• Miller Lite invented you.

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    Sure, the premise is a little sketchy. As is the thought that your parents getting drunk on Miller Light is what lead to you being born. But it's still a mighty fun spot.


  • More Evidence of How Bad America Would Have Been Had the British Won

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    We're loving this campaign from Newcastle and Droga5, in which they're trying to own the holiday before the holiday by toasting all the bad Brit stuff that would have been on July 3rd — Independence Eve. The campaign's extensive. You can see more of it here.

  • Outside Television Presents "Michael Franti In Bali" – Via Breck's Neu Productions

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    Michael Franti is a musician, poet & social activist who owns a yoga retreat center in Bali called Soulshine. This year Michael and Soulshine will put on a concert festival to benefit the local birthing clinic Bumi Sehat, founded by CNN’s 2011 “Hero Of The Year" Robin Lim, as well as Green School, an eco educational school founded by iconic jewelry designer John Hardy. The festival is hosted by Green School, which is currently the world’s most sustainable school dedicated to environmental and social issues. The entire school is made of giant, state of the art bamboo structures and has been featured in many of the world’s top architectural publications.

    Bali, Indonesia is one of the most magical and culturally rich islands on the planet. It lends to being the perfect backdrop to the Soulshine Festival that brings people from around the world together to dance, laugh, sing and raise awareness for our planets most urgent environmental and global issues. Follow Michael as he journeys through majestic Bali discovering ordinary people doing extraordinary things to change the world.

    Director: John Roderick & Michael Franti
    Producers: John Roderick, Michael Franti
    Director of Photography: John Roderick
    Production Company: Neu Productions
    Production Assistant: Leah Dawson
    Show Editor: John Roderick
    Assistant Editor: Robert Fraser
    Sound Mix: Robert Ernest Hawes
    Color Correction: Richard Flores

  • Death Metal Band Will Play Inside Soundproof Box Until They Run Out of Oxygen and/or Die

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    Box Sized DIE is a public installation in a London banking district by Portuguese artist João Onofre. It’s a soundproofed, airtight black box. Inside, UK band Unfathomable Ruination will be playing death metal until they run out of oxygen, every day for most of July, starting on Sunday. The installation is part of the Sculpture In The City public art program by City of London.

    No passersby will be able to hear anything, only observe the strange vibrations of the box as the death rockers dwindle away inside. Fun stuff.


  • LIFT: The Story of Amelia Earhart's Journey Into the Sky – Via Denver's INCITE Productions

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    INCITE Productions partnered with Amelia Earhart — a former 9 News anchor, entrepreneur and aviatrix — who is flying around the world to recreate the flight started by her namesake in 1937. "LIFT (Amelia Flies Again)" tells the story of the modern pilot and her dreams to inspire women into aviation.

    "In 17 stops and approximately 24,300 nautical miles, Amelia will fly a Pilatus PC-12 NG around the globe, completing the flight that her namesake never got to finish. Along the way Amelia will honor her namesake’s tenacity and love for aviation possibilities by awarding flight scholarships to young women around the country through her other passion project, the Fly With Amelia Foundation. Upon completion, Amelia Rose will be the youngest woman to circumnavigate the globe in a single-engine aircraft."

    You can see her schedule and follow her journey, which has already begun, here.

  • Hand painted movie posters from Ghana.

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    These are hand painted, completely authentic b-movie posters from Ghana. They're also outrageously awesome. Check out the full selection here. But hurry, because we may just go buy them all.

  • ADCD Extends Deadline for Annual Show Call for Entries

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    You perfect your craft working into the wee hours. You conjure up amazing illusions behind the curtain. The audience is restless and eagerly await your arrival. Enter the Art Directors Club Denver 2014 Annual Show and take center stage.

    The deadline to enter has been extended to Monday, July 7 at midnight. Don't disappoint your audience, enter today before the curtains close for good.

  • Moon Babies Mural in Denver

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    The Existential Action Team's Damon Soule, Justin Lovato and Sparkles Positron hit Denver.

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