• 3M Hopelessly Desperate for Promo Campaign

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    This story is quite complex, so we won’t try to summarize all the details here. However, it does prove how bloodthirsty big corporations are to grab a ride on the social media train – stealing, pinching pennies and deceiving everyone in their path along the way. Give it a read and let us know what you think.

    (Thanks for the link, Susan)

  • New Cypher13 site

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    We like the Cypher13 guys. Their design may not be our style, and their hubris may be a bit nauseating at times, but we sincerely applaud their energy and passion.

    That said, they’ve got a new site.

    We can honestly state, free of hyperbole, that this is one of the worst design portfolio sites we’ve ever seen. The usability is so bad as to be baffling. Not only is the type entirely illegible, but it took us two separate visits to even realize they had work to show somewhere (hint: look everywhere but the main navigation, you’ll spot it eventually.) And guys, we know that flash is easier to learn for non-web folks, but come on, the user interface on this is just awful. Don’t you want to be able to link directly to a project, or have people add your images to fffound?

    We’d suggest that you guys consider hiring a web team to do your site next time around, but we know you’re not in it for the money, and therefore probably have none to spend.

    Editor’s Note: Not everyone here at The Egotist agrees with the above viewpoint. We do, however, wholeheartedly agree that every contributor to our site has absolute freedom to express their opinion. Oftentimes, this leads to controversial positions on work. We strive and will continue to push for crits that are founded in logic and reason – whether you see eye-to-eye with us is up to you to express in the comments below. But as long as we’re making conversation, we are making progress.

  • Wario Land: Shake It

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    You have to go to YouTube to get the whole experience on this one, but it’s definitely worthwhile. The versatility of YouTube sure is getting interesting, don’t you think? Click the image to check it out. Agency: Goodby Silverstein + Partners.

    (Thanks for the link, Scott)

  • New Tuesday Rant >>

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    Felix invites his mom over for an advertising discussion.

  • In The Egotist Inbox: Motive

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    Motive is a hybrid agency. They bring best of breed capabilities in the areas of digital, experiential, and promotional marketing together in ways that are fresh, relevant and focused on results. Clients that hire Motive are typically looking for an agency that can bring some highly creative, non-traditional thinking to traditional business challenges. (How can I find unique channels for connecting with consumers about my brand? How can I turn my street-based marketing into relationship marketing?)

    One of the coolest things they work on is “The Dew Report” – a branded entertainment series that ran on Current TV and is currently featured on the Mountain Dew website. The series focuses on uncovering emerging sports that Motive feels have the potential to break into the mainstream. The series is the most watched and most popular video series on Mountain Dew’s website – a site that averages over 750k unique visitors a month. Check out Motive here.

  • Local, Single, Horny Women

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    You’ve come to the right place, friend.

  • The Ad Club Announces 2008 Denver 50 Winners

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    One of the winners of this year’s show just emailed letting us know the New Denver Ad Club has announced the winners for the Denver 50 – to the winners themselves. Congrats if you got in. Feel free to send us the work you submitted, regardless, and let us show it off for you right here on The Egotist.

  • Which Hand Wash Ad Works Better?

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    Similar idea, different executions. The first is for Lifebuoy Hand Wash with the copy line, “You eat what you touch.” The second is for Purell Hand Wash with the copy line, “You are what you touch.” Which ad is more effective?

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