• SNIFF: Modern Dog Screen Print Show Opening Tonight (Wednesday)

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    Get to know the screen print artwork from Seattle based design studio Modern Dog. Their mix of intuitive design, cheeky humor and punk rock aesthetics has made them unique among design firms and artists. Their work is often seen in the rock poster arena, but they cover a much larger social terrain and have that rare ability to address serious issues while making you laugh. Sniff exhibit opening is Wednesday, September 24, from 6-9pm and runs through November 19.

    Catch the show at Ink Lounge Gallery, 445 S. Saulsbury St., Studio H Lakewood, CO 80226. The folks from Modern Dog will also be here in Denver next Thursday speaking at an AIGA event.

  • Rudi's Organic "Baked With Love" TV Via TDA

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    Now appearing in test markets only, this spot by TDA ADVERTISING & DESIGN for Rudi’s Organic Bakery aims to separate that company’s (nationally distributed) bread from the “healthy-looking, healthy sounding” supermarket breads with which it competes. The advertising is TDA’s first broadcast work for the client, having won the account in February of this year.

    We’re told it’s been playing during Dr. Phil, so you freelancers out there may have already caught it. Anybody else enjoy the casting?

  • New Wednesday Mid-Morning Poll >>

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    We’re very curious about your answer on this one.

  • Good Tip From London

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  • Roy Awards: Great Advertising & Open Bar

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    Nice play off the infamous Cadbury Gorilla spot from Fallon. Agency: DDB, Stockholm.

    (Via Ads of the World)

  • Schtock.com comes clean - It's More Interesting than We Thought

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    So apparently Schtock.com isn’t a genuine effort of a lowly employee, nor is it a viral campaign put out by Corbis. It’s a viral viral campaign which was launched by former-Denver-local Ben Pieratt’s new company, General Projects, to get Corbis’ attention.

    From the press release we just got:

    As a newly formed design shop, General Projects launched with a self-assigned first project – to get the attention of Corbis and eventually turn that into a client relationship. This was done by launching a faux-viral campaign online with the intention of getting the Corbis name in front of as many members of their target audience as possible on a limited budget.

    - Mentioned on over 150 separate sites, putting the Corbis brand in front of over 200,000 viewers over the course of 4 days.
    - Over 20,000 unique visitors to the site itself during just 4 days.

    Do yourselves a favor and read the full release here.

    Very well played, indeed. Definitely the first time we’ve seen this sort of thinking. We’re guessing it won’t be the last.

  • Fruity Close-Ups

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    Sweet mouth-watering fruits provide us with a healthy source of food, but that is not the reason why plants produce them. Fruit, and the seeds they protect, are crucial to species’ survival.

    A new book – written by two experts from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew – reveals the ingenious and often devious strategies which plants have developed to help ensure their continued existence.

    Check out this amazing slideshow at BBC News.

  • U.S. Army Needs to Up Its Photoshop Skills

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    The U.S. Army at Fort Stewart in Georgia released two photos of recently deceased soldiers. The two sergeants had been killed in the same incident, shot by another soldier at a base in Iraq.

    Bob Owen, chief photographer of the San Antonio Express-News, noticed that the photos were almost identical. All details were the same except for the soldiers’ face, name, and rank. It appeared that Dawson’s head had been pasted onto Durbin’s body, though it was also possible that the heads of both men had been pasted onto someone else’s body.

    Wow, that’s some bad retouching. Pretty weak way for those soldiers to be remembered.

    (Via Boing Boing)

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