• Contemporary Art Colorado

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    Ten contemporary art organizations have come together to create a single online resource for contemporary art information in Colorado under the moniker, Colorado Contemporary Arts Collaboration (CCAC). Founded by collector Kent Logan, participants include a small group of art collectors, trustees, directors and curators associated with the 10 institutions. This useful site helps you:

    :: Stay informed about contemporary art in Colorado
    :: Sign up for email announcements
    :: Find out about art openings, lectures and events
    :: Get the season’s art calendar

  • New Pseudo-editorial: The Egotist Wants Your Opinion >>

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    Do us all a favor and weigh in on this.

  • Design & Image (D&i) Update Web Presence

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    Denver design and branding boutique, Design & Image, has just fired up a nice new site for themselves. The aesthetic is modern, the work is front and center and looks great, and the nav is easy to zip right through.

    They’ve also added a blahg that appears to be readily maintained with new thought and new work (wish we could subscribe to the feed though, guys). All in all, a tight, new package for a firm that’s always deserved respect here in Denver.

  • Drumstick: Summer Parade

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    Who doesn’t like butts on parade? Agency: Publicis Mojo, Melbourne.

    (Via Coloribus)

  • Cadbury: Eyebrows Dance

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    Here’s the newest spot for Cabury from Fallon, London. It’s number three in the series, proceeding Gorilla and Trucks. It’s less surprising than the infamous Gorilla spot, but equally fun to watch. Famous director/creative director Juan Cabral was not involved in this effort, after moving back to his native Argentina last year.

  • FL2 : 2009

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    Our friends at FL2 recently released an updated version of their website. As always, they continue to impress us with their simplicity, their usability, and their fresh perspective on user interaction.

  • Oven-Baked Balls

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    As seen during American Idol: CEO Dave Brandon oven bakes a letter from Subway!

    Dominos is now encouraging viewers to go to the site and burn the letter themselves. 65,000 letters burned so far.

    Between this and the Whopper Sacrifice, CP+B is killing it in the new year.

  • BBDO: Bring Your Kids To Work Day

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    Everyone in the company came into work to find their computer monitors vandalized with crayon scribbles. To promote “Bring Your Kids To Work Day,” childlike art was hand-drawn on acetate sheets, which were trimmed to fit the screens. Building security secretly unlocked over 500 offices the night before so the acetate sheets could be affixed to everyone’s computer monitor. Headline: “Bring your kids to work day. Friday, August 24th.” Agency: Agency: BBDO, New York.

    (Via Adgoodness)

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