• "They're Breakdance Fighting"

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    McCain and Obama get down to the phat sound. Can you declare a winner?

  • Sharpen Your Acuity >>

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    Mental? Yes. Physical? Not so much. But everybody knows chicks dig smart over athletic. Discover the power of mental exactness by joining The Egotist. Contributor submissions due tomorrow.

  • New Editorial: The Egotist Interviews: Jonathan Schoenberg >>

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    Ask a thousand people which agencies they admire most in Colorado, and TDA Advertising & Design will inevitably be on their list. The reasons are many. We caught up with Jonathan Schoenber, TDA’s Creative Director/Partner, to talk about those forces coming together in perfect synchronicity at his Boulder shop. Read it.

  • Mac: Bake Sale

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    Another Mac spot has been released reacting to the new Microsoft campaign. Just as they were sort of faltering for content in the Apple spots, they’ve suddenly had a fire lit under their advertising via Microsoft’s campaign. This is getting really good now. Agency: TBWA Media Arts Labs, Playa del Rey.

  • AIGA: Craftwork 1 With The Magnet Mafia

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    AIGA Colorado presents Craftwork, a new social event based on the idea of getting together and making things with “off the clock” creative projects. Spend a night in the RiNo art district making custom magnets, viewing images of street art crew Magnet Mafia while listening to Matt of TMM spin some tunes. There will be eight work stations where you can learn to wheat paste, use type stencils, paint, layer art and create a 1’ x 1’ magnet you can take home. It’ll be an evening of fresh ideas and new inspiration.

    When: Wed, Oct 22, 2008, 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
    Where: Jeff Navarro Photography, 1330 Twenty-Seventh Street, Denver CO 80205
    Cost: $5 for members and non-members
    RSVP: Here

  • The Silver Bullet Spillth Over

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    Your bath is ready.

    (Via Bits & Pieces)

  • "Don't Smoke" = "Got A Light?"

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    AdAge has an article up today about Martin Lindstrom’s new book Buyology: Truth and Lies About What We Buy. And in the book, there’s a study suggesting the warning labels on cigarettes – as well as those pesky Truth commercials – actually make consumers want to smoke more.

    Fact or fiction? Weigh in with your thoughts, both on the smoking thing and on subliminal advertising (which, according to Lindstrom, doesn’t actually exist at all).

  • Uhhhhhh....

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    We really don’t want to believe she’s as stupid as the Left is painting her, but man she makes it hard.

    (For those not catching on: note the scarf)

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