• Huggies: Inside the Diaper

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    Fantastic behind-the-scenes viral shot by Hungry Man New York for Huggies. Agency: JWT, New York.

    (Via Adland)

  • Icon Notepad

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    Sweetness. Buy it here.

  • Colorado Agency News

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    → Crispin Porter + Bogusky has landed the advertising account for Hulu.com, an online partnership between the owners of the NBC and Fox television networks. CP+B will handle both creative and media duties for both traditional and online advertising on the Hulu brand.

    → Aegis Group’s outdoor ad buyer Posterscope is expanding its U.S. operations with a new office in Denver. The scope of service at the Denver outpost includes out-of-home planning, buying, research and production. Initial clients in the market include the Colorado Lottery, Xcel Energy, Banner Healthcare, E-470, Wild Oats and Centura Health.

    → Tera Haselden was recently hired as an Account Coordinator at Saatchi & Saatchi, Denver. Kelly Rooney was also hired as an Account Coordinator.

    → The1stMovement announces the promotion of Jenn DePauw to Director of Account Services, effective immediately. Jenn was previously a Sr. Account Manager responsible for supporting clients such as AT&T, Comcast Entertainment Group and Fred Segal Couture. DePauw will continue to report to Ann Van Orsdel, VP of Client Services for the agency.

  • Raise Your Voices And Stop The Design Competitions NOW

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    Thanks to a loyal Egotist reader, we were just made aware of the latest slap in the face to Colorado’s professional design community. It seems another one of our neighbors to the north just doesn’t get it.

    Loveland has put out a Call For Entries for a holiday logo contest. Yes, this is the same city whose downtown business partnership recently held a logo contest with a gift basket for the winner. This time, they are simply asking us to whore ourselves out. There is no mention of compensation for the winner.

    We are posting the press release (taken directly off their website) below for you to read, but we are purposely deleting all references to the group’s site as we don’t want to aid the success of this travesty in any way. In fact, we want every person reading this to express to these yahoos just how insulted you are about their actions. Take the next five minutes to send an email telling these people how stupid this move is.


    We don’t want to hear any bullshit about people having the choice to participate or not. Read the writing on the wall. If we stay silent about even one more competition, we are essentially telling every small community and small business that it’s okay to not pay for creative. And you can damn well be sure the big clients will soon be asking why they’re paying so much for their work when they could just hold a contest and save themselves some money.

    You may be thinking, “This is just a logo, what’s the big deal?”, but as Aquent proved just last month with their website competition (article here) it won’t stop at just a logo. Also how many small design shops here in Colorado depend on small clients and logos for their existence? Whether you work at a small shop or a big agency; whether you are a writer, designer art director, photographer, illustrator, producer, account person or even in media; we are all at risk here, and we must stand united.

    Getting paid fair value for our work is already difficult enough. It is every creative’s responsibility to stand up against this scourge. If we choose to turn a blind eye to this contest, we are basically loading the gun and pointing it at our own heads. The Denver Egotist is not willing to simply stand by and let this happen. We have already taken our own steps, beyond this post, to call these people out. You should do the same. But let’s be civil. As much as we’d like to let loose on these folks, vulgarity and threats would only hurt our cause.

    Send your e-mails to:
    Ashlee Struble at astruble@engaginglovelandinc.org, 720-982-5125
    Kim Vecchio at kvecchio@engaginglovelandinc.org, 720-254-8877

    Here’s the press release for your viewing displeasure:


    [CLIENT NAME REMOVED] Logo – Call for Entries

    LOVELAND – Engaging Loveland and the [CLIENT NAME REMOVED] marketing committee is hosting a competition for the design of a logo to be used on all printed and electronic material associated with a new community promotion – [CLIENT NAME REMOVED].

    [CLIENT NAME REMOVED] will list and promote all holiday events happening in Loveland between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s in 2008.

    Artists are asked to create a logo for the [CLIENT NAME REMOVED] promotion using the specifications provided. The design must be suitable to be reproduced in both color and black and white print, as well as reproduced on the [CLIENT NAME REMOVED] website. The winner will be required to sign a release form that transfers all rights of the logo design. The competition is open to anyone in the community.

    All submissions must be original work
    Artists may submit more than one design
    Design must include lovelandholidays.com
    Logo must be at least 2”x 1” in size and landscape design
    One camera-ready black & white and one color image must be submitted
    Submissions should be 8.5” x 11” or smaller
    Include name, address, phone and email address on each submission
    Artists may include a short explanation of their design concept, if desired.

    All submissions must be received by Friday, September 5, 5:00 p.m. The winner will be notified by Monday, September 15.

    Submit proposals to: [INFORMATION REMOVED]

    For more information, contact to Ashlee Struble at astruble@engaginglovelandinc.org, 720-982-5125 or Kim Vecchio at kvecchio@engaginglovelandinc.org, 720-254-8877.

  • USA Networks Burn Notice "FYC" Kit Via TDA

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    In a recent campaign to create pre-Emmy buzz among the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences judges, USA Network, New York, mailed out 14,000 “FYC” (For Your Consideration) kits, printed in invisible ink.The kits, promoting the network’s hit espionage show, “Burn Notice,” are the first work from TDA ADVERTISING & DESIGN, Boulder, Colorado, for its new client.

    Each slip-covered, 3-panel, hardcover kit holds a UV flashlight and the instructions, “Steps: 1. Use this flashlight to reveal hidden text. 2. Deny you ever used this flashlight.”

    Across all three panels, no other words or images are visible, except under black light—at which point photographs of the lead actor and supporting actress, a list of six potential “Drama Series” Emmy nominations, and four press blurbs (e.g. “The show floats along on a spy’s handbook. Narration that sounds remarkably convincing.” – L.A. Times) come into view. Also, tucked into a slot are 4 DVDs with this season’s 12 episodes, plus written synopses.

    “Burn Notice,” named for the C.I.A. equivalent of a “pink slip,” is a drama about an ex-spy. The one hour show runs Thursdays at 10 EST on USA Network.

    Client: USA Network, New York
    Agency: TDA ADVERTISING & DESIGN, Boulder, Colorado
    CDs: Jonathan Schoenberg, Thomas Dooley
    AD/Designer: Matt Leavitt
    CW: Jeremy Seibold
    Lithography: Cenveo Graphic Arts Center, Portland, Oregon

  • Charge for your product, dummy

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    David Heinemeier Hansson, Jason Fried’s business partner at 37signals lays down the law and reminds us all that if we’re providing a good service, we should be charging for it.

    Note to public: we’re gonna start offering the Egotist as a monthly subscription service.


    ..or are we?

  • DNC Clink - More Updates

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    Hopefully you read up a bit on the “secret warehouse” which was put together in preparation for DNC protestors.

    Now the city is saying the facility was never supposed to be a secret, and that it’s got all the amenities you would expect from a normal jail cell.

    “We feel the city should be ashamed of this secret prison they’ve set up,” said Re-create ’68 organizer Glenn Spagnuolo.

    “The public was never going to view this place, it was just found out,” Spagnuolo said. “They got caught with this place. They told our lawyers in negotiations that this place didn’t even exist.”

    “This was never a secret site,” said Undersheriff Bill Lovingier, the city’s director of corrections.

    Read more at 9news.

    (image used without the permission of Corbis images)

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