• Guitar Hero Metallica: Official Demo

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    (Thanks, Steve)

  • New Editorial: CP+B and the Whopper Virgins >>

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    Thanks to our friend Jeremy Greenfield – an AdFreak contributor – for killing it on another editorial. Read it over lunch if you dare.

  • MIGHTYkarma Gives a Buck

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    Your pockets are empty, but it doesn’t mean you can’t give this holiday season (to people who really do need it more than you). Just click through the image below and let MIGHTYkarma do the donating for you. You get the good feeling and you can keep the heat on in your double-wide. Nice.

  • Good Grief

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    Every advertising creative cliché, crammed into one Charlie Brown Christmas special. Tis the season! Oh, and did we mention we’re still accepting your ideas for this year’s Denver Egotist holiday card?

    (Thanks, Gordy)

  • This Makes Us Uncomfortable

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    And that’s the point. We’re not going to set it up, just take a gander. And visit the site here.

    (Via Adfreak)

  • Pretty Good Stuff, Especially Considering Where It's From

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    Arriving just in time for the holidays is this interesting bit of communication. Issues include misogyny, but since it’s usually one giant sausage fest over here at TDE, we have no way of knowing.

    See for yourself and see if you can find who dun it. Hint – it’s at the end of the video.

    (Thanks Michael)

  • December - Feast or Famine?

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    At a recent Egotist roundtable, the topic of December was introduced. It would seem that there is never a normal December. Some reported little or no work and a lot of consumption of bon-bons. Others reported crazy spending by clients and late, late nights with no sugar plums.

    What have you found? Sure, this year is a little extra sucky on the cash flow side, but let us know what you’re seeing out there in the trenches. In here, it’s fair to partly crappy, but the booze is still flowing, if you know what we mean. Yeah, you do.

  • Colorado and Its Agencies in The News

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    Cultivator Advertising and Design is in the Campaign Spotlight in The New York Times today for its breaking work, The Yuletide Project, for Cherry Creek North. More killer PR work from Dan Barron who can be found at db315[at]earthlink.net if you want him promoting your shop.

    (Thanks, Rodney)

    Thomas Taber & Drazen had the Ad of the Day spot on Adweek last Friday for their print ad entitled “Boy” for Park City Mountain Resort.

    TDA Advertising & Design has been in the news for their Memorex campaign, the first major advertising effort for the brand since the 1970s. Along with print ads, which are 70% of the media buy, TDA has created Cab Karaoke – outfitting taxis in San Fran, Chicago and NY with Memorex’s SingStand, a full sized microphone, stand and speakers that allows users to sing along with music – then recording people who work their magic and uploading their videos to MyKaraokeCab.com.

    (Thanks, Zach)

    On Friday, Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper unveiled the Mile High City’s window display on “Good Morning America.” Denver was one of three cities selected to decorate a window at the ABC News Studios. While Mayor Hickenlooper unveiled the display, “a festive pep rally with more than 200 participants dressed in ski and snowboard gear was staged in Denver’s Union Station from 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. to coincide with the New York airing.” The “Good Morning America” broadcast cut back and forth from New York to the local crowd in the station throughout the morning, showcasing Denver’s festive spirit and city pride. The window was designed by Designed by Keita Usuda, senior designer at Condit Exhibits. Hmmm.

    (Thanks, Isaac)

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