• Shotgun Willie's Becomes Shotgun Billy's

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    Local strip club, Shotgun Willie’s, welcomes ol’ Billy Clinton to Denver in proper fashion.

    (Via Denver PR Blog)

  • Manifest Hope Gallery: More Photos

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    If you (still) haven’t made it down to the Andenken Gallery on Larimer to check out the Obama art, there’s a nice photographic retrospective on the show over on The Kitchen Table.

  • The Tomato Stroke

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    A reveller swims in tomato pulp during the annual tomatina (tomato fight) in the Mediterranean village of Buñol, Spain, on August 27, 2008. The origin of the tomato fight is disputed — everyone in Buñol seems to have a favorite story — but most agree it started around 1940, in the early years of the dictatorship of General Francisco Franco.

    (Via Activate)

  • John McCain: Broken (w/ Laugh Track)

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    A little sound effects. A lot different spot.

    (Via Laboratory 101)

  • Rage Against the Machine Protest Photos

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    Rage Against the Machine and the band’s unbathed minions are in town uniting against the Iraq war – through music and odor-filled marches along the streets of Denver. Check out this Flickr set from our friend Josh at Flying Dog Brewery of the parade. “Make Par Not War” = our favorite sign (pictured below).

  • Thank You, TDA

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    Boulder’s TDA Advertising & Design took over The Denver Egotist today, transforming our site into The Longmont Egotist. (If you’re tuning in late, check out all the posts with light brown titles on the site to catch up.) For those of you with a sense of humor, you’re welcome. For those of you without, loosen the waistband on your Dockers and get out of grandma’s basement into the sunshine.

    As we did when Sukle took over our site earlier this summer, we’ll once again invite anyone who thinks they can outshine us or two of Colorado’s best agencies who have done it so far by taking over our site for an entire day. Send us an email if you’re interested.

    Thanks again, TDA. We enjoyed every minute of it.

    P.S. Clear the cache in your browser and reload our site again to get back to normal.

  • PAY ATTENTION - Make Sure to Clear Your Cache

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    Clear your cache on your browser and reload our site to be able to fully enjoy the fun today (Wednesday, August 27).

  • An Art Bomb Blows

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    There’s a ton of sick artwork up all over town right now courtesy of the talented individuals who have invaded along with Obama. We’ll call them Obama’s posse. Anyway, keep ‘em peeled as you cruise around for some well-needed artistic flavor finally on the streets of Denver. If you take any shots of what you see, send them our way and we’ll post them up. (Editor’s note: some of the shots we’ve posted have been borrowed from other sites and individuals in an attempt to create the ultimate archive of street art from the DNC. Thanks, people.)

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