• New Editorial: LiV's Artist Review >>

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    She’s getting out and about in Denver’s art scene and writing about her experiences. Here are some thoughts on Brad Kahlhamer’s talk at Denver MCA on Tuesday.

  • Gaming is Just Awesome

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    Hopefully you saw the amazing spot 72andSunny recently put out for the newly rebranded Discovery channel.

    If not, go watch it.

    If so, check out this really nice parody put together by what was undoubtedly a couple nerds in their mom’s basement.

  • The Love of Tan Hong Ming

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    Don’t know about you, but we’ve seen very little hype online for Cannes this year. Creativity has put this predictions reel together along with Leo Burnett, but the format is a bit odd in the way it’s laid out.

    Lunar BBDO also says the spot below may have an outside chance of winning the Cannes Grand Prix. Their quote in helping readers understand the context of the spot: “The point is he’s Chinese and she’s Malay, so please be non-racist like kids, or some such nicety.”

  • Let Nothing Go To Waste

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    A truly eco-conscious designer is one who finds a use for the “waste” from an earlier project. Here’s a perfect example:

    Say you just designed this egg roll bag for Pei Wei restaurant:

    How do you make sure the red you had to remove to create the little guy doesn’t end up in some landfill?

    Simple, sell it to China for their Olympic logo:

  • Comcast High-Speed Internet: Rabbit

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    You like great copy? You like this spot. Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. Director: Noam Murro, Biscuit Filmworks.

    (Via Scary Ideas)

  • The Egotist Office, On Tour

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    Not really. Pretty cramped over here, though.

    Amnesty International is bringing a life-size model of a maximum security cell at Guantánamo to cities across the USA. Visitors to the cell are encouraged to enter and to go through the conditions of isolation and then share their experience in a video message.

    For more somewhat unconvincing videos of the visitors in the cells, hit up the site.

    (Via Osocio)

  • New Denver Ad Club Board Selected

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    Over on Cactus’ blog, they’ve got a list of the new elected board members for the 2008-2009 New Denver Ad Club. Go check it out if you care to know who’s representin’.

    Alan Koenke (President)
    Executive Vice President, Creative, The Integer Group

    Lorelle Burke (Vice President)
    Executive Director, Public Interest Advertising

    Allison Kent (Secretary)
    Sr. Director, Business Development, TextureMedia

    Kris Hefley, M.Ed. (Treasurer)
    Marketing Program Lead, Johnson & Wales University

    Erika Wyrick (Membership)
    EMW Media Sales

    Ted Morse (AD2 President)
    Account Supervisor, Thomas Taber & Drazen

  • Brighton Port Authority: Toe Jam

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    Brought to you by Norman Cook (aka Fat Boy Slim) in collaboration with David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal. Groovy muzak.

    (Via Wooster Collective)

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