• Jimmy John's: Freaky Fast Studio

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    The crew over at Xylem Digital recent released this micro-site for Jimmy John’s in which users can create their own Jimmy john’s audio mix, send it to their friends, or even send it to a mobile device as a ring-tone.

    Be sure to give the record section a try, where you can have the website call you on your phone, allowing you to record your very own custom sample vocals. Fun Stuff.

  • New Movie Review: The Wrestler >>

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    Mickey Rourke just won a Golden Globe for his performance in The Wrestler. Find out what we thought of the whole thing here.

  • In The Egotist Inbox: Susan Goddard Photography

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    Susan Goddard moved here from from England to be shocked and amazed that there are places in the world where it doesn’t rain every day. She has 15 years of experience as a photographer. We like some of the shots in the infrared section of her portfolio. We also remember seeing the Wreck Room ads she shot in Lurzer’s Archive back in ’03. Pop over to her site for a gander at her work.

  • Top 25 Ads in Sci-Fi Movies

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    Den of Geek has put together a great list of the Top 25 instances of advertising in Science Fiction movie history, including such gems as Sunblock 5000 from Robocop and the holographic shark from Back to the Future II (see below for both). Personally, we would have put the Coca Cola ad from Blade Runner at #1, just for how strongly that scene stands out in our memory. Still a great list though, click to view the whole thing.

  • 3OH!3: Don't Trust Me

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    Local bros blowin’ up.

  • Friday Goldmine

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    Click around this site for a few minutes this afternoon. “About Me” and “Terms” are especially good sections. That’s all we’re going to say – other than Louisville is the country’s new hot spot. Holla!

  • Prime Time for the 'Lance

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    Despite what your brain may be telling you about this being a podunk time to be/become a freelancer, we’ve been hearing quite the opposite from the press and from the dozens of Denver freelancers we’re in touch with who are saying things haven’t been this lucrative in quite some time. Apparently, companies are in a “wait and see” holding pattern – hesitant to hire full-time, but busy enough to need lots of freelance assistance. Be sure to get your books to us to get in the public eye. The time is right.

  • Mini Cooper: Trap

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    This in from Spain, where Mini Coopers were set atop giant mouse traps in highly trafficked areas such as airports, railway stations and public squares. The copy on the installation reads, “Let it be caught.”

    (Via Comunicadores)

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