• Affleck, Officially The World's Biggest Wussy

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    His acting ability has not improved an ounce since these days, yet he continues to rake in millions for it. Puzzling. Thank the Lord this account has been transferred out whoever’s hands and into the caring hands of CP+B. Amen.

    (Via The Inquisitr)

  • Microsoft's Songsmith in Action

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    Brand Flakes For Breakfast discovered people have begun experimenting with Microsoft Songsmith (which means they actually purchased the product) by using existing vocal tracks to see what kind of music the program might come up with. Pure genius.

  • Traffic Sign Hack

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    Some cheeky hackers reprogrammed the messaging on a couple road signs near the University of Texas at Austin on Monday, warning the city was under zombie attack. So great. More pics. More details.

  • Tic Tac Band

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    Look, ma, it’s Micha Albacow – The Human Beat Machine from Uzbekistan!

  • The Finest Complaint Letter Ever Written

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    This letter was written to Richard Branson from a traveler who flew Mumbai to Heathrow on December 7, 2008 on Virgin Atlantic. And it is the finest piece of penmanship we’ve seen in quite some time (2,928 comments from people so far)—and second only to the complaint letter our very own Speedball sent to Best Buy back in the day.

    Yahoo News reports that they called the Virgin Atlantic press office and confirmed the airliner received the letter and that Sir Richard Branson himself called the author to thank him for the feedback and invite him to come to the airline’s catering house next month to help select the meals and wines served on-board future Virgin flights. How much more press is Virgin getting for this great show of customer service than any multi-million-dollar advertising campaign would ever give them? Something to think about, peeps.

    In the same breath, it’s hard to believe that same warm-hearted company is suing Adrants for posting a spec ad on their site (after the US Airways crash into the Hudson River) that Virgin claims damaged their reputation. Something ain’t adding up here.

  • What In Satan's Hell is Ray Ban Doing?

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    For the love of God, can someone in San Francisco please walk over to the Cutwater office right now and slap the creative director across the face with the back of your hand? This Ray Ban campaign is sliding to a place in which the brand will be hard-pressed to ever recover from. What began with a few cute, watchable viral videos has descended into the depths of that hole they dig under a Port-a-Potty. Bad concept. Bad casting. Bad acting. Someone rescue this account from the jaws of the beast.

  • Some Pleasant Words About a Disaster Averted

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    We all know about the crazy plane crash into the Hudson River a couple of weeks ago. Masterful wordsmith Garrison Keillor from NPR’s The Prairie Home Companion does too. He and his band composed this quaint little ditty about the whole thing.

    Take a listen, and then, if you like, enjoy the rest of the News from Lake Wobegon that follows. And yes, we may be just a teeny bit partial to words here. So?

  • alternate Super Bowl Logos

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    The New York Times presents alternate Superbowl logos from Stefan Bucher, Aaron Draplin and others. Funny how three of the eight feature feature “venn diagram footballs.”

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