• Quantum Of What?

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    We think Daniel Craig rocks as 007. But, what about the movie title? The new James Bond film opens later this year and has the unfortunate title of Quantum of Solace. We have no idea how they are going to turn this into a theme song, but Joe Cornish did; unofficially. You can check out his version below. How would you market this film? What rhymes with Solace? Is Quantum of Solace a good title or just problematic? Thoughts?

    (Via Aintitcool)

  • 10 Cane Rum: Big World & Strategy

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    There are a bunch of great new spots for 10 Cane Rum breaking. These are our two favorites. Agency: Mother, New York.

  • Papa John's Pizza Crop Circle Ready to Serve

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    Hmmmm…. what do you think of the impression Denver’s going to be giving all the Obama fans who see this extra-large advertisement as they land at DIA in the coming weeks ready to root at the Democratic National Convention? Greasy.

    More story here.

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  • Backloggy Poo

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    Right now, there are 147 emails in The Egotist’s inbox and counting. We wanted to publicly acknowledge that we are human, we (barely) have lives outside this online presence we’ve built and that if you’ve sent us something and we haven’t gotten back to you yet – well, we’re working on it. We promise. Right now, we’d ballpark somewhere between 50 and 75 individuals and firms we intend to add to our recommended list in the coming weeks. So, stay tuned and keep piling it on. Sleep is for pansies.

  • Wednesday Lunchtime Poll #12 >>

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    Fire up your iTunes and answer today’s poll question.

  • Paris Hilton For President Ad

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    In response to this ad John McCain created comparing Obama’s level of celebrity to that of Paris Hilton, comes the response ad from none other than Paris Hilton herself. Must be nice to have all that cash to blow on strange things like this. We made an ad too with a little help from our friends.

  • Nokia: Music Almighty

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    We’re digging the second installment of the Nokia Music Almighty campaign from Wieden + Kennedy. More goodies over at Welcome to Optimism.

  • Jeep: Have Fun Out There Viral

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    Apparently, New Zealanders had some severe weather in their part of the world over the last week. Colenso 99, Aukland used it to their advantage by turning a bystander’s footage into this tight viral for their client, Jeep. The campaign launched the day after news coverage of the event. The original footage of the incident is below the spot.

    (Via Duncan’s TV Ad Land)

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