• The Best and the Worst of Gifts?

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    This time of year, little elves from print shops, production houses and the like are dropping off gifts of all kinds. Some are creative, some are uninspired and some are oddly addictive and tasty, like this little jobbie we got from Edible Arrangements.

    Now, we want to hear about the best and the worst corporate gifts you’ve given, received, concepted, eaten, thrown away or thrown at others. As for us, we’ll keep digging in on the melon on a stick.

  • In The Egotist Inbox: Spencer Schutz

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    Spencer Schutz is an Art Director at Mondo Robot who has done work for Nike, American Express, PepsiCo, Dannon, AT&T, TBS, Clif Bar Inc., Warren Miller and the NBA over the last 15 years.

    He is a typophile with a penchant for experimental photography that borders on unhealthy and his Pez collection one day will take up an entire room. He tells us, “Electronica, Gangsta Rap, Peanut Butter sandwiches, Wabi-Sabi and shouting out typefaces on billboards as I drive by keep me sane.”

  • 10 Most Innovative Concert Visuals '08

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    Accent Feed has assembled a rockin’ selection of the most impressive visuals seen in concerts this year. Here’s Massive Attack with VFX from United Visual Artists out of the UK.

    Massive Attack, Royal Festival Hall from jbarahona on Vimeo.

  • Electrabel: Happy New Year

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    Beautiful piece for Electrabel in which 30,000 candles light up the film. Agency: Famous, Brussels.

    Making of:

  • VW Does the Matrix

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    Phat work for the vee-dub out of DDB, London, where the idea has been in development for at least 18 months according to Scamp.

  • CPB Shred School

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    Don’t know what your agency handed out this year as a holiday perk, but the peeps up at Crispin Porter + Bogusky gave out 900 guitars to staffers. At the CP+B Shred School microsite, you’ll find a host of the shop’s leadership demonstrating how to play (and in many cases, how not to play) the new guitars they got. Here’s Bogusky, equipped with black nails, tearing up his ax for you.

    (Via Agency Spy)

  • Gives 'Black Cloud" A Whole New Meaning

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    Artist Paul Outlaw’s hair never looks good. That’s because he’s created a personal rain cloud that follows him wherever he goes, sprinkling water on his head. Strange, yet refreshing.

    Make It Rain On Me (Outdoor) from Paul Outlaw on Vimeo.

    (Via Urban Prankster)

  • In The Egotist Inbox: Kerndt Design

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    Kerndt is a graphic design and animation studio in Boulder. They’ve got some big clients in the mix like Audi (through Factory?) and Playboy TV (through Spillt?). What do you think of the reel?

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