• Some Good Advice for Interns

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    For any of you youngsters who are looking to start a new internship in 2009, or maybe just looking to turn-over a new leaf with your current internship, this is worth a look.

    (Via FFFFound)

  • ESPN pulls a page from Apple's playbook

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    In celebration of its new site, ESPN has launched an obnoxious-yet-awesome new ad on their front page. It might not be as graceful as some of Apple’s page takeovers, but we applaud the effort. The ad doesn’t seem to want to come up consistently, so here’s the dedicated URL.

    (Thanks, Nathan!)

  • Monday Morning Muzak: Thievery Corporation – Radio Retaliation

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    Wherein we tell you what tunes to pop in to put you in the best possible mood on Monday morning. Today, we suggest Thievery Corporation and their CD Radio Retaliation, released September 23 of this year. Nice irie tip on this disk to help you start the new year feeling good.

  • Welcome to '09

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  • THEY's Corkpop for Veuve Amiot

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    Here’s a little holiday number THEY did for Veuve Amiot.

    Here’s what THEY say about it: “You can’t do much in 10 seconds. So no voiceover. No supers. Just the basics: a mountain lion, a knitting widow, a strongman with a peacock on his shoulder, and a few other essentials.”

    Here’s what THEY say about themselves: THEY are a group of nice people in Amsterdam who came from KesselsKramer and DDB and Jung von Matt and a hip-hop crew and a football team and a fishing boat.”

    Funny shit. Be sure to pop over to their site for some additional holiday joy.

    corkpop from Theyupload on Vimeo.

  • You Should Know About John Fellows

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    Our friend Steve Whittier at Factory Labs recently turned us on to John Fellows, a fantastic illustrator living in our midst who we’re adding to our list of Recommended Talent today. Here’s some interesting tidbits about John that you likely don’t know.

    • Grew up as an Army brat and never lived anywhere for more than 3 years until college.
    • Got C’s in high school art classes.
    • Spent 6 years after graduating college doing design and illustration in Philadelphia and summers in the Swiss Alps helping run a hostel in the town of Gimmelwald.
    • After spending a season being a ski bum in the Swiss Alps (2001-2002), relocated to Colorado in the winter of 2003.
    • Worked in the Keystone Sign Shop for 3 years, designing + building trail signage, logos, stickers, t-shirts, posters, etc. for Keystone and Breckenridge.
    • Moved to Denver in Summer 2007 after a nice 6 week stay in Europe.

    • Linoleum, knife, wooden spoon, ink, roller, and computer (but also pen + ink and silk screen).
    • Linoleum lends itself to backpacking really easily. John always take pieces with him whenever he travels, making prints to give out or to send home as postcards.

    “‘I did that once in elementary school,’ is something I hear all the time. I rediscovered it in college. It freed me up from being a control freak when I drew. No matter what the original drawing looks like, the finished carving will have a completely different feel and look.”

    • Travel, art, snow, international departure terminals (Even the crappy ones. LAX, he’s looking in your direction).
    • Foreign cities (or cities in general).
    • Foreign magazines: Monster Children, PaperPlane, King Brown, Wooden Toy, LoDown, etc. (kick American magazine ass).
    • People that make the life they want and are happy.

    CLIENTS (partial list):
    Breckenridge Ski Resort / Keystone Resort / The Keystone Neighbourhood Company / HessenMob Skateboards (DE) / Charter Ski Magazine (NZ) / Mountain Hostel Gimmelwald (CH) / The American Cancer Society / MTV

    • Being asked to design a series of decks for HessenMob skateboards over in Germany (coming 2009). Past artists include: Shepard Fairey, Dalek, Flying Fortress, Don Pendelton, Mark Gonzales, etc.
    • Designing the 2007 and 2008 Blues & BBQ poster for the KNC up in Keystone.
    • The 2008 Adrenaline Film Series poster for the KNC. After printing, he hand-cut 175 posters to create the mountains.
    • Creating an illustration for a ski mag out of NZ. It depicts “Tawhirimatea,” the Maori god of weather, delivering a blast of winter to the Southern Alps.
    • The Employee Handbooks for Keystone and Breck.

    FAVORITE COUNTRIES TRAVELED (in no particular order):
    Switzerland / Croatia / Spain / Australia / New Zealand

    • Will trade design/illustration work for plane tickets. Seriously.
    • I know, I know…. I need to update my website.

  • Marley & Me Movie Spoiler

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    Heartless L.A. vandals ruin it for the rest of us. But bad puns sort of deserve this kind of treatment, no?

    (Via Slashfilm)

  • Trailer for Tim Burton's '9'

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    Oh yeah. Not out until 9.9.09.

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