• In The Egotist Inbox: Vermilion

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    One of the agency names that’s keeps popping up Vermilion. Here’s some of the great stuff they’ve sent our way.

    Their new campaign for Tendril Inc, an energy management system provider for utilities companies and their customers this tasty little website, clean in it’s design yet loaded with useful information.

    Vermilion also found an interesting topical way to communicate the need for what Tendril does. In August, they set the homepage to flicker on and off and go dark, to honor the five-year anniversary of the blackout that darkened 40 million homes.

    They also created this annual report for Global Greengrants Fund, a Boulder-based nonprofit that works for environmental justice across the world. The focus this year was the effect gold mining has in Ghana.

  • In The Egotist Inbox: Propaganda Labs

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    We like their logo. You can check out the rest of what they do here.

  • Mac vs. PC on NYTimes.com

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    There’s another intrusive Mac banner on The New York Times today. In the past, they’ve only been up for one day. If you miss the real thing, the YouTube video below will give you the idea. Why aren’t more brands doing this?

    (Via POST Advertising)

  • Denver Designer Breaks Down the Oklahoma Thunder Logo

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    If you don’t follow comments closely on The Egotist, it would have been hard to catch this one dropped by our loyal reader, Bubba, under our original post about the new logo designed for the Oklahoma Thunder basketball team.

    However, we thought Bubba’s breakdown of the OKC Thunder logo was particularly dead-on and entertaining and wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it. This might have been a good time to use your real name, dear Bubba, since you’re out of work. Someone might be interested in a conversation with you after seeing this. Who knows.

  • Burger King: Polygameat

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    Here’s what Crispin Porter + Bogusky brewed up for the UK market. Never mind the ad, how about the naming of the burger? The Meat Beast Whopper. Flat-out fantastic.

  • From Every Death Springs... Booze

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    Instead of weeping alone over the death of McClain Finlon as you cobble together your resume, go be consoled by sweet, sweet booze at the final wake for this legendary Denver shop. Here are the details for this Friday’s final she-bang.

    Host: Former MFA’ers
    Location: Blake Street Tavern, 2401 Blake Street
    Date: Friday, September 12

    Fellow MFA’ers,

    As you all know, our dearly departed MFA is shutting its doors soon and now it’s time to celebrate all the memories we created at one time or another. Come join us on Friday (9/12) after work for one last hurrah at our old stomping grounds. Let’s remember how great of an agency it once was!

    Evite here.

  • New Wednesday Poll #17 >>>

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    It’s a day of afternoon meetings here at The Egotist campus, so we’re launching the poll a little early. Fire up your keyboard and participate in The Denver Egotist’s own personal version of the Rorschach test with this week’s poll question.

  • Super Collider Crisis: A Mere Coincidence Or A Monster Publicity Stunt?

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    If you’ve been in any way exposed to the news media in the past few days, you have undoubtably heard about the big stink over the Large Hadron Collider in France. But not a single article or TV/radio story we have seen has made the connection to the work of Douglas Preston. So who is Preston? The author of the book Blasphemy a wonderfully twisted piece of fiction published early in 2008.

    Once you read this story description, taken verbatim from his website, and suddenly the plausibility of this being the most well coordinated publicity stunt for a book signing EVER becomes a strong possibility. Remember, you read it here first.

    The world’s biggest supercollider, locked in an Arizona mountain, was built to reveal the secrets of the very moment of creation: the Big Bang itself.

    The Torus is the most expensive machine ever created by humankind, run by the world’s most powerful supercomputer. It is the brainchild of Nobel Laureate Gregory North Hazelius. Will the Torus divulge the mysteries of the creation of the universe? Or will it, as some predict, suck the earth into a mini black hole? Or is the Torus a Satanic attempt, as a powerful televangelist decries, to challenge God Almighty on the very throne of Heaven?

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