• Guinness Viral

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    Oh Jeez.

    Here are a few comments (under the spot on YouTube) from someone named DESchatz who claims to be the spot’s creator. Pretty funny watching him squirm:

    Please understand that this was never meant to go this far as in terms of many viewers. This isn’t a legitimate ad considering the glitches of the spot. In no way or form was there thought of sending the idea to Guinness. THIS was meant for a good laugh. It shouldn’t get more serious than that.

    Oh and it only cost $320 for the ad. My equipment, $300 for the actress, and the rest for food and a six-pack of Guinness.

    It really isn’t real. I shot the ad with no intention of sending it to Guinness because of the content. IT was meant to either make people laugh or get really disgusted. I rather people felt the former because that’s why it was made. Just for fun.

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  • Support Good Beer This Saturday In Lodo

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    Be sure to stop by and thank the Flying Dog and the Breckenridge Brewery folks for the great support of The Denver Egotist.

    20+ Breweries 60+ Brews!!

    Coors Field Main lot (right up next to Coors Field)
    4 – 7 pm on Saturday, July 26th, 2008
    Beer fest with unlimited samples of amazing microbrews with a commemorative cup!

    $25 in advance, $35 at the door!

    Get your advanced tickets today right here and save $10, which we recommend you use for cab fare home.

  • Get Off The Grid With DNC

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    Feeling green? Off the grid? The Sustainable Living Roadshow is coming to the DNC with a fleet of renewable fuel vehicles and they are looking for designers to speak about their work. If you’re working on something green and want to talk about it, this would be the place to do it.

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  • Foundation for the Deaf: Lip Reading

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    A huge budget is irrelevant when you’ve got a huge idea.

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  • Cactus Helps Colorado Lottery Set Record

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    Thought this little piece of news that the Colorado Lottery sold a record $505.8 million worth of tickets for the fiscal year ending June 30 was pretty telling about the advertising work Cactus has been doing for the account. Or people are clawing for a way to get out of debt. Either way, congrats to the team involved.

  • The Denver 50: Rumor #2

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    The second cryptic video from the NDAC has been posted for you to go check out. Watch it.

  • Typographic Tree Columns

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    These typographic tree columns are being created in collaboration with Gordon Young at the Crawley Library in West Sussex County. The photos are of the work in progress, with the library opening January ’09. Firm: Why Not Associates, London.

    (Thanks for the link, Adam)

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