• Black Hawk Down(Town)

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    Anybody see black hawk helicopters hovering over the Rockies game the other night? Apparently they’re in training for the upcoming DNC.

    Photo by BRIAN LEHMANN / Special to the Rocky

  • Did CP+B Go Shopping?

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    A little birdie told a medium-sized birdie who told our big, fat receptionist downstairs who looks like some kind of prehistoric birdie that Crispin Porter + Bogusky has acquired texturemedia.

    We poked a few people up there this morning about it, but haven’t heard back. Anyone care to confirm or deny? If it is true, it’s an extremely bold statement about the powerhouse that texturemedia has become.

  • Hell Pizza: Puppet Show

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    Wow, this provides us great joy. Agency: Colenso BBDO, Auckland.

    (Via Best Ads on TV)

  • Crispin Acquisition?

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    We have heard a couple rumors that CP+B has recently absorbed one of the more prominent Colorado agencies.

    Since we have yet to validate our findings, we wanted to put the rumor out to our loyal readers and see if any of you have any insight into what may or may not be going this week.

  • We're Voting Republican

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    Satirical look at various Republican values. And while the final scene encourages people to simply get out and vote, obviously the good folks at www.imvotingrepublican.com want us all to vote to the left.

    Regardless of your own personal political views, it’s hard not to be impressed with the 1.5 millions views logged since last week.

    (Via msnbc)

  • FHM: For the Modern Man

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    FHM men’s magazine in Australia was just relaunched with a viral campaign featuring the fella below, Raj Deepak, “a walker with a difference.” Be sure to visit Raj on Facebook for the whole scoop. Agency: The Works, Sydney.

    (Via Duncan’s TV Ad Land)

  • Jealous Lovers Productions: Jealous Lovers Attack Ambient

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    To promote a new production company called “Jealous Lovers,” the company targeted four of New Zealands top creative directors – or rather their vehicles.

    They researched to find which competing production companies they had recently shot commercials with. Then they attached tailor made decals to the windshields. They also fixed magnetized axes and attached them to the hoods – the pickaxes had the Jelous Lovers website address on them.

    Insiders at the agencies then informed their CD’s that their cars were trashed. When the creative directors went out to inspect the damage, their reactions were filmed and can be seen on jealouslovers.tv. Agency: Ogilvy, Aukland.

    (Via Adland)

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