• Denver's Karsh Hagan Shows Us How Arrow Is Inspiring Innovation Five Years Out

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    What does it mean to be “Five Years Out?” For Karsh Hagan client, Arrow Electronics, it means helping innovators shape the tangible future in innovative ways. To bring that platform to life, Karsh Hagan partnered with LA-based motion graphics company, Flavor. The collaboration produced eight entirely unique videos, one for each of Arrow’s business units, featuring everything from stop-motion to cell animation. Check out all the videos on thisisarrow.com — a microsite Karsh created for innovators to learn more about Arrow and the inspiring world of “Five Years Out.”

    Video and Animation: Flavor
    Editor: Cutters
    Music: Another Country

    Account Director: Lauren Curler
    Account Manager: Brooke Berry
    Associate Creative Director: Darren Brickel
    Copywriter: Megan Cohen
    Creative Director: Matt Ingwalson
    Director of Broadcast Production: Becky Ferguson
    VP Brand Strategy and Creative: Charlotte Isoline

    Director of Digital: David Stewart
    Account Director: Lauren Curler
    Account Manager: Brooke Berry
    Designer/Developer: Andrew Baker
    Associate Creative Director: Darren Brickel/Hugo Meyer
    Copywriter: Bradley Hein

  • This Is a Generic Brand Video

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    Stock video provider Dissolve has taken the text of Kendra Eash's brilliant advertising takedown, "This Is a Generic Brand Video", originally published by McSweeney's, and set it to actual stock video clips. We feel all dirty after watching it.


  • Evolution of the Bicycle

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    The evolution of the bicycle told with animation all the way from the wooden horse to the modern racer. Animation by Thallis Ville von Holck.

  • Denver Illustrator/Designer Josh Holland Updates

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    Josh Holland launched a new site last week with a bunch of new work, larger images and a new blog. It's definitely worth a spin.

    If you're a PBR drinker, you can also sip on a piece of Josh this summer. For a limited time this year, every 16 oz. can of Pabst Blue Ribbon made will be a PBR x Josh Holland artist series can. They should be hitting stores/bars/venues soon, so keep your eyes peeled for them through the warm summer season. Bottoms up.

  • Snickers Discovers What Happens When Construction Workers Aren't Themselves

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    Snickers Australia teamed up with Aussie builders to shout empowering statements to passers-by in Melbourne, Australia. Startled pedestrians began laughing when they understood what was being said — very atypical of construction workers' usual catcalls. Agency: ClemengerBBDO Melbourne.

  • My Parent's Website: An Archive of the Web's Worst Dying Sites

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    Chris Sheldon's dad’s lawyer website won best lawyer website in 1997. Chris made the website, My Parent's Website, for his father's website. He’ll post your parent’s website too. Let's collect and preserve all of our parent's websites before they accidentally delete them.

    Email your parent's website to: myparentswebsite@gmail.com.

  • #PackagingLaunch: Lucky's Ice Cream - Via TDA_Boulder

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    As part of Lucky’s Market growth from a small Colorado store, to a nationally based chain, they came to TDA to bring their home crafted line of ice cream out of the case and into the frozen food section of their expanded stores. The design strives to have a simplicity that is a nod to the old world ingredients used to make the ice cream, and at the same time have a flavor appeal that comes from both classic and modern culinary flavor offerings across the 12 sku line.

  • Making Neon Signs in Hong Kong

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