• Lenovo Thinkpad: Grandma Proof

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    Holy crap, this is one of those spots we wish we had on our reel. Fantastic in almost every sense (with a little tightening up of the ending). Right down to the soundtrack, old lady casting and slightly blurry shots – just the way grandmama sees through her Coke-bottle glasses.

    (Via Comunicadores)

  • C215 Takes Over New Delhi

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    Urban artist C215 recently added a whole bunch of outstanding flair to the Karol Bagh District of New Delhi, India, and we’re solidly digging it. Check out tons more photos over at Flickr.

    (Via Wooster Collective)

  • The New Pepsi Logo Looks Like an Asscrack

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    Pepsi has redesigned their logo. According to the company, “The white band in the middle of the logo will now loosely form a series of smiles.” We think it resembles something else – a hoochie on display.

    (Found in a random forum, apologies to the original author who we can’t find or credit)

  • Mattoni Epic Film Making

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    Motionographer just posted this wonderful spot from Mattoni Mineral Water. They note that it’s very similar to a print ad execution done in Brazil for a sandal company featuring Gisele Bundchen, but we don’t really care. This thing’s destined for greatness at the award shows. Agency: MPG SRL., Italy.

  • Sony Bravia: Domino City

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    This new spot for Sony Bravia was just released in New Zealand. Nice soundtrack, but the visuals are kind of boring if you ask us. The spot was developed not by Fallon who created the beautiful spots Balls, Paint and Bunnies, but by BATES Singapore. Your thoughts?

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  • If You Were Wondering What it Might Be Like

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    In the grand old tradition of liberals freaking about republican presidents, we’re moving to Canada. Click through for Palin As President…

    (Thanks, Harrison)

  • John McCain Plays Drums

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    That shit’s funny.

  • Vending Machines 2.0

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    This vending machine was installed on a busy street in NY. Choose “Mr. Right” and the perfect man pops out. Choose “Mr. Right Now” and the perfect vibrator pops out. All brought to you by Flossie.com – the site that gives women the content they want. “Whatever you need, it’s on us!” Huh-uh.

    (Via Make the Logo Bigger)

    This vending machine was installed on the south coast of England in the city of Brighton on its local pier by the street artist named Imbue. His ‘Drug Vend’ sculpture features a vending machine with the labels “Heroin” and “Cocaine” affixed and the glass holders filled with powders that appear to be the drugs themselves. Uh-huh.

    (Via Animal NY)

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