the pub, turkey.

  • Stuff to Do Friday Night #2

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    You’ll want to hold onto your hat when you see the wood cut and letterpress pieces printed by Yee-Haw Industries, showing at Ink Lounge Gallery on June 13. These artists create vibrant, wood cut prints of country music’s classic stars, handmade posters featuring stranger-than-fiction characters, and album art of modern music acts.

    Ink Lounge Gallery, a small printmaking gallery in Belmar, is hosting it’s next exciting exhibit and we’d like to tell the community about it. We donate 50% of our proceeds from every opening to two groups in need.

    Address: Block 07 Belmar, 445 S. Saulsbury St., Studio H, Lakewood, CO 80226

  • Stuff to Do Friday Night #1

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    From ADCD:
    Howard’s presentation will focus on following your own creative passion and letting that force drive your career. A subject that should appeal to the entire creative community. Skip the Friday happy hour, join us for what will be a great evening and enjoy some great beer compliments of Boulder Beer.

    RSVP here.

  • Cardo Systems: Popcorn

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    We like viral. We hate when viral goes bad. The first video below was sent out in disguise across the Internets to build intrigue. The second video was sent out to pay it off – kicking the original intrigue right in the balls with its wanky payoff.

    (Via Adland)

  • Happy Friday The 13th

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  • Georgia Russell

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    Next time you’re in the comp room, x-acto blade in hand, toiling away over some client-presentation matte boards, think of the work of Georgia Russell. (Not that you need much of a reason to feel any worse about yourself at that point.)

    Georgia Russell is a Scottish artist who uses a scalpel instead of a brush or a pen, creating constructions that transform found ephemera, such as books, music scores, maps, newspapers, currency and photographs.

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