• Levi's Butterflies Under London's Old Street Bridge

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    The guy who took the shots used to work on Levi’s and thought this was an interesting way of “tackling the perennial problem they face with recognizability of their finishes/washes.” Very cool, indeed.

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  • Bone Type

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    Fresh work from Swedish designer and illustrator, Bjorn Johansson.

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  • << New Interactive Project Manager Position Posted

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    Santy Advertising is searching for an Interactive Project Manager. Details here.

  • The Optron Rips It Up

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    Improv musician Atsuhiro Ito wields a flickering noise contraption called the “Optron” (or “Optrum”), a miked-up fluorescent light tube he plugs into an array of effects pedals and plays sort of like an electric guitar. The Optron is featured in some Sony Walkman commercials.

    Slash’s new instrument of choice?

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  • The Brief

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    Sweet idea here from the minds at the Art Director’s Club of Denver. Cool opportunity for you. Maybe?

    The Brief is a student design competition intended to simulate a late night at the agency. A design brief will be developed by a Creative Director and our “client,” Arts Street – a local arts-education non-profit focused on serving underprivileged youth.

    You will partner with 2 intercollegiate teams of 3 students from Colorado colleges and Universities to direct them through 2 hours of concepting (pencil and paper only) and 1.5 hours of digital execution. The Creative Director and Stella Yu, Arts Streets executive director, will select the winning team. Stella will subsequently have the opportunity to implement the generated campaign roughs or finished collateral for Arts Street’s future advertising.

    In addition to receiving valuable real world experience, student winners will receive scholarship money. Prizes will be awarded to the best concept AND the best execution.

    If you’re interested in volunteering for this exciting event, please contact Peter Regenold Bergman at pregenol[at]mscd.edu.

    The Brief
    Thursday, October 23rd, 6-10pm
    MCA Basement
    Student Registration time is 5:30

  • Accounts That Should Be In Denver: Denver Museum of Science &amp; Nature

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    Minneapolis’ Carmichael Lynch is a good shop. We even kind of like these ads they did for the new dinosaur exhibit at the museum. But can anyone explain why this account, that actually has the word “Denver” in it, is not being serviced by a DENVER agency? Pretty weak on the part of the museum, especially considering a chunk of their operating budget comes from the donations of Coloradans, the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District sales tax and the City and County of Denver (read: your tax dollars). What gives?

  • Cool Stuff You May Have Missed: Art with Lasers

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    Beautiful stop-motion piano player animation by Ryan Cashman.

    Light-Paint Piano Player from Ryan Cashman on Vimeo.

    (Via The Ad Mad)

    The Blackfriars Railway Bridge, whose supports still remain in the water, has been lit up with green lasers as part of a group exhibition, called Drift. This particular piece is by Keith Bowler.

    (Via Creative Review)

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