• CP+B Copying... Itself?

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    On the heels of the BK Whopper Virgins campaign (which we happen to think will dominate Cannes this year), Crispin Porter + Bogusky is rolling out another taste-test campaign – this time for Domino’s oven-baked sandwiches vs. Subway’s whatever-they-call-em-shit-flavored sandwiches.

    Funny that Brandfreak notes, “in a recent BrandIndex survey of 5,000 consumers, on a scale of -100 to 100, Subway food received an overall score of 55.1, while Domino’s pulled in a -8.3.” Not sure who they’ve got tasting those sanguinies, but it’s certainly not the gourmet fools over here at The Egotist.

  • WWF: Light Bulb

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    This spot certainly sticks out in a pile. Agency: DraftFCB, Toronto.

    (Via Coloribus)

  • Craig No More

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    Let’s make one thing clear. During the rousing debate we’ve had about Denver designer Craig Holden Feinberg on our site over the last week, no one has questioned the quality of his work. His character, well, that’s another issue.

    If you missed the debate, you missed a good one. At Craig’s request today to “not be a part of your website anymore,” we’ve removed the post about him and taken him off our list of Recommended Talent. Apparently, it doesn’t take long for the truth to come out in a city this size. (And we’re happy to continue providing a forum to make that happen.)

    As for the future, we’re assembling a group of 10 of the top creative directors in Colorado to help us assess talent before we ever include them on our recommended list. We think it will add strength and credibility to the recommendations we’ll continue to offer in 2009.

  • Some Good Advice for Interns

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    For any of you youngsters who are looking to start a new internship in 2009, or maybe just looking to turn-over a new leaf with your current internship, this is worth a look.

    (Via FFFFound)

  • ESPN pulls a page from Apple's playbook

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    In celebration of its new site, ESPN has launched an obnoxious-yet-awesome new ad on their front page. It might not be as graceful as some of Apple’s page takeovers, but we applaud the effort. The ad doesn’t seem to want to come up consistently, so here’s the dedicated URL.

    (Thanks, Nathan!)

  • Monday Morning Muzak: Thievery Corporation – Radio Retaliation

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    Wherein we tell you what tunes to pop in to put you in the best possible mood on Monday morning. Today, we suggest Thievery Corporation and their CD Radio Retaliation, released September 23 of this year. Nice irie tip on this disk to help you start the new year feeling good.

  • Welcome to '09

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  • THEY's Corkpop for Veuve Amiot

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    Here’s a little holiday number THEY did for Veuve Amiot.

    Here’s what THEY say about it: “You can’t do much in 10 seconds. So no voiceover. No supers. Just the basics: a mountain lion, a knitting widow, a strongman with a peacock on his shoulder, and a few other essentials.”

    Here’s what THEY say about themselves: THEY are a group of nice people in Amsterdam who came from KesselsKramer and DDB and Jung von Matt and a hip-hop crew and a football team and a fishing boat.”

    Funny shit. Be sure to pop over to their site for some additional holiday joy.

    corkpop from Theyupload on Vimeo.

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