• Local Haps While We Were Out

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    >> MCA DENVER announced an exhibit of Damien Hirst’s signature works, including the piece Saint Sebastian, Exquisite Pain, 2007 from the Natural History series, which features animals preserved in formaldehyde and displayed in large glass vitrines. The exhibition opens October 7, 2008 and runs through August 30, 2009.

    >> Cactus added Lauren Hudson as account executive, Amy Dillon as account supervisor, Meg Wohlschlaeger as account coordinator and Lee Perlman as copywriter (nice) to its rapidly growing team.

    >> Chris Cox of Cactus and Changethethought fame designed some killer new posters for DATA.

    >> The Lumper interviewed local illustrator, Scot Lefavor.

    >> rabble+rouser, “specialists in advertising 2.0,” hired Erick Collier as an interactive art director, launched the H.A.R.D. Nutrition website and helped re-launch a site for Weber Grills. (Cooool.)

    >> The Magnet Mafia has an official art studio on the SE corner of 31st and Blake Street in Denver. They’ll be having magnet making workshops/parties every other week, so check in with them for a schedule. (This news has been in our inbox for a few weeks – hence the reason for our “catch-up” hiatus.)

    >> The work of The Tenfold Collective, a Loveland-based graphic design, branding and web design firm, was recognized for its excellence by the San Francisco chapter of the Society for Marketing Professional Services for their corporate identity and website work for Smith + Smith, a San Francisco-based landscape architecture firm.

    >> The Art Director’s Club brought on a new board, including President: Chris Thomas, Secretary & FAC Committee Chair: Stephanie Fay, Chairman: James Pelz, Advisors: Jonathan Pite & Jimmy Diffee, Administrative Assistant: Tonja Roth, Education and OutReach: Kimberly Carey Putnam, Events: Scott Lary, Communications: Andrew Webb, Marketing & PR: Brett Amole, Membership: Ingrid Lantz, Student Advocates: Dustin Stanton, Joshua Catalanotto & Rebecca Wood. They also announced their 2008 award show winners.

    >> Someone found our site searching the term “assporn” and the term “ways to make people horny.”

  • New Editorial: The Egotist Interviews: Modern Dog Design Co. >>

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    They’re speaking at an AIGA event tonight. We spoke to them about the value of AIGA, politics, the importance of thick skin and many other things in our latest interview. Check it.

  • Best Rejected Advertising: Online

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    Best Rejected Advertising was the first book to publish ads that had been rejected by clients on aesthetic, commercial or strategic grounds. This website broadens the original concept by including rejected, banned, spoof and most complained about ads and commercials.

    And it is frickin’ great.

  • Blogcation Resuming

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    Should have done this a few days ago. Going back to the La-Z-Boy now. See ya Thursday, October 2nd for some more rip-roaring fun.

  • You Should Know About Cypher13

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    They’re now on our list of Recommended Talent. And if you think we’re just adding them because we’re feeling guilty about the crappy things that were said about them on our site before our “house cleaning” break, well, you’ll be glad to know we had it out over here and shitcanned the idiot that made that post.

    That person is gone, but we’re the ones who really fucked up. The minute the post went live, it should have come down. You see, we don’t agree at all with what was being said. In fact, cypher13 was always supposed to be added to our recommended list. We’ve had multiple conversations with Todd Berger over the last few months about it. We just waited too long and someone took advantage.

    If you’re looking for that original post about them, it’s no longer on our site. We’d like to apologize to cypher13 publicly and we hope no long-term damage has been done. We act like rowdy assholes at times at The Egotist, but we know when the line has been crossed. Please forgive us from what’s left of our humbled remains.

    Enough negativity now. Please welcome a group of very hardworking guys who know how to market the hipster culture better than anyone in Colorado to our list of recommended talent. Your work and dedication speaks for itself.

  • Blogcation

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    We’re burnt crisp and we need to take care of some housekeeping duties around this pigsty. Talk at you in a week, next Thursday.

  • Diesel XXX: Viral

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    Conceived by The Viral Factory, directed by Keith Schofield and animated by Big Animal, this amazing piece of work was created to build hype for Diesel’s 17-city 30th anniversary party, Diesel XXX. No stops in Denver, in case you’re wondering. Bummer.

    http://view.break.com/577249 – Watch more free videos

    (Via Shape+Colour)

  • And I'm a PC

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    Inspired by When Obama Wins and in direct response to Microsoft’s controversial I’m a PC campaign, And I’m a PC is funny as hell.

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