• Art Director's Club of Denver Call-For-Entries

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    There are two local shows worth entering work into in Colorado. The Art Director’s Club of Denver is one of them. The judges are impressive this year, coming from Duffy & Partners, Howard Schatz Photography, mono and rethink Communications. The call-for-entries deadline has already been extended to this Friday, May 30th. Get your work in. Details on the ADCD site.

  • Slinkachu's Inner City Snail

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    Slinkachu is a London street artist that has been propping and photographing his Little People street exhibits for some time. Now he’s using non-toxic paints to tag snails and work them into his scenes. Wild.

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  • TV2: Kill Bill Splatter Billboard

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    Something stomach-turning to start your morning courtesy of Saatchi & Saatchi, New Zealand promoting Kill Bill on TV2.

    (Via Adland)

  • Help The Egotist Fill Our RSS Feed

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    We’re bored of reading the same old blogs every day. Got any sites you think we should check out? Throw them below if you’ve got the energy.

  • Erik Nordenankar and The World's Biggest Drawing

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    On March 17, 2008, Swedish artist Erik Nordenankar, put a GPS device in a briefcase and gave DHL strict shipping instructions on how to take it around the world. The result 55 days later, tracked by the GPS device, is Nordenankar’s self-portrait – the largest drawing in the world.

  • You Should Know About Paul Gould

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    If you’ve ever had the displeasure of working with or trying to clean up a piss-poorly built file, you understand the value of good print production. Paul Gould spent five years at Karsh\Hagan learning the trade from his mentor who went on to work at CP+B, so he definitely knows his way around the Mac.

    He’s now bumping around as a freelancer with shops who understand the time, effort and brain damage savings that good print production can provide. If you envision production guys as grumpy, old bastards who sit in the back of the shop cursing under their breath as you walk by, Paul will change your tune. He’s like a cool breeze that never blows hot air or messes up your hair. He’s in our list of Recommended Talent when you need him.

  • Help Designklub Evolve

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    Designklub, one of the best design-related blogs in town and beyond, is looking for some help on a site upgrade. Details follow.

    designklub, a website featuring modern product design, is looking for a local web designer, strategist, programmer who can help with every step of planning and upgrading a blog into a new site. Nothing flashy, this is a small and hopefully quick side project for someone. Please just make sure your work can mesh with a clean, modern aesthetic – if you are into graphic overload, the magic probably won’t be there. If interested, email Jaime at design(dot)klub(at)yahoo(dot)com.

  • Joseph Shaeffer Opening Tonight (Friday)

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    We’re late getting this up, but if your schedule’s blank tonight hit this killer art opening. Joseph Shaeffer will be presenting his new work entitled CONFRONT/(A)VOID at Artyard Sculpture Gallery at 1251 South Pearl in Denver. Check it out.

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