• From One Agency to Another, "Get Your Shit Together"

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    The folks at Denver agency Notchcode had a brutal experience this morning trying to put through an order on the Denver Zoo website built by another local interactive shop, Malenke | Barnhart. So much so, that their lengthy critique of the experience now resides on their blog. Go read it for yourself and witness one of the main methods in which brands fail and succeed in the world today—through online word-of-mouth.

    (To be fair, the zoo has posted a message to say they’re working on the matter due to order overload, and as noted in the comments below, this portion of the site was not designed by M|B. Good to get your facts straight before jumping into these matters with a full-bore rant, we always say.)

  • Andrew Hoffman Oils Sneak Peak

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    Denver designer/illustrator Andrew Hoffman has his first solo show, “Oxymoron,” at The Shoppe coming up in May. A sneak peak of his work is up on his site.

    Bittersweet 40 × 24” Oil on Canvas

    Three Hundred on Daffodil 40 × 24” Oil on Canvas

  • What's Up With YouTube?

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    Anybody know why so many YouTube videos have been removed lately? Nearly every other vid we click through has been taken down. Did tghey pass some new rules or something?

  • SEO-Driven Business Card

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    Does this still work if Laser Printing Inc. doesn’t come up at the top of Google’s list for the search “Dallas Printer?” We say it’s rad, regardless.

    (Via scaryideas)

  • Teleflora Will Never Ever Get Our Business

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    We suppose you have to beat guys over the head to convince them to do anything a different way—especially if it involves ordering flowers. But this was the most distasteful spot we’ve seen in a very long time. We hope every cent of the $3 million Teleflora spent on media is never seen again.

  • AIGA Austin's Design Ranch 8

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    AIGA-Austin’s Design Ranch’09 is a three-day, hands-on, Swiss Army Knife of a conference in a relaxed, rustic setting. This is the place where creative kin gather, spontaneity runs wild and there’s no merit badge for boredom.

    This isn’t some all day blah blah blah slide-and-lecture fest. Ditch the computers, PDAs and cell phones and get your hands dirty and your spirit cleansed. Return to the ol’ job refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to take on the world (or the next client).

    We’ve got workshops to rekindle your imagination hosted by Den Leaders with plenty of merit badges of their own. Plus enough live music, entertainment and campfire shenanigans sure to put a grin on your chin, Scout’s Honor.

    Seems pretty cool. Anybody interested in going? Mindy Nies, AIGA Colorado President, sounds like she might be putting together a group to make the journey.

  • K.I.Z.: Neurippin

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    K.I.Z.‘s Neuruppin is the world’s third interactive music video. Explore the horror house by clicking doors, furniture or the singer. Pretty sweet work from German interactive photography and web production studio Kubikfoto³.

  • Obama Inauguration: 1474 Megapixel Image

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    This photo was taken using a panorama image capturing device called Gigapan created by the Carnegie Mellon University and a Canon G10 camera. The photographer had to click 220 snaps from the camera to get this complete view of Obama’s inaugural address. It took a Macbook Pro around 7hrs to process the complete image. The final size of the image is over 2GB. Click through to see some stunning technology at work.

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