• MoreCowbell.dj

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    This is pretty entertaining. We’re hearing our Celine Dion collection in a whole new way.

  • Kokoro & Moi

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    Apparently Syrup Helsinki has reformed into Kokomoro & Moi.

    Their front page alone makes us want to die.

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  • Denver 50 Entry: Sneak Peek #2

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    The crew at LeeReedy said they were inspired to send us their Denver 50 entry after seeing Integer’s entry earlier this week. Here it is and here’s what they had to say about it:

    401(k) Squared, a small company that specializes full-time in 401k plan development, asked LeeReedy to get a big bang out of their modest direct mail budget. On the whole, the marketing done by companies in the financial services industry is safe, corporate and forgettable. We went in the opposite direction — developing a direct mail piece that featured a live fish inside a box adorned with messaging. The concept? “If someone’s not watching over your 401(k), it won’t thrive either.”

    Considering our precious, live cargo – and our need to get it in front of the CFO’s, CEO’s and owners of our target companies – all pieces were delivered via courier. Additionally, this allowed us to avoid the gatekeeper who could have reacted in any number of ways. Within weeks, 401(k) Squared had secured a $10M account and was in discussions with a number of large companies to manage their 401(k) accounts, ranging in size from $500k to $20M.

    (Click images for a closer view.)

    CD: Kelly Reedy
    AD: Kelly Reedy, Jack Schuler
    CW: Jamie Reedy

  • Eric Tobias is a Production Artist. Wait, what?

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    Eric Tobias recently lost his job along with everyone else at The Communiqué Group. He’s looking for a position as a Production Artist.

    Apparently, the guy’s got photography chops too, though. If his professional work could catch up with his personal work, we’d dump him into our list of Recommended Photographers in a heartbeat.

    At any rate, the guy obviously has an eye for good aesthetic and he’s gotta know his way around production if he worked at Communiqué (see: complicated resort brochures out the yingyang). Someone hire him, pronto. We featured a post on him a few weeks ago, but seeing his photography made us what to show him off again.

  • Kanye West LAX Bitch Slap

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    Kanye West and one of his bodyguards were arrested Thursday at Los Angeles International Airport after an altercation with paparazzi in which the rapper allegedly smashed a camera on the floor.

    We’d get tired of that crap in our faces, too.

  • Posted Without Comment #2

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  • Bill and Jerry Get Real for Microsoft

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    The folks at CP+B are at it again with more shenanigans of Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld. What happens when they move in with “real” people? Does it bring the funny? More importantly, does it deliver on the brand? It made us laugh, but click it and tell us what you think.

    (Via Gizmodo)

  • << New Position Posted

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    Zed USA is searching for a Data Intelligence Analyst. Details here.

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