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  • Mehrzeller Camper

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    The Mehrzeller (multi-cell) caravan concept from Graz, Austria takes faceted design to whole new level. An online application generates the design based on a customers specifications resulting in no two caravans exactly the same.

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  • Panties by American Apparel

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    They certainly love pushing the limits at American Apparel.

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  • Mini: Demon Carts

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    Super Fantastic.

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  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour '09: Square Peg, Round Hole

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    Unscripted spots can go one of two ways. This one definitely succeeds.

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  • SpyderLynk: Cutting Edge Colorado-bred Technology

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    Check out this dope technology you should probably be suggesting to your clients. With SpyderLynk, consumers can access digital information or a digital interaction when they use their mobile phone to snap a photo and send a brand logo encoded with SpyderLynk’s discrete encoding elements. When featured on traditional advertising or communication pieces, the pieces become instantly interactive.

    Encoding can be applied to any logo and once encoded, a logo becomes a SpyderLynk SnapTag. The unique encoding in the logo triggers a pre-programmed response. The interaction is branded, digitally rich and fun.

    SpyderLynk offers a great way to extend the power of a print ad, event sponsorship or out-of-home creative because consumers can immediately access more information about a product, participate in promotions/points campaigns/sweepstakes or get information on demand – and it is flexible enough to be customized to fit unique communication needs.

    Try it yourself by using your camera phone to take a picture of the SnapTag below, then email it to myc@ptures.com and you’ll receive a message on your phone from SpyderLynk. Badass.

  • Banksy Moves On To Birmingham, Alabama

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    After spending the last week or so in New Orleans, Banksy is continuing through the south and getting quite controversial in Birmingham where this piece was spotted on the the side of a rundown Chevron Station. Best not to be caught painting this one by any red-necked locals.

    (Via Wooster Collective)

  • Nivea: Goodbye Cellulite Couch

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    Nivea had these couches in South Beach as part of Miami Fashion Week, promoting their Good-Bye Cellulite product. Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day, New York.

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