• A Sexy, Helpful Driving Companion

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    Driver Assistant Connect (DAConnect) is the first system to project a hologram of a busty blond (or muscle-bound dude) inside your car to assist in keeping you safe. It’ll talk to you when you’re falling asleep, speak to crazy foreign drivers in other languages and scare bad guys away from robbing your car. Handy dandy.

    The product is made in China and will be officially launched on October 13. Can this shit possibly be real? We’ve got our fingers crossed that we’ll find one in our stocking this year. Check out the site for more vids and explanation.

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  • Ego Magazine

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    Looks like the Japanese have got the idea.

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  • New Tuesday Rant: Advertising Martyrdom >>

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    Our friend Felix has graced us with some more thought-provoking wisdom. Let him know what you think.

  • Account Directors Vs. Creative Directors

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    Apparently, this has been around a while. Amazing, nonetheless.

  • Obey Hasselhoff

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    Oh, shoot. Look whose mug has been popping up around town – a little nod to the Obama postings during the DNC, we think. A man with a chest like that gets our vote. He should also have yours.

  • Jeff (Goodby) & Rich (Silverstein) Pound John (McCain)

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    In a continuation of the entire creative world uniting against John McCain in support of Barack Obama, comes this new set of spots that were supposedly funded directly by Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein out of their own pockets, uploaded onto YouTube, then sent around for coverage. The pieces were developed by Goodby’s creative director, Jamie Barrett, along with MJZ director, Craig Gillespie. Well, here’s some promotion, fellas. Nice work, no matter what side of the fence you’re on. For even more insight, check out the interview Creativity did with Jamie Barrett.

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  • Crystal Head Vodka

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    If you see a hobo passed out holding a crystal skull, don’t be alarmed. He’s probably just juiced off Crystal Head Vodka – a new liquor that just launched with rumors swirling around that the product is actually a fake and that its viral promotion will eventually be tied to the new Ghostbusters or Indiana Jones movies. (Lots of over-thinking about these sorts of things going on these days.)

    Alas, it’s just Dan Aykroyd acting like his (un)usual self pushing some nice, death-related packaging for a real product. Check out the site or the video below to see Aykroyd hyping this new juice. And be sure to buy your own here when they get a new shipment.

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